The Future of Our World

Energy Conversion, Social Responsibility & Funding
a new 'rave' by Jerry Decker - 06/12/99


We all read about all the alternative science claims and speculations, only to always wind up with the simple fact that there is not yet a working free energy device, nor is there a demonstrable gravity control device (despite the current magnetic phenomena flap in the 'proofs' of Tamperes' stimulated superconductors and the diamagnetic 'flying frogs', neither of which is remotely related to gravity).

Week after week, new discussions and an occasional new claim comes out, still none are proven, nor are they EVER available for purchase or with sufficient information to at the very least duplicate as a Proof of Principle in the form of a kit or circuit. Why is that?

Websites abound claiming to sell you plans of a working free energy device and people fall all over themselves to buy that same regurgitated, recopied information which encourages more people to jump on the bandwagon in hopes of sales.

G e t R e a l

If those plans really worked, wouldn't we be flooded with reports about them from all over the world? Wouldn't we be able to buy hundreds of products or versions of these devices?

Usually the new claims are from the same people in disguise seeking ever more investors and offers of franchises WHEN their devices come on the market. Sometimes new people come forward but they are almost instantly suspect because of the shenanigans of the scamsters who have given the entire field a bad name. Where does it stop?

Energy Conversion

Thinking people cannot fail to realize that we will inevitably learn to tap into the same forces which move the planets and which move electrons in their orbits.

Nor can anyone deny the fallacy of a truly closed system since gravity and aether/zpe permeates any experiment. WHEN we learn to deflect, block or cancel these omnipresent forces, then we would be closer to the claim of a TRULY 'closed system'.

As Hal Fox points out, lets not forget when those of us who study and keep abreast of alternative science talk about 'free' energy we are referring to CONVERSION of ambient energy from the zero point background of space, NOT as so many critics maintain, that we are trying to get 'something from nothing.'

There has been much discussion over the terms, free energy as opposed to overunity. Nothing is truly 'free' since you must initially purchase the hardware that allows the extraction of the energy in the first place, however, that consideration aside, free energy and overunity both refer to getting more energy out than is put into and used by the device.

Since gravity and zpe permeate and suffuse everything, our intent is to capture additional energy in our circuit or device at useful power levels and in forms that will drive our machines or circuits.

It is the CONVERSION of EXTANT zpe energy to useful forms that some of us seek, without the need to consume anything that requires mass for fuel. Not the cold fusion battery which eventually requires replacement of its components due to transmutation/corrosion, not the decay of radioactive materials, not hydrogen from water or in fuel cells.

With regard to 'renewable power sources', there are already voluminous sites, groups and supporters of wind, water, heat or solar energy. We seek the final solution, that of tapping the all pervasive zero point energy, that which the ancients referred to as ETHER (we use the term AETHER to avoid confusion with the chemical ether).

KeelyNet, many of our associates and a very few other groups also seek this ultimate power source, one that consumes no mass and can be extracted from anywhere at any time, in whatever power quantity the user desires and that their CONVERTER or TRANSFORMER can sustain.

A self running magnetic motor, an engine that develops its force from the 'flow' of gravity or a generator that extracts back emf, atmospheric or earth currents, these also are worthy of investigation because they CONSUME NO MASS and do not pollute with emissions.

The ideal conversion will result from zpe induced mechanical overcompensation as with inertial and precession/gyroscopic devices, or with what some suspect will be a direct extraction of electrical current from the same zpe background.

As Hal Puthoff, Bernard Haisch and Alphonse Rueda point out in their ground breaking paper on ZPE as the Cause of Inertia, something continues to push against a moving object when it suddenly stops.

You might ask why can't we more easily detect and extract this boundless energy if it is so enormously powerful and all pervasive?

Just as fish in water don't realize they are in a pressurized environment so too do we not realize the presence of zpe, nor can our instruments detect an energy environment which suffuses all matter and space.

Some of us are of the opinion that the zpe, being an omnipresent high energy field can be tapped by creating a difference of potential, by creating a 'hole' in space into which the zpe will rush to fill up and restore equilibrium.

This rushing in to restore equilibrium could be tapped, using something like a paddlewheel that was influenced by the flow of the aether/zpe. Blow the hole in the aether/zpe, keep it open to keep the flow going and hope it doesn't take more energy to create and sustain this artificial hole than the aether/zpe conversion will provide.

The entrainment of the aether/zpe from motion through it creates a back impulse when the motion stops. It is of course caused by the entrained aether/zpe continuing to flow until it dissipates and according to Pearson, this back thrust can be as much as 18% more than the applied energy to produce the 'annihilation'.

Mass appears to be exactly that, a bubble or hole in space which is constantly being infused with zpe to generate gravity along with the erroneous idea of 'weight' as well as to eventually slow and precipitate as mass.

Therefore, it is a matter of converting this continual influx or creating our own artificial hole that will produce a controlled flow that we can tap.

Once we learn the basics of tapping the flow of zpe, our freely shared discoveries will inevitably and rapidly progress from an art to a science.

The entire world will have the keys to producing all the energy we could use from any point in space, we will also be able to control the 'weight' of mass. The conversion process, like any circuit or mechanical device, is dependent on the component charactistics and maximum power capabilities.

Social Responsibility

One of the concerns which was recently expressed by Don Lancaster in number 86 of his Resource Bin articles in the March 1999 Nuts & Volts, entitled 'Supraluminal Dowsing for Brown's Gas in Roswell' said,
"One of the big dangers of wishing for something is that you may get it. I strongly feel that finding a source of unlimited free energy would be one of the most heinous possible crimes against humanity. One which would make Hitler look like Mother Teresa.

For the out-of-control binge which would certainly result would quickly turn the planet into a cinder. Global warming would then get measured in degrees per hour, rather than degrees per century."

Despite Don's good intentions, he is without doubt an alarmist grabbing at any excuse to hinder any research, indeed, deriding our very thinking about how we can practically produce essentially free energy.

Don fails to recognize that some reports of free energy devices claim a 'negative current' which is implosive and produces cooling rather than the heating associated with explosive electrical energy.

You might like to check out his website or drop a line to Don Lancaster.

Most important of all, is the simple consideration that such devices will take many forms, ideally where each appliance, vehicle or house will have its own internal power supply.

The circuit will only allow as much current flow through it as its components can handle, otherwise, like all current loads, if you want more power, you have to pay more for power circuitry, otherwise you burn it up or blow the fuses or breakers when you overload it.

At this point in time, we simply don't have a working device that would produce this implosive cold current, mechanical force or normal electricity or magnetism, so we don't know what form it will take.

However, consider one central facility which produces vast quantities of power and transmits it into a grid which feeds each house, as opposed to many tiny power drains as would be the case in a per application system, where the power is generated on the spot.

The best description I have heard was 'perpetual batteries' which consisted of potted circuits that produce enough power to drive a single appliance. Once kick started, the circuit would extract and convert zpe energy to electrical energy to operate the device. Each appliance would have its own internal power source and could be operated anywhere because the zpe is everywhere.

If it uses the implosive, cooling effect of cold current, then the earth would cool rather than heat as we now experience with the current global warming.

If it uses the explosive, heating effect of hot current, we could just as easily fold enough energy back around to cool the circuit using thermoacoustics, peltier junctions or other such cooling devices, energized by extracting additional power from the source.

The question remains, why after some 300 years (since Bessler) has no one been able to bring to market or into public use, a working overunity device?

Is this failure to produce a working free energy device due to suppressive influences such as business or government? Is it due to the secrecy or greed of the inventor? Are all those reports simply lies or errors, promulgated and promoted solely to garner funding, fame or a place in history?

When it comes to global societies, consider what can be done with a portable source of power that extracted energy from the local zpe environment;

Now these marvelous improvements would result just from the discovery of how to produce electricity or mechanical force from the zpe.

Consider the additional ramifications of what would happen when we learn to control gravity, whether by reducing it, cancelling it or increasing it.

Entirely new vistas for life and growth open up. Development and access of previously difficult to reach areas of the earth. Three dimensional transport systems from commercial to civilian flying machines. Where we would finally be able to easily and cheaply move out into space and safely return for the purpose of building space stations and colonizing other planets and eventually star systems.

The possibilities of the discovery and worldwide implementation of free energy OR gravity control beggar the imagination and would result from just one discovery which would lead to the second.

Governments and societies would change radically as these new technologies destroyed borders and negated the perceived need of one nation to interfere in the destinies of other nations under the guise of 'national security' in the incessant quest for crude oil resources.

Take the recent fiasco in a foreign country with filthy water which caused all kinds of diseases and misery. Drilling was done to establish wells but were years later found to contain arsenic and other elements that caused poisoning.

With a free energy device and an airwell, clean, healthy water could easily be precipitated from the air. Airwells work either way, but the idea of as much water as needed by tapping local zpe energy would resolve water supply problems anywhere.

The permutations for humanity and the earth are vast with just the discovery and free sharing of free energy alone and would be logarithmically multiplied with the discovery of practical gravity control.

Funding the Future of the World

No more confusion, no more misdirection, no more willingness to believe without proof. Collectively, we have wasted enough time, allowed far too much misery and control groups to infiltrate the world. We need to focus our attention on funding to accelerate our activities to the point of practical success.

I have had the honor and privilege to communicate with many intelligent and talented people. Many feel as I do, they know they could produce miracles if they simply had a way to sustain themselves, a facility they could work in which would lead to some guarantee of credit and recompense for their discovery whether alone or working with a group.

KeelyNet is committed to the free sharing of information and basic details on free energy and gravity control discoveries made under our aegis. Many are those whose sole purpose is to sell non-existent technology for profit, without any concern for reality or truth. It is time the people with the knowledge, the talent and the will for positive change be given an opportunity to fulfill their destiny.

For that reason, we have a Shareware Document for those who want to really make a difference and rely on their destiny to reap any rewards.

I have long realized that we will NEVER have working free energy or gravity control technologies unless it is freely shared and without hindrance of patents or proprietary controls.

Free Energy MUST be globally and freely shared at the very least in a proof of principle circuit or construction details.

This attitude frightens many, particularly investors and companies whose livelihood depends on current energy generation and flight technology.

Fortunately, they consider KeelyNet and many others who investigate these areas to be 'fringe' and 'half-baked', relying on the perception that people and groups who do have money would never invest in anything that would one day destroy their investments in oil, energy and transportation. The same goes for trust funds, charities and philanthropists.

The control groups are counting on there not being any remaining philanthropists, patrons, patronesses or groups who can see what positive changes could be wrought in their lifetime by supporting such discoveries.

I think if there is anything to it, it is because of this 'fringe' perception that we don't experience the oft quoted claims of 'suppression' and such, which gives us a decided edge.

Why would anyone donate money or resources to any person or group who is not non-profit, whose fruits of research would cause such worldwide havoc as the basic technology is rapidly instituted and which would result in no income for the investors because those technologies would be freely, and globally shared?

Does that make sense? Someone has to make the devices. Someone has to install them and maintain them periodically. Someone has to repair them when they inevitably break since nothing lasts forever. There will be millions of new opportunities for investment and profit from the fruits of this research. The capitalist system will allow only the best, the most efficient and the most economical versions to win out, ultimately benefitting everyone.

It is up to those few who can see the commercial opportunities and why it is important to assist in the discoveries and be poised, ready to be first to market and to stay ahead of the competition in optimizing the technologies.

Look at all the products today which started out as very expensive and even unstable, as time passed and more companies became involved in research and optimization, prices came down, they have more power and functions than ever and everyone benefits. So too, will free energy devices and gravity control affect all of humanity and one day become ubiquitous.

Your Opportunity to Make a Difference

If you drilled down this far, perhaps you see how important it is to do whatever you can to help make the basic discoveries that will be freely shared.

Perhaps you don't have any interest in helping make our goals a reality, then you will want to stop reading right here.

Assuming you DO want to finally see and USE working free energy or gravity control technologies, but might not be in a position to help financially, I'm asking that you share this with those you know who are in a position or of a mind to help.

The basic idea involves a small building, outfitted as a workshop, located near Dallas and where the basic research and experiments will be done. The workshop would include basic machining, woodworking, plastic working and electronics tools, along with a library of resource information and a means of documenting the results of successful projects or experiments. Not quite like some experimenters because we will be working on experiments that have PRACTICAL applications.

Funding Scenario

I'll be quite up front and candid about this, some of my contacts and I think we have understandings of how to produce both free energy and gravity control. The genie is just waiting for the right people to let it loose, freely and without restrictions, to once again bestow marvels and wonders upon humanity.

The information that has been gathered to date, is fully released on KeelyNet but only a tiny few have put the pieces together, these correlations have served as an acid test to ferret out these rare and maverick thinkers. There is no guarantee we are right and the only way to prove it is to test the hypothesis, that requires funding and the ability to work full time on the projects, yet still maintain a decent standard of living.

The funding idea is for a person or group of investors to put up money in an INTEREST GENERATING FUND that would best provide for research and support, with the expectation that the investors will receive ALL of their principle investment back after a set period if the research has not produced results. Ideally, that period would be a minimum of 3 years and extended to 5 years if results were promising.

I know, this sounds like yet another variation on the scams that have been going on with SEVERAL individuals in the free energy area AND in EVERY case that I am aware of, the 'investors' never get their money back or the promised returns.

My scheme is that the 'investor group' always owns the entire principle invested and only the interest comes to us. The initial period of investment is for a minimal period of 3 years, unless there is DUAL success that takes the form of basic free energy and gravity control, at which point, the arrangement is extended to further additional research efforts .

What makes my offer different? KeelyNet, which I created, own and operate has been around since 1988 and has always been public, freely sharing whatever information we could find that related to our primary goals of achieving practical free energy, gravity control and electronic/alternative health technologies.

KeelyNet doesn't sell anything nor is it under the thumb of any outsiders who could limit what is said or done. And KeelyNet has always promoted the realization that free energy and gravity control MUST BE FREELY SHARED, without restriction or obligation.

Once basic working free energy (200% efficiency) AND electronic gravity reduction (75% controlled weight loss) technologies were BOTH achieved and the basic technology freely released via the InterNet, as a form of reward for success, control of the income from the investment fund would be transferred to Jerry Decker for the next 20 years, after which time it would revert back to the original investor(s). During that time, I will continue working with others on research that could lead to practical new and novel technologies.

The key here is sustained income and research money in a quantity that could afford consultation, assistance, materials and facilities.

Bearing in mind that with proper investment, a sum of money can generate from 7 to 10% per year, with 1 million bucks properly and safely invested, that would be roughly $70,000 to $100,000 per year. The interest from that one million dollars would provide the basics for full time suuport, supplies, small shop and research equipment for one researcher.

An additional benefit would be MORE HELPERS on these projects which would serve to greatly accelerate the research and discovery of new phenomena that has practical applications. Because of the novelty and difficulty of the projects and the failure over 300 years by anyone to produce a commercial free energy or gravity control model, there is no question in my view that the combined insights and skills of several people would help to SOONER achieve success.

That means 3 million or so to bring in $210,000 to $300,000 per year for associates and multiple projects. I know, it sounds crazy but I've thought about this for a very long time and note we are all getting older, nothing is being done with the ideas laced throughout KeelyNet or on other sites and its time for all of us who really want to make a difference to take a stand and make a commitment.

My thinking is the 'angel' or 'investor' loses nothing except the interest that would normally be gained from their money. After 3 years, if we have achieved no success in either project, free energy or gravity control, then the investment program is dissolved and the money goes back to the investor, minus the interest paid over the years of the agreed investment duration.

So much of the worlds problems revolve around lack of energy, it is the single most important research project that could ever be, far surpassing the Manhattan Project or landing on the moon.

The successful discovery of a working free energy circuit that is freely shared worldwide will rank alongside the discoveries of fire, the wheel and the computer.

If you are reading this with the idea that this is an offer for an investment that will yield a RETURN or OWNERSHIP of the discoveries of Free Energy OR Gravity Control, you are completely missing the point.

Free energy and Gravity control MUST BE FREELY SHARED, so might as well move to another site as this isn't the place for you.

There is no doubt there will be spillover discoveries from these two primary goals and a share of those spillover discoveries might be a further inducement to participate. That will have to be discussed on a case by case basis but the free release of free energy and gravity control are the purpose for this proposition.

Many people have far more money than they will ever be able to spend, so why not put it towards something that will do some good. You will get your money back if I and my associates fail to achieve free energy and gravity control, so what do you have to lose?

What do YOU get out of this? Nothing, except knowing you had been a catalyst for massive changes and quite likely your name will be plastered all over the history books as the person or persons who ushered the world into a new era of science and medicine. If you know KeelyNet, you know we always make SURE people get full credit for their efforts and sharing.

I never have been able to understand how anyone could possibly need to have millions or billions of dollars. What good do they do for anyone but themselves?

A great comment I heard was that humans collect things they don't need all their lives, when they die, their relatives sell or give away their collection of material goods, then go out and collect more material items for their relatives to dispose of when they die.

My view is that we are here to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, to enjoy it with friends and family, trying to make our lives count for something positive that will last and continue to BENEFIT MANY after we are gone, nothing else TRULY MATTERS.

Free energy, gravity control and ways to heal or rejuvenate the body, any one of those, discovered and put into practical use, would be worth the typical efforts of a hundred lifetimes.

If you know of any person or group who might be interested in such an offer, please share this page with them. Like most people, I'm just a working guy trying to make a living, yet quite aware of a higher purpose for both myself and many of my contacts and associates.

Perhaps you are the one who will be the catalyst or be a part of the catalyst that will help all of us working together to change the world in new and novel positive ways. Thanks for any assistance, advice or comments you can provide.

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