Using Magnets with HDR

I use Steven Gibbs HDR with a barium oxide bar magnet.  The combination is used by me to go astral and see future events before they happen.

Red Magnet

Most future events tend to be a bit tragic in that there is a massive draw down in population as well as complete collapse of our society.

My attempts to build a shelter are being copied by others who are now aware of the impending doom that we will all soon face.

Right now I am getting ready for the "big event".


Many people wonder how magnets can help you see the future. That is a good question. Perhaps these magnets help stimulate the brain. Maybe part of the clue is that EMF meters are used to detect ghosts. Many paranormal phenomena are connected to spikes in background magnetic fields. It may be that this explain my success at going astral when using Steven Gibbs HDR.

It seems that when a barium oxide bar magnet is used with HDR that power of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) is increased.

We are just on the surface of things, but tools like the HDR are being used to help people understand paranormal phenomena. It may be that magnetic currents are an integral  part of the psychic process. Perhaps just like pigeons use magnetic fields to orient themselves in space, humans use magnetic fields to orient themselves in time and remote view future events.

For me, the HDR is an invaluable tool in studying certain areas that science has been to timid to enter.


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