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Adsitt Magnetic Ramp Experiments  Claims of OU/FE may or may not be valid by the builder.

The Movies are REAL PLAYER
The First ramp test :  Realplayer -   5/31/01
The  Second  test: Realplayer - 6/2/01
The Third test : Realplayer - Making a curved path  6/1/01
The Fourth test: Realplayer - A curved path - reversing directions  6/1/01
The Fifth test: Realplayer 6/1/01
The Sixth Test: Realplayer - Attraction test to metal and track 6/5/01
The Seventh Test:  Realplayer - Re-gauging  test  6/5/01
The Eighth Test: Realplayer - Re-gauging test with curved track 6/5/01

 Speculation  diagrams of Test So Far

PART II- Realplayer:  Looking at the Magnetic Reversal 6/8/01
 10th Test - Realplayer: One Level to another over gap and 90 degree turn  6/8/01
11th Test - Realplayer: Near Circle - Down and Back- 6/17/01
12th Test - Realplayer - One Possible Exit Method off the Ramp 6/18/01
FINAL TEST - Realplayer - Possible Exit and Entrance Method for Closing the Loop  6/26/01
Magnetic lines with no metal underneath. Magnetic lines with Netic Alloy  Magnetic lines with rotor in place. The vortex
Rotor in Vortex - Back attraction flux lines Back Attraction Lines of force to be overcome Here we can see the back attraction lines of force acting on the rotor.  

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Real Player  and Photos  Ramp - A sectioned track design 7/06/01
Real Player and photos   Rollaway method for section track 7/06/01
Real Player  and photos  New Height addition and New Track Design! 707/01
INDEPENDENT  EXPERIMENTS of the Adsitt Ramp by Norman Bollinger 7/17/01
INDEPENDENT  EXPERIMENTS of the Adsitt Ramp  from Juan  

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