The A.R.C. Disc Motor--Asymmetric rotary capacitor disc motor

by (Neil McPherson)

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Here are 2 new twists on an old spin! These new innovations are a follow on from my replications of your PFT motor experiments.

[A] The A.R.C. Disc Motor--Asymmetric rotary capacitor disc motor

This motor spins well in excess of 3,000 rpm and you can see bright blue ionization? converging at 90 degrees from top and bottom positive terminals onto and around the outside of the rotor disc as it spins. There is also a very strong field flowing to the central positive terminal.

Construction of the rotor disc is as follows :

  1. Cut a 5mm thick piece of polystyrene foam to the same diameter as a cd disc (12cm).
  2. Cut 2 rings of aluminums outside diameter same as cd disc, inside diameter is 7.5cm. Cut from "tall" aluminum drink cans. Silicon glue these-one each side of polystyrene foam disc.
  3. Wrap 2 layers of 13mm wide aluminum adhesive tape around the outside diameter of the rotor disc, then wrap 2 layers of 4mm wide magnesium strip around also (this just gives a nice round firm finish).
  4. Wrap 2 layers of insulation tape around outside diameter.
  5. Carefully silicon glue and seal to cd disc's, 1 each side of the rotor disc. (First clean paint off cd with sand paper).
  6. Mount with a rubber grommet on the axle.

Construction of the rotor disc holder:

  1. Soft drink can with 2 holes cut 2 cm apart on the upper section of the can.
  2. Push in 2 - 13 mm (.5'' ) diameter aluminum tubes 10 cm long, into the holes and glue inside of can ( make sure there is metal to metal contact on the front side of the can )
  3. Add plastic tubes inside aluminum tubes to hold the rotor disc axle.
  4. Place the earth track on the opposite side of the rotor disc holder .
  5. Power up the rotor disc holder with 28 KV --adjust gaps between disc and pos ,neg , terminal --must be as close as possible. The rest can be seen in the photos...

P.S: These motors will run using a brick instead of a normal earth!

[B] The A.R.K. Field Engine Asymmetric rotary kinetic field engine . This engine is basically 3 of the above A.R.C. disc motors, mounted on a base with a metal bearing and powered by 28 KV through the bearing .The outside ring track is earthed .As each of the 3 disc motors increase in rpm ,the whole engine assembly rotates up to aprox. 2 revolutions per second. The disc's very very lightly touch the earth ring track .I hope somebody else builds these or something similar.

For further information see JLN,s PFT Motor section,

Good Experimenting,

Neil McPherson

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