PoP - Proof of Principle
Updated - July 4th, 2001

It's time we ALL get on track and start weeding the field. There are too many out there who have jumped onto the Alt Tech bandwagon for the main purpose of getting your money or sucking up your time and attention to feed their own egos.

It is perfectly fine to provide information about ideas, concepts and new theories, as long as everyone realizes - THEY ARE JUST THEORIES and NOT HARDWARE!

That is what the InterNet is all about - information, discussion and communication.

It is completely dishonest to make an outright CLAIM that you cannot or WILL NOT support with proof, then to ask for money for 'more information' instead of a working device or plans.

If someone emails or approaches you making a claim that they've either invented something or discovered something new, DEMAND proof.

If they are requesting money, IN ANY FORM, and unwilling to provide proof, then EXPECT that they are trying to rip you off. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Proof of a CLAIM ideally should be available as;

If they sell you a kit or plans, you put it together or build it and it doesn't work as claimed, they should offer you a COMPLETE REFUND, EXPECT THAT at a minimum.

A possible alternate would be verification by multiple independent sources, though, like a religious experience;

Absolute Proof is Experiential.

Meaning that YOU must have access to a working device that YOU are either using or that can produce at least a tabletop demonstration of the claimed discovery.

Ask for a Proof of Principle! - (POP)

An easy way these people can PROVE and partially protect their discovery, is to sell a very simple version. One which, when constructed or purchased, will clearly show the claimed discovery, on a scale large enough to be proveable, yet not providing sufficient detail to build a full scale version that the claimant would sell as the primary income producer.

One thing we must be careful of, it takes time to make things happen and the inventor needs to have some kind of reproducible proof, yet still be provided with a reasonable degree of protection to insure credit for the invention and some future income.

KeelyNet has an option for both in the Shareware Proposal.

We need to move on with our lives and efforts, discarding those who have become icons of belief in the field, REFRAINING from claiming it worked outright based on historical reports, without proof, whose claims have persisted over years instead of months. These are the ones who need to be weeded out.

Look at how many have been making the same old claims of having a WORKING DEVICE for MANY YEARS, still without proof, still seeking 'investments', offering 'distributorships' or 'franchises'.

Not to mention the profusion of sites selling 'plans' for working free energy machines, most of which have been photocopied or lifted from websites and are being sold purely for income.

Such sites blatantly take advantage of peoples 'NEED TO BELIEVE'...if these plans REALLY worked, would they not be in operation, providing power EVERYWHERE?

Save your money, send them an email and let them know they are frauds.

If the claimant has been at it for more than a couple of years, without any independent verification reports or offering a proof of principle experiment that anyone can do to show the claimed effect, then EXPECT something is seriously wrong.

This technique of offering 'franchises' and 'distributorships' is difficult to stop legally because people can GIVE THEIR MONEY to whoever they wish. If they are stupid enough to give their money away, with no FIXED TIME for devices to become available for sale under their franchise or licensing contract, then they DESERVE to lose their money as just bad business.

Don't be fooled, if someone offers you a 'franchise' or 'distributorship' which is claiming to grant you the rights to sell their products WHEN THEY COME TO MARKET, make sure there is a stated time WHEN these products WILL COME TO MARKET.

Otherwise, without a specified time for production of the product, your agreement with the claimant is open-ended and you are GIVING your money away with NO CHANCE OF RECOVERY.

Don't let greed blind you!

These people count on you wanting to make easy money, in some cases carrying out a controlled demonstration to wow and dazzle you, (where no independent party is allowed to test or duplicate the claims) followed by a pitched promotion of how this new discovery will be in great demand all over the world, and you, being a registered 'franchiser' will be in the enviable position to sell these devices for a fantastically lucrative return on your initial investment.

Some website claims are similarly engineered to dazzle or confuse you, often using new terms that are not easily understood or improperly applied with the specific intent of smearing any possibility of clear details.

Question the claims, ask for and DEMAND proof.

As has ALWAYS been stated on KeelyNet, the only way we will ever see a working free energy or gravity control device or technology is if it is shared with the entire world first in the form of a POP.

There are too many vested interests and industries who would suffer or go out of business should this technology (free energy or gravity control) come to pass, so to protect the inventor and all others working in these fields, it must be shared everywhere to just GET IT OUT.