New Free Energy Vortex DC Motor / Generator 

NOTE: I have purchased the plans (pretty gullible of me and I should know  better) - My thoughts here BUYER BEWARE!!:



I have received many e-mails about Rick Harrison, UNUSABLE PLANS, MISSING INFORMATION, and the simple fact that the devices  do not represent the claim!   This one clearly is the same!! See My thoughts above.


I would encourage complaints to the Attorney Generals Office of his state if users cannot get a refund on their money.  He is misrepresenting  the devices. 



From Rick Harrison as displayed on photos  and text below copyright by  

There selling plans for $200.00 

A new discovery never seen before!                                 

Rick Harrison discovered this by accident, it's 
a new way to extract free spinning electrons 
that have been excited within a copper coil,
It is an unusual reaction taking place! Rick likes
to call it a vortex effect, once DC energy is
applied to the copper primary coil in a pulsing
method, this energy acts as a catalyst and Rick's
new vortex device takes over and vacuums more
free spinning electrons from the copper, in a 
vacuum vortex effect! 25 times more energy can
be extracted from a generator coil! 



Dear Customers
    Thank you for your support and the many letters you have sent us! We are glad we have motivated many of you to research and study Free Energy and to build your own free energy devices. We are now celebrating our 7th year!
Many of you have stated how awesome and amazing the Fuelless Engine is,  " well my friends, you haven't seen nothing yet! "

 You want more power? Do you want more detailed plans? Do you want a new source of Free Energy that is far greater than the Fuelless Engine? A device you can build in just one week? Then guys you have got to see these plans, Includes color Photo's, detailed plans with a full Preliminary test and data sheet, these plans are fully loaded and ready to go! Shows you how to build the vortex device to run a small dc motor, The dc motor is also a special design of Rick's which is included in the plans, you will be amazed how easy this dc motor is to build and scale up to run at any horse power you desire!  Anyone who knows anything about free energy has heard of the Joe Newman motor, well this Vortex DC Motor will be easier and cheaper to build than the Joe Newman motor! You can build a working  model in less than a week! and it will cost less than $100 to build! I am so excited about this discovery I want the whole world to know about it!

 Believe me, this new Vortex Energy Discovery will keep you up at night wondering how and why it works!

    We have many Research Companies, Schools and Universities that have Researched, studied and built many of our devices. So to you, I give a 20% discount! ( please send your business card or letterhead along with your order.) I want you more than any of my customers to build and study this new discovery of mine. Then you will see for yourself how awesome this great new power is!  

Thank you
Rick Harrison
President / Engineer




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