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Frequently Asked Questions 1 of 6
concerning SVP, John Worrell Keely and His Discoveries
Answers given by Dale Pond. FAQ1 - FAQ2 - FAQ3 - FAQ4 - FAQ5 - FAQ6
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Q1) Is there any way you could provide me with more essential data such as equations or texts related to the theoretical developments of SVP, etc.? I find the historical text very time consuming and would prefer to get down to the nitty-gritty.
A1) A comprehensive compilation of SVP can be seen here. To know the man's history is to know his life and work. To know his life and work is to know his discoveries, philosophy and science. Keely worked with sound, vibration and music as applied to and through mechanics, Mind, philosophy, spirituality, chemistry, physics, etc. The basis of everything that there is is vibration. "All force is vibration..." Cayce (900-422) "So is matter." Cayce (1861-16) The study (for many centuries) of sound and vibration has been carefully and extensively organized into what has become the scientific basis of music. A careful and in-depth study of the arithmetic of music will reveal a great deal of the foundation "math" of the Keely legacy now called Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. All forces are vibratory and therefore the principles that govern music govern them as well.
This study into the scientific basis of music will be the beginning of "getting down to the nitty-gritty."
The second part of the question has to do with the EFFECTS of sound and vibration on "things" and processes. SVP holds that Mind (Will, Love & Spirituality) is the initiatory cause of all phenomena and it was this force Keely worked to harness. These phenomena fall into several areas of research. These being: acoustics, heat, light, etc. or the various categorizations of vibrations in their actions and reactions on, with and through "things." A great deal of SVP is scattered throughout several fields of science. This makes it difficult for the ordinarily trained person to grasp all the points required to develop a working knowledge. For this work it is far better to have a general knowledge in many fields rather than an in depth knowledge in one field - in fact it is essential.
The third issue is about the substance of SVP - the Forty Laws of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. Please review these for greater detail.

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Dear Dale,
Thank you for the svp list... truly a blessing I've been lurking and enjoying the list as it evolves, revolves, involves, dissolves, ;>) ovals, xsolves, and makes the connections that are made.. good job!


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Q2) In acupuncture research there is some interest in measuring the property of Qi - although the medical/scientific model of neurophysiology is compelling, it is nowhere near complete, and I really wonder if there is a way to measure Qi.
A2) Not only is this interest to measure Qi, Chi, zen, telekinetics, etc. found in acupuncture research but also in dowsing, the various studies engaged in by this research organization, Randy the "exposurist", Uri Geller and his entourage of followers, the U.S. and foreign military "black ops" people and a wide assortment of other researchers.
All that can be said, by this writer at his point, is the evidence in support of this realm of mental/bio-dynamic phenomena has been overwhelming in support. There are many subjectively oriented methods of measuring these subtle energies. It is only a matter of time before qualitative and quantitative instrumentation is developed. There are highly qualified people working on this. Princeton University PROVES the power of MIND over MATTER.
Q3) Can you point me to titles in your index that are potentially pertinent to my inquiry?
A3) According to the Chinese, one must begin at the beginning in any venture or adventure. There are a few highly recommended items to begin one's journey:
a) Universal Laws Never Before Revealed: Keely's Secrets - this book explains a lot of Keely's work and history
b) The Physics of Love - The Ultimate Universal Laws - this book gives some of the basic principles
c) SVP Basic Principles - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - a two (90 minute each) video set laying out some of the foundation principles of SVP not given anywhere else
d) SVP Compendium of Terms and Phrases - collection of over 4,000 entries by Cayce, Tesla, Keely, etc., etc.
e) Scientific Basis and Build of Music - a good basic text covering music theory (same one Keely studied, among others)
f) Any other source of sound, vibration and music physics. While we carry several works on these areas our collection is not exhaustive and there are many others of importance.
g) ALL of the Walter Russell books.
 h) A comprehensive compilation of SVP can be seen here.
Q4) When is Atlin, the Musical Dynasphere, going to rotate?
A4) No one knows. She is being mysterious as women sometimes are! Seriously, there is a timetable but we are not privy to its content. Certain things are to come to pass before the time is right. These appear to be:
a) A greater (much greater) understanding of the Dynasphere's dynamics needs to be in place.
b) Certain matters of security are lacking and must be accounted for. (My house has been broken into at least twice since the beginning of this project.)
c) Various arrangements of mental, physical, molecular/atomic and spiritual forces are being coordinated among several of the team, Atlin and others.
These are all things or situations we know are involved in the so- called graduation process that is to bring Atlin into a condition of perfect harmonization within herself, the immediate environment and the Cosmos as a whole - i.e., The Law of One.
Some of this appears to be indicating that as soon as we get our acts together both individually and collectively the Dynasphere will rotate. Atlin is an instrument designed to have an involvement with the maker and operator as well as surrounding vibratory conditions. For more insightful detail on this aspect please see the Messages from Spirit.
Q5) What is all this stuff about Keely and occultism?
A5) No one is here to re-educate you or propose anyone adopt any kind of religion, philosophy, point of view or attitude. It is requested only a fair, evenhanded and open minded review of the history that actually took place as near as can be found out. Or at least a fair facsimile of the truth without personal bias or prejudice (pre-judgements). Remember, most of what we have been finding of Keely's history are articles written by uneducated (in Keely's fields of endeavor) reporters most of whom had vested interests of one kind or another. There ought to be a note somewhere qualifying these reporters and their reports not as Holy Truth or actual verified fact but as someone's opinion as to what he either heard (second hand), thought they saw or presumption based on a poor knowledge base at best. Even the best professors shook their mystified heads concerning Keely's work. How could an untrained reporter ever hope to get it right?
The most prominent misunderstanding around Keely requiring elucidation is the definition and use of "occultism" and similar words, concepts, ideas and practices. Keely's history is peppered with it and an accurate and concise understanding is ESSENTIAL & IMPERATIVE. In today's parlance we would call this arena of research Sacred Science. Keely harnessed MIND FORCE and all these poorly understood subjects are sub-categories of what MIND is and what MIND does.
OCCULT: 1. Hidden from the eye; concealed. 2. Dealing with or in the arts or practices involving the supposed action or influence of supernatural agencies or some secret knowledge of them, as alchemy, magic, necromancy, astrology; also, relating to these arts, as, occult sciences or philosophers. (Webster's New International Dictionary (the big one) of the English Language, 1947.)
The second definition is the one used by those who unthinkingly parrot the uninformed establishment's lies, half-truths, innuendoes and general (traditional) usage. The first definition is the one I and others use as it is the correct usage when applied to the Keely story for instance. When one fully understands what HPB says in her various books then they too begin to use the first definition - even as she used it. She was the first to admit there is no supernatural anything as everything in the universe is a part of the universe and nothing is super or beyond it or outside of it. (There are a great many things beyond and outside of man's awareness however. This is what occult really means when correctly used.) What she, Keely and others dealt with were the higher forces or subtle energies we are only now coming to recognize and understand and use in science and technology such as Chi, Qi, zen, bio-dynamics, Sacred Science, etc. That these forces and energies were unrecognized by earlier scientists and technologists did not preclude their existence. The chart delineating Matter and Force categorizes these forces with those as conventionally understood. It is an accurate chart as far as it goes. Current science and technology (applied science) is more of a political and social issue than any unbiased pursuit of real knowledge. It is in fact a pursuit of more tools, products and processes to put at the command of those who pay (and therefore control) them. There are even times when the pursuit itself is the end result demanded by their controllers as for instance in the search for so-called cancer cures or for the ever elusive and expensive secret to hot fusion. What is the broadest use of science and technology now? War on and control of people everywhere. In other words, to maintain the status quo, dogma and doctrines of those in control and who are constantly waging war in the form of suppression and destruction of any activity that threatens their perceived comfort level. Such as unabashed discovery and application of new knowledge and points of view. When we recognize this then we have cleared the veil from our own eyes and we can then begin to perceive the Truth as opposed to the enforced standard and accepted (politically correct) belief system.
Those renegade researchers like Keely, HPB, Steiner, thousands of others, who have traveled the established and accepted path of dogma and doctrine eventually discovered this path led nowhere. "We already know this stuff!" Only when one steps outside of this well-worn path do they begin to see new things and new ideas that are the very essence of discovery, invention and broadening of mankind's awareness and capabilities. What is accepted dogma and doctrine can be nothing but what is already known, i.e., old knowledge. The only way to get at new knowledge is to step beyond the known dogma and prescribed systems of belief into the unknown (the mystery yet to be solved). So the first definition as given above is correct when we consider that which is unknown is where the new will be found. So this is why people like Keely were "driven into the arms of occultism" not because they were shunned so much by orthodoxy but because they sought the truth and the truth cannot be found in orthodoxy's already known knowledge base of erudite materials. The truth can only be found within the confines of that which is hidden from orthodoxy's history of what it has already done. This unmarked veiled land of discovery and invention is the great mystery that is all that they do not already know about. In other words, orthodoxy does not know all there is to know about all there is in the universe (although they would have you to believe otherwise). That which they do not know about is "occulted" to them by its very nature of not being known and recognized. So those who delve into the mysteries as it were are those who delve into realms not recognized by standard definitions, dogma and doctrine or accepted belief systems.
Q6) So if this is true where is the Satanism in occultism? Where is the cause for derision of those who wish only to seek the truth instead of regurgitating someone else's prescribed beliefs and opinions?
A6) Admittedly there are those misguided ones who think it is OK and perhaps profitable to pursue what is commonly referred to as Satanism, devil-worship and the like. This is a perversion of the truth and an abomination to the very nature of what it means to be human. These, are for the most part, people who live in constant fear (the grand effect of ignorance) and wish, through these types of practices, to acquire power, control, a sense of security or whatever to appease their uncontrolled fear and apprehensions. If there is a Satan his real name is FEAR & IGNORANCE. This pursuit of FEAR appeasing methodologies is not what is meant by the proper use of the word and concept of occultism.
So the search for the truth is one thing. The practise of ignorance to appease fear is altogether another thing and the difference MUST be understood. Otherwise we become practitioners of the moribund arts when we promote a false understanding (ignorance). The promotion of a false doctrine (ignorance) engenders fear which promotes more ignorance and more fear which eventually becomes a descending spiral into one's own hell. So any person, organization, act, word or promotion of ignorance and fear is the real evil and may rightfully be termed work of the Devil. As an example, who nowadays is actively promoting ignorance and fear? Persons in control and who are afraid of the Truth promote ignorance and fear as a mechanism of control. Why? To keep the truth from being learned and used against them - or so they tell themselves. They perceive the Truth as a threat because their power structure is always created by, maintained and based on lies, ignorance and fear. The truth dispels lies.
This is why it is so important to be seeking out the truth and to live it whether through one's actions, thoughts, words and (in this case) writings.
So now you can see why Keely and those of his brilliant and inquisitive meddle shun the establishment's inadequate store of incomplete (false) knowledge and seek to pierce the veil of yet unrevealed mysteries of nature in pursuit of still greater knowledge, awareness and understanding. Where do you think the fields of chemistry and astronomy came from? By people seeking out the truth even when opposed by the establishment and its power structure. Renegades like Galileo, Copernicus, Columbus, Keely, Tesla were all condemned by the establishment. Not because they were teaching lies and evil falsehoods but because they courageously went against the system and sought out the truth and were expounding it as a Greater Truth. Thus, intentionally, or unintentionally as the case may be, exposing the lies and falsehoods of the established teachings.
When the real evil is ignorance (incorrect knowledge) who is the perpetrator of evilness those who unthinkingly (and far more than we care to admit, intentionally) perpetuate falsehoods and condemn the new understandings or those who courageously pursue new knowledge even though they come "under the gun, guillotine or poison pen?"
All the above can be demonstrated very easily by simply visiting a maker of musical instruments. There one will find a Garden of Eden of ideas and questions explode into consciousness by being exposed to this fascinating art and science even for a few minutes. How can odd bits and pieces of wood, glue and metal be fashioned and assembled to create such exquisite sounds and melodies that provoke the heart strings, memories and emotions? How is it that the very spirit and attitude of men and women can be so easily manipulated by musical tones and phrasing? A sweet lullaby from the strings of a violin makes us sad or even cry. A resounding march played with brass and drum instruments can stimulate courage, boldness and action. Why and where is this extraordinary power occulted in music? This demonstrates that the knowledge one now possesses (memory) is as a tip of an iceberg when compared to the knowledge one does not yet possess (new learning). So where is the greater Truth to be found - in one's already established knowledge base (memory) or in that yet to be discovered (unveiled), experienced and acquired?
When any of this comes in doubt or someone depreciates Keely's story simply ask them:
Q7) Why don't armies on the move march to violin or piano music? What is this characteristic of music that fires up an army or quiets down a baby? WHY?
Q7) Because music appeals to the physical, emotional, mental and spirit of men.
Q8) WHY?
A8) It is a multi-dimensional dynamic - the only multi- dimensional tool we have at our disposal.
Q9) WHY?
A9) Because of its inherent and hitherto occulted (unseen and unrecognized) properties associated with harmonics and sympathetic vibrations as defined by number and natural law. The numbers we can figure - the laws are those Keely left for us to understand and use.
These are some of the hidden gems of the Keely mystery which can only be learned and appreciated by investigation into the nature and physics of vibration. However, this is but an open portal to where there are many gems of untold grandeur and riches for the spiritual, mental and physical natures of mankind. When you understand the vibratory and musical connection the universe takes on a far greater perspective and meaning.
There is a vast confusion concerning resonance and sympathetic vibration. It is this imperfect discernment between these two ideas that prevents a greater understanding and use of the Keely's Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. There is even confusion in the translation of the Steiner quote about "the science of the future being based on sympathetic vibration." But in another translation it is more or less erroneously referred to as resonance of some kind or another. I am preparing a paper for the International Association of New Science Conference to be held in May, 1997 in Denver.
Resonance and sympathetic vibration are two entirely separate and different phenomena. I feel this confusion has held back science and vibration technology for far too much time. I am attaching below the preliminary writing of my paper here so you can see what I am talking about. It will read a bit difficult because it is the first draft and will require a great deal of rewriting.
Q10) What is the difference between Resonance and Sympathetic Vibration?
A10) There is an infinity of "God particles" or those centralized states of neutralized (equilibrated) force/energy fields (sometimes reminiscent of the Akasha or Éther of the ancients). Initially a portion of this primary concept is reflected accurately by Keely's first Law of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. This is the beginning of matter. The energetic or force fields will be discussed further on under the Law of Force.
Law of Matter and Force - "Coextensive and coeternal with space and duration [time], there exists an infinite and unchangeable quantity of atomoles, the base of all matter; these are in a state of constant vibratory motion, infinite in extent, unchangeable in quantity, the initial of all forms of energy."
Realizing that these atomoles (quantum units of centralized force or the ancient ether) are infinite in quantity, they must be very small indeed. However they themselves are divisible into atomolini a yet smaller (ancient Éther) and more energetic "quantum unit of centralized force". These are "ultimate units of atomoles, and when in a liquid state are the media for the transmission of gravism. The illimitable divisibility and aggregation of matter is a logical sequence."
These forming a vast colloidal type substance of infinite density permeating infinitely in all space and duration (time). Of what are these things composed? In their inner depths and at the smallest conceivable level of substance they have the idealized form of a rose bud though tawny in color. This rose bud pattern is simply a human consciousness conceptualization. They are not really rose buds but the form helps us to visualize meaningful dynamics. What is in these tiniest of things? The internal portion is infinite consciousness while the outer form was applied consciousness or what we would call intelligence (consciousness made manifest through application). The forces engendered are mathematical and geometrical formulations and expressions of pure creativity in its actions of Creative Beingness.
The aspect of the bud is such as to convey the concept of fertility, life, germination, flowering and the whole host of concepts that indicate the fecund nature of these Cosmic Eggs or Cosmic Buds. It is these that are the seed of materiality. These being infinite in number and location indicates the infinite abundance of Nature literally at our Mind's beck and call.
What connects these infinite Cosmic Buds and our Minds together is what Keely referred to as gravism which is "the transmissive form [of force] through a medium of atomoles in the fourth state, or a medium composed of atomolini."
To understand this we are obliged to review the Law of Force - "Energy manifests itself in three forms: Creative, the vibrating aggregate; Transmissive, being the propagation of isochronous waves [having a fixed time or period] through the media in which it is immersed; Attractive, being its action upon other aggregates capable of vibrating in unisons or harmony."
So gravism is the Transmissive form of force and it is this that binds the universe of atomolini together into a homogenous colloidal mass not unlike gelatin having an infinite density and it may be added having a neutral polarization. The Law of Transmissive Vibraic Energy states: "All coherent aggregates are perpetually vibrating at a period- frequency corresponding to some harmonic ratio of the fundamental pitch of the vibrating body; this pitch is a multiple of the pitch of the atomole." Since these atomolini are infinitely small their frequency is infinitely high with an infinitely short wave length. These highest of high vibrations may cause what is known as a standing wave field. At the junctures of the waves is where these Cosmic Eggs/Buds reside and have their existence. All of the above assumes a perfectly uniform and homogeneous field strength, quality and total lacking of any localized disturbance.
A standing wave field of this magnitude and density containing harmonic waves of this nature is by virtue of the Law of Attraction - "Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in unison, or harmonic ratio, are mutually attracted." It is assumed the higher the "Q" or degree of unison the greater the degree of attraction and hence the greater the density. This may better be expressed as a degree of sympathy. The greater the sympathy (coincidence or concordance) the greater the attraction.
A well-known and accepted property of infinite density is instantaneous transmission (infinite rate of propagation) of vibratory phenomena such as sound or an impact or a thought. Therefore gravism is synonymous with pure sympathy, love, thought, Mind and Christ Consciousness.
This latter because thought released is instantly everywhere because as this medium transmits instantly it may be said to be as a single solid monolithic substance evidencing the initiated and transmitted thought without time or discordant modulation. Even though it acts as though it were one limitless thing in actuality it is an infinitely large collection of an infinite number of individual parts behaving as One part yet retaining their individuality. They are all perfectly sympathetic or concordant one to another.
This simultaneous action and reaction is the result of the "isochronous waves" which are in reality vibrations sympathetic to the original and recipient nodes called so because of the following. These may also be referred to as standing scalar waves reaching from one Cosmic Bud center to centers around it. Each Bud center is located at the center of one of the nodes formed by these waves as they form interference patterns. Thus the centers are juxtaposed or equi-distant (or aliquot harmonic divisions thereof) from each other, in all directions, and subsequent centers are likewise located at a node center. So the end effect is placement of centers at every harmonic wave interference point with relation to all centers simultaneously. This action is explained rather clearly in the Law of Transmissive Vibraic Energy - "All oscillating and vibrating coherent aggregates create, in the media in which they are immersed, outward propagated concentric waves of alternate condensation and rarefaction, having a period-frequency identical with the pitch of the aggregate. - Scholium: All forms of transmissive energy can be focused, reflected, refracted, transformed, and diminished in intensity inversely as the square of the distance from the original source." So we can see that those waves of gravism are sympathetic with/to its source as they are created by that source and received by another sympathetic body.
These waves then are also obedient to the Law of Harmonic Pitch - "Any aggregate in a state of vibration develops in addition to its fundamental pitch a series of vibration in symmetrical sub-multiple portions of itself, bearing ratios of one, two, three, or more times its fundamental pitch." This, of course, describes the law that whereby harmonics and partials are created naturally from a fundamental.
Resonance and sympathetic vibration are more often confused as each other than not. For instance in McGraw-Hills's Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 3rd. ed., 1984; we find these two very confusing definitions:
Resonance - [PHYS] 1. A phenomenon exhibited by a physical system acted upon by an external periodic driving force, in which the resulting amplitude of oscillation of the system becomes large when the frequency of the driving force approaches a natural free oscillation frequency of the system. 2. In general, any phenomenon which is greatly enhanced at frequencies or energies that are at or very close to a given characteristic value.
Sympathetic Vibration - [PHYS] The driving of a mechanical or acoustical system at its resonant frequency by energy from an adjacent system vibrating at the same frequency.
As can be seen the two definitions are pretty much the same thing said with different words unless read with great discernment. These definitions are descriptive of the perceived result as though each phenomenon was an isolated event. However we must make a distinction because this distinction will be all important in the pursuance of greater understanding of vibratory phenomena. In SVP we refer to a sympathetic vibration as a specific type of vibration. We do not consider it an end result of something else although these vibrations are emitted from a source and are in actuality, in their introductory phase, a result of the source's vibration. This is much like a baby that is the end result of it's mother's pregnancy. A little later in its development it is considered as a causer of actions in its own right. Why there are phases or cycles that appear to spontaneously appear, merge, converge and phase away is explained in the Law of Cycles - "Coherent aggregates harmonically united constitute centers of vibration bearing relation to the fundamental pitch not multiples of the harmonic pitch, and the production of secondary unions between themselves generate pitches that are discords, either in their unisons, or overtones with the original pitch; from harmony is generated discord, the inevitable cause of perpetual transformation."
For instance take two vibrating or oscillating objects. The first is under self or natural resonance (as are all objects) conforming to the Law of Harmonic Vibrations and produces a wave train as described above under the Law of Transmissive Vibraic Energy. It is putting out a series of harmonic waves arithmetically relative to its fundamental pitch. These waves radiate outward according to the Law of Force. Therefore we have the first object in a state of vibration creating a series of waves that speed outward establishing a modulation on the media which surrounds this object. These then, at this point are the Transmissive waves as they propagate outward. The second object is therefore subject to modulation according to the Law of Sympathetic Oscillation as mentioned above. Due to the fact that the second object has vibrations synchronous with the waves being created and propagated by the first we say it is sympathetic to the first. Therefore the vibrations traveling to and from each object that are sympathetic to each are sympathetic vibrations. The vibrations themselves are sympathetic to the Creator and the Attractor. So where in the above definition there is reference to the "mechanical or acoustic system" and "an adjacent system" being two systems - in our more precise definition we acknowledge three discrete systems acting together. The missing third system being the peculiar vibrations sympathetic to both systems. The third system is the vibrations themselves. There are also, in this particular vibrating media, vibrations that are not sympathetic and may be classed as antisympathetic, unsympathetic, anharmonic, enharmonic or discordant. These latter ones being developed by the Law of Cycles.
To clarify even more we would state the second object is now in a state of forced resonance or amplified resonance brought on by the sympathetic vibrations created and transmitted by first object as it was experiencing its own natural resonance. Therefore resonance is an effect brought on by the additive influence of sympathetic vibrations. This is referred to in modern audio circles as Frequency Modulated Additive Synthesis (as in FM radio) or at times it is Amplitude Modulated Additive Synthesis (as in AM radio) . So for purposes of SVP we redefine and clarify the definition of:
Sympathetic Vibration - The vibrations themselves emitted from a vibrating body that are synchronous to both their creative source (the emitting body) and another body's natural resonance. This second body will naturally attract, absorb or assimilate sympathetic vibrations to itself. The second body will not be attractive or sympathetic to discordant vibrations. According to research already done(1) these attractive waves may be many times greater in force than the propulsive waves.
You see, here is where the usual sledge hammer approach is seen. Usually a transmitting body is given tremendous power of amplitude to overcome the antisympathetic conditions it is forced to operate in so it can create and then transmit sufficient "power" to literally pound or force the unreceptive or unsympathetic second body into resonance. The art comes in as we learn how to tune or graduate machines and devices in a multi- dimensional manner thus insuring a more perfect concordant action/reaction (sympathy between the creative source, the transmissive medium and the receptive target). SVP is concerned with the discovery, learning and application of this art and science.
When the three vibrate as One there is Pure Undifferentiated Sympathy or Love. This is what Sympathetic Vibratory Physics is all about.
(1) Embleton, T. F. W., Mean Force on a Sphere in a Spherical Sound Field I & II; The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Volume 26, Number 1; January, 1954, page 40-50.
Q11) How do you explain the discovery of evidence and subsequent accusations of fraud surrounding Keely?
A11) Nowadays, in any machine shop there are wires, tubes and piping throughout the shop and its walls. These are used for conducting air pressure piping, vacuum lines, hydraulic lines, water, steam, electricity and now telephone and computer communications. Some of the lines "discovered" in Keely's shop after his death were for similar purposes. He developed his etheric vapor and piped it around the shop for use in his many devices. Besides this it is believed by this writer that there was a concerted effort to:
1) abscond with Keely's devices and work by one Mr. Kinraide, et al . - There were certain and mysterious connections between various persons and special motivations for "making off" with Keely's machines and papers. A lot of this we have documented. There are a lot of unanswered questions and leads needing follow up. There is a detailed study of the events surrounding the people who made these alleged revelations. This should be released some time this year (1997). We have been informed by Spirit his machines and research notes were divided into three collections after his death. The smallest batch went to Y-12, U.S. Government facility. The second set went to an unknown research facility in Siberia. The third and largest set was acquired by Andrew Carnegie and hidden covertly in Scotland (no one knows it is where it is). Carnegie (once said he and JP Morgan owned everything there was to own in America) was afraid Keely's work would threaten his various monopolies so he got rid of it. A comprehensive effort was then instigated to write Keely out of history.
2) obfuscate the real importance of what was discovered. - Keely's work was a direct threat to the power establishment at that time. It still is. It is theorized (confirmed by Spirit) Keely's work was deliberately taken "underground" to protect it for future use when mankind no longer threatened the planet's very existence with bad attitudes, war, social manipulations, etc.
3) vent a lot of fear and derision. - All during Keely' lifetime he was accused of being a fraud, etc. by reporters, etc. One should read his history to get a better idea of the extent and motivations of the accusers and what really took place.
4) misinterpretation of data. - Some of the items "discovered" were Keely's tools and instrumentation. These devices were developed to pursue his work with Sympathetic Vibratory Physics and used vibratory principles. With the exception of very few persons the design, function and dynamics of these items could not have been properly understood. And to cover their own ignorance would have mislabeled and declared them a fraud. Nearly every new and revolutionary device ever made was pompously pronounced a fraud by "experts" at the time of its introduction - like the telephone, long distance power transmission, heavier than air flight, cold fusion, the entire western hemisphere, etc, etc.
5) calumniate (falsely accuse) to cover other's embarrasing lack of knowledge. - For instance, it is rumored Edison exposed Keely's fraud during a visit to his lab. The truth is Edison never visited Keely or his lab. A lot of this type of negative activity is associated with Keely's work. One of its origins is FEAR of his knowledge which is erroneously perceived by some as a threat to their own self-image, job and education qualifications, etc. There are even some who believe that if they admit Keely was right would automatically mean they are wrong. This is an irrational ego-based attitude with no foundation in reality, morality or purpose. So it is far easier to label Keely a fraud than it is to admit one does not understand his work and needs a little (or a lot) more education.
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