Orgone Energy Blankets

Making an Orgone Energy Blanket is easy. You need alternating layers of steel wool and cotton. The organic matter generates orgone while the metal traps it. It functions as an Orgone Accumulator or ORAC.

Orgone Energy Pyramid

Orgone Energy Accumulators (ORAC)
can come in many different shapes and sizes
For example, the orgone energy pyramid.

Most people think of a sleeping bag when I say an orgone energy blanket, but the shape of the object is up to you. Personally I like an orgone energy pyramid. You will have to determine how you want the object to look, but the important thing is to have alternating layers of organic matter and metal.

Steven Gibbs told me that I can combine ORAC or orgone accumulators with the HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator to increase the effectiveness. I feel that by placing a small ORAC or orgone accumulator inside the witness well of HDR it is possible to improve my results.


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