Combining Orgone Accumulators (ORAC) invented by Reich and

Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) invented by Steven L. Gibbs

Photograph of Hyper Dimensional Resonator invented by Steven Gibbs

I plan to place a small orgone accumulator inside the witness well of the above HDR. People have asked if the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) can be linked to an Orgone Accumulator (ORAC). Since any radionics machine or psychotronics device can be linked to an ORAC, it would seem that the HDR can be used in conjunction with an ORAC. This seems to be a logical extension of the research into combining orgone energy and radionics machines.

Doctor Wilhelm Reich, developed the science of orgonomy. Orgone also known as chi or life force energy is generated by all living organisms. By alternating layers of organic matter and metal he was able to invent an ORAC or orgone accumulator. The FDA was very hostile to Doctor Wilhelm Reich's and his inventions they declared orgone to be a sham. A judge ordered all orgone devices destroyed. Later the great inventor Doctor Wilhelm Reich would die in jail, but his ideas did not die. Orgone Energy Pyramid
Orgone Energy Pyramid

There is much research that can be done trying to see the effects of combining an ORAC & HDR technology. One way is to make Orgone Energy Blankets.

See how to build a simple ORAC (Orgone Accumulator).

Steven Gibbs says that the HDR machine should work well with orgone energy.

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