Society and Life in the 21st Century
by Jerry W. Decker for KeelyNet

Written June 30, 1996 & edited July 2, 1999
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Based on the inevitable discovery and implementation of;

This is written from a perspective of 30 years from now (2026AD). It is based on the expectation of successful experiments inspired by much of the information publicly available and correlated through the KeelyNet and other alternative science groups as well as freely shared results from experimenters and researchers.

Quite a few changes have occurred in the past 30 years. When orthodox science finally saw the proofs of individual experimenters in achieving reproducible effects by aether/zpe interference, they had no choice but to admit that aether permeates, creates and sustains all energy and matter, opening entirely new vistas for research and technology.

The theories had been around for many years, with lone experimenters producing anomalous phenomena that others could not reproduce because of secrecy, ego or fear.

The 'crack in the egg' initially appeared in the form of a freely shared table top demonstration showing aether/zpe could indeed be collimated and converted to electrical energy, no longer could it be denied that aether/zpe could indeed be interferred with to produce practical results.

To my mind, three of the greatest contributors and staunch defenders were Walter Wright, promoter of the 'Push Gravity' theory., Moray King, Dan Davidson and Dr. Harold Puthoff.

You see, it is hard to comprehend how gravity can be controlled or resisted when you think of it as an attractive force. However, when you consider it as a wind or pressure pushing all matter together, then we are held to the earth as well as held together by this 'wind'. It then becomes a matter of diverting the wind around us, which would result in a lessening of weight.

The intial experiments were promising although based on crude electrostatics, as more was learned about just how the interference could be effected, it was found that a simple electronic circuit could be built that would divert the gravity flow around mass to a degree determined by the amount of power applied.

Once people actually saw a huge stone being lifted as if it were styrofoam, then were allowed to experience their first ascension using a flightsuit, the world snapped to attention and all hell broke loose.

It was one thing to think about reducing your physical 'weight' to one pound or so with a gravity reduction belt, which doesn't hold a candle to actually jumping high into the air, to waft down gently like a leaf, or to actually attach a pair of wings that let you swim through the air. That is the fantasy version, it works but is rather inefficient and slow if you need to get from one place to another, but it is great fun and very relaxing. Most people use a pivoting vibration plate strapped to their back or waist that redirects aether/zpe to provide thrust.

You wouldn't believe the sports and recreations these days. Long duration, incredibly complex gymnastics, aerial baseball, soccer, basketball and football, everywhere you look, there are people and kids wearing flightsuits, flying around without vehicles, just a small solid state aether/zpe deflector to propel them as long as the weather is nice.

Speaking of which, weather is now controlled through one global agency, coordinated so that countries have regular rainfall and sunlight. Atmospheric disturbances that produce hurricanes, high winds or tornados are detected and nipped long before they become problems and people really like how they can plan their activities because the weather is no longer random.

The vast desert regions of the earth are now blooming green with life, food and people. Cities that used to be so packed with people are now sparsely populated, serving mostly as centers of culture, offering a profusion of fun and recreational activities and with only small portions devoted to business and commerce.

Turns out aether/zpe flows function much like Reichs orgone energy which allows for interconnected networks of weather projectors that increase or diminish the aether/zpe densities over wide areas, thereby precipitating moisture and rain or dispersing it as desired.

It was found that this principle of shielding the gravity inflows could be applied to any form of matter for either weight reduction or outright suspension of weight. When you reduce weight, you reduce inertia, allowing mass to take on the characteristics of large bubbles, subject to the slightest thrust.

Aerial accidents just don't happen as machines using this technology simply bounce off each other if they collide. In fact, when under power, they repel each other where the repulsion increases the closer the masses come to each other.

The proliferation of personal flying vehicles led to an entirely new attitude toward transportation. Not only has travel anywhere in the world become fast and efficient, but now colonization and practical space travel are commonplace.

The next big discovery allowed us to tap into the very wheelwork of nature itself, when with a slight modification of the gravity control circuit, we found that this aether/zpe influx can also be slowed down to produce energy, either directly as electricity or simply as mechanical force. Motors are now in common use which do not rely on electrical or magnetic forces, they simply turn, using harmonious flows of force produced by aether/zpe interference.

As a result of the use of these aether motors, there are no EM emissions due to the peculiar characteristics of this kind of energy and a great deal of diseases and crippling health conditions with previously unknown causes have simply vanished as these motors came into universal use.

With the advent of gravity control and free energy, people no longer are constricted by lifelines of wire and plumbing to provide them with electricity and water. We simply generate whatever energy we need onsite as it is required, directly from aether/zpe interference circuits. Air wells are also commonly used to provide all the water we need, extracted directly from cooled air and powered by our free energy source.

Devices have long been on the market with their own internal 'perpetual' power sources, they work outside or wherever you place them, without needing to be plugged in to any powerlines or outside power source.

It has became common for folks to live hundreds or even thousands of miles from their workplace because we not only generate all the power needed, but can easily fly from one place to another in a matter of minutes or hours, safely, at will and at very high rates of speed. Global distances have become insignificant because most people have their own flying machines.

Using the satellite directed GPS (global positioning system) which long ago began including altitude, it is a simple matter to either punch in your destination and speed, or simply tell the computer where you want to go and let it take you in a completely safe and controlled manner.

Just like the early map programs, you can let the computer controlled flying machine automatically take you to your destination in the fastest way or via the most scenic route. But the best part is there are no more accidents from bad driving, bad weather or rubberneckers, its all computer controlled though you can switch to manual if you so desire.

Auxiliary discoveries led to hybridized systems that further supported a productive and harmonious lifestyle. Water is routinely precipitated directly from the air to sustain life in the most arid regions.

Hydroponics, gardens, protein tanks for fish and algae, all have became commonplace as people produce the majority of their own food. Homegrown food also is of higher nutritional quality depending on the skills and adjustments of the growing process by the family, so people are generally healthier and more energetic.

Disposal of waste is now easily accomplished by dissociating the molecular bonds or by direct conversion to electrical energy by burning it. Transmutation also has become a well understood process, allowing what was previously waste to be converted to useful building materials.

Practical transmutation also led to a gradual destruction of the global economies based on gold and other rare or precious materials. Since anyone can convert lead to gold or other elements or materials, there is no longer a need for money based on a gold standard. This led to incredible changes in the way people and businesses had to deal with goods and services transfers.

Bartering has become a staple in the financial world, leading to a 'credit' system where material or service is now rated and used to swap for other services or merchandise.

Electronic interference techniques also were applied to the elimination of diseases by blowing up the molecular structure using resonance. It was logically found that removal or displacement of one or more atoms in a given disease molecule via resonance, leads to the inevitable destruction of the disease molecules.

Advanced understanding of magnetic fields as applied to the body showed that the body was sustained by a dynamic yet 'attenuating Meissner field' that weakens over time. As long as the field is intense, the body remains healthy, young and full of energy.

This toroidal shaped 'smoke ring' of pure magnetic force provides the energy for transcription of the auric pattern for DNA and other body constituents including form. When this field weakens, the body begins to decay and die because the patterns become gradually corrupted.

Eventually, a means was found to recharge this attenuating field to a degree that causes perfect transcription of the auric pattern to the physical matrix, resulting not only in perfect health but also a youthful body.

However, the aura rebuilding effect is most effective while we sleep for 6-8 hours at night. During the day we are exposed to outside UV rays of 260nm which are allowed to pass through to the earth surface as a result of extensive damage to the ozone layer.

Until the ozone layer heals as a benefit of using aether/zpe as our new energy source, we had to find something else that would compensate for the UV damage.

An additional natural foodstuff has been discovered which is taken daily to pump up the immune system and causes the body to reject any weakened tissue so that we no longer have replications of tissue with damaged DNA which leads to reduction of energy in the body, mutations, cancer and inevitable death.

People now are beginning to see a golden age as we can live for hundreds of years in a perfect state of health, only requiring periodic recharging of our dynamic Meissner field and daily consumption of the new herb.

This extension of life led to entirely new social customs, where young people are allowed as much time as they need to grow up and experiment with life and love. No longer are people held back by the threat of death or diseases such as AIDS or cancer.

I should tell you about one final new discovery that has also become ubiquitous as the ultimate guardian for personal health protection and overall well-being. The body has long been known to recognize when it was in the presence of substances or conditions that could damage or kill it. Research into the phenomenon led to development and perfecting of a bracelet that warns the wearer of danger.

The bracelet comes with either of two display methods, one simply a red and green led where substances or conditions that are good for you will cause the green led to light, whereas dangerous substances or conditions will cause the red led to light.

Another display method for people who feel they need more detail is a bargraph type scale with 10 bars, ranging from red to yellow to green with yellow or mid bar indicating a neutral effect.

You see, the idea is that your body will detect what is good or bad for it, so that you could touch a bottle of fluid, or any food or medicine and determine whether it was good or bad for you. If you need to know the proper dosage for medicine, you put one tablet or capsule in your hand and observe the response, the bracelet will tell you if it is ok to take and by adding or removing from the amount, how much your body can handle for the best health effect.

The beauty of this is it works with food, medicine, fluids, any material or environment and even will tell you if a person is good or bad for you. It doesn't matter WHY or HOW, just that it or THEY are triggering your response to warn you of a potentially dangerous contact.

Using such a bracelet, you now can only allow yourself to be exposed to healthful foods, medicines or materials and beneficial environments and contacts.

Sex has taken on an entirely new social acceptance, where titillation through pornographics has become a thing of the past. Women now routinely venture outdoors and to work without tops and in some places, no clothing whatsoever. Partial nudity in most places is not considered offensive in the least.

Another discovery that also led to acceptance of this new social trend was a means of regulating the temperature of the body using electronics. You can be in freezing weather, yet be stark naked and perfectly warm, or you can be in 110 degree weather and remain cool.

Religion has changed dramatically worldwide from many confused interpretations, many of which rely on control based on myth and legend to one based on morals and how people should interact. This in turn led to changes in laws that now follow the clear precept that each person is responsible for their own actions and such actions now determine the degree of social reward or correction.

Interestingly enough, once it was determined that the body was sustained by a dynamic attenuating Meissner field, it soon became apparent that 'ghosts' were in fact de-coupled Meissner fields. By de-coupled, I mean separated from the human body because the energy field has become too weak to remain connected to the physical form.

This rapidly led to a means of direct communication with 'dead' people which added to the changes in religious thought, customs and beliefs. No longer could religion be abused and used to threaten, cajole and control believers using hell as a punishment or heaven as a reward.

People now are assured of a degree of continuity even beyond life, at least until these de-coupled fields further weaken and shift out of our dimension.

It took folks awhile to realize that just because someone was dead and they could still talk to them via technology, it did not mean that these discarnate people were any smarter than when they were alive.

Some confusion was created at first because many took the pronouncements of these contacts with the dead as being all-knowing. However, there was no ability to transcend time for predictions although they did have the ability to provide information and reassurances useful in our daily lives.

Crime has also become almost non-existent for two reasons. One from the realization that high blood flows in certain regions of the brain excite the tissue to a degree of action that was found to correspond to certain thoughts or activities.

Knowing that north and south magnetic poles have either contracting or expansive effects, polarized magnetics in conjunction with counseling and hypnotic suggestion, are now routinely used to reduce the amount of blood flow to the region of the brain determined to be causing the aberrant behavior. This process is completely voluntary and can result in freedom once the noxious pattern is technologically erased. Of course, many complained and worried about this mind control process being misused but that has not remotely been the case.

The second contribution to the extermination of crime is the 'Truth' machine which without fail can determine whether a person is telling the truth or not.

There are yet other ongoing research efforts into ways of recording past events which have yet to prove absolutely reliable but they do offer great promise for visiting the scene of a crime and essentially videotaping the event as it actually unfolded, using a process of molecular remanence of frequencies that can be enhanced to produce realtime visual and audible images.

Another series of realizations occurred within the populace which led to other astounding changes in the law which filtered down into society.

Someone once said, "Public opinion is but the average stupidity of mankind." As people became more independent, they were forced to think for themselves instead of believing everything that was taught to them as a one and only truth.

As the 'criminal population' continued to grow ever larger, requiring more government enforcement, the building of new prisons and the spiralling costs to support all of it, people noticed that many of the crimes were totally non-violent. These included drugs, alcoholism, sex 'offenses' such as prostitution and other crimes that did not hurt society at large. The person only hurt themselves and those who chose to support them, so under the new understanding, it became a matter of personal choice and so many laws were erased to restore personal freedoms.

Public support soon demanded the abolishing of all criminal laws which did not involve violence or damage to another or their property. Drugs, prostitution and just about any activity that did not hurt someone or damage property became a legal activity. 95% of the prisons were emptied within a period of three months from the adoption of these new, logical laws.

Counseling and peer pressure were offered to those who had abuse problems as well as magnetic restructuring of the brain as detailed elsewhere. This was totally optional on the part of each abuser.

One of the most exciting social changes that I have seen in the past 30 years, is the development of small, tightly-knit communities which are completely self-sustaining. They produce their own food, power, water, waste disposal, local laws and societal attitudes.

The world has learned and taken on entirely new and diverse social patterns with the advent of a globally accessible computer database that allowed you to input the parameters of what kind of community and environment you wanted to live in. Your selection criteria determined a closest match against all known similar communities in the database. It also provided for an adjustable tolerance so that you can select from the widest range of matching communities.

Once you selected a community that matched your ideal conditions and decided to move there, you were required to interview with the community and seek their acceptance. No longer are people lumped together in communities attempting to force them to get along.

Now, there are communities worldwide which have chosen to be totally black, totally white, totally Korean (or other races), mixed, religious, scientific, philosophical, New Age, artistic, health- oriented, sexually oriented, various types of entertainment, sports oriented and thousands of other permutations.

All these communities network and share information and resources, as well as trade.

As a result, harmony prevails, wars are simply unthinkable as everyone lives where they think like their neighbors. Famine and greed no longer exist. Everyone has all that they need in the form of energy, food and services.

The dreaded one world government has manifested in a way quite different from what was expected or predicted. No longer are there many small squabbling governments with their own agendas, overseen by one or more 'superpower' governments. There is also no single superpower government.

Now, there is simply one government composed of a single representative from many small communities with final votes relevant to each community being determined by vote of the entire populace of that community. This allows the voice of that community to be heard and the people who will be affected to vote whether they wish to participate or not.

I now live in a community which is devoted specifically to networking and research into numerous alternative science areas. With the discovery of practical gravity control, free energy and health techniques, I at first thought my goals had been accomplished, however, there are hundreds of more pursuits that are worthy of investigation.

The degree of information exchange and discovery is astounding and I live every day in the presence of people who I like and admire. When we get together, there is a palpable excitement in the air as we exchange ideas and information, or report on new discoveries or activities.

At last, we have achieved a Golden Age, where everyone is finally allowed the opportunity to fulfill their destiny, and I am not wasting another hour not pursuing mine.