The New EHD model R9

by (Neil McPherson)

These are the photos of the EHD V9 Variation engine. The front section is a one piece aluminum sheet pressed into a slightly flat cone shape with nine mini domes superimposed on it. The rear of the V9 is simply plastic straws glued into a triangle shape, covered with aluminum sheet and an aircraft tail plane for appearances. The 28 KV positive charged is attached to the inside back of each mini dome, the fine wires come out at the rear of the V9 without touching anywhere else in the body of the model. The negative or earthed electrodes are attached to the front of each mini dome by plastic straws. Dimensions of the model are 30cm wide, 36cm long and the mini domes are 4cm in diameter. This model travels at approximately .7m/sec.
Please see
JLN labs for detailed specifications on EHD engines.

Good experimenting Neil McPherson.

Neil McPherson

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