Time Transposer

New Device from Steven Gibbs

Bag with Time Transposer A new experimental device was sent to me by Steven Gibbs. He is working on a machine called the Time Transposer. It is similar to the Hyper Dimensional Resonator, but instead of an electromagnet the Time Transposer uses two copper plates which are attached to the stomach chakra.
It also is longer and thinner than the HDR. The box has a witness well and a witness light, but the witness light on the Time Transposer is round and yellow versus the witness light on the hyper dimensional resonator is red and square. Also the Time Transposer has only one (ON/OFF) switch, versus the HDR has three switches. You can see from the photo than the Time Transposer is more compact than the HDR. Time Transposer with copper plates
Top of Time Transposer

Mostly the Time Transposer and the HDR are very similar, as you can see from this photo. Both work using a rubbing plate and a caduceus coil.

Still I have used the HDR to successfully jump to other time lines using astral time travel. I have not been successful with the Time Transposer even though I have tested it several times.

Steven Gibbs says that 5% of people using the HDR get no results versus 50% of people using the Time Transposer get no results.

I an still working with the device, but I prefer to use the
Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

More about the Time Transposer.


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