HDR Time

See effects of HDR & plasma ball on stopwatch

Sometimes we get real busy and lose track of time so we use an alarm clock with a buzzer to help remind us so we don't miss an urgent meeting. The loud ring from the timepiece makes us aware of the passage of time and how many minutes we have left so we can go about our daily routine and stay within our schedule. A chronometer is an instrument for the measurement of time, like for example, a stopwatch that keeps track of the duration of events. Today I was using a digital stopwatch close to an HDR and a plasma ball. The chronometer would light up, turn off, stop, and race ahead real fast. It was as if the HDR and plasma ball were affecting the time wave.

Steven Gibbs HDR time travel machine can use chronotrons to distort the speed at which we move through the 4th dimension. It may be using frame dragging to alter the flow of chronotron particles.  Steven Gibbs time travel device is used by me for astral time travel.


HDR Time Wave

When using the HDR and a watch I saw that the watch would run real fast and race ahead thousands of times faster than normal. This could be a time wave generated by the HDR. Dr. Ron Mallette is making a time machine using rotating laser light this could work. I feel that the HDR uses a pulsed magnetic field to generate a time warp.

This is the future - full steam ahead.

This is the future I have see using  the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR built by Steven L. Gibbs.

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