HDR - Hyper Dimensional Resonator

Steven Gibbs was the inventor of the device known as the hyper dimensional resonator (HDR) which I use for attaining astral time travel now. Quartz has certain properties that allow it to be used in digital watches for telling time. In fact, I place a double terminated quartz crystal inside the witness well of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

My two heroes are Tesla the father of the tesla coil and inventor Steven Gibbs creator of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator. I plan to post the Hyper Dimensional Resonator circuit diagram with emphasis on Hyper Dimensional Resonator design as well as some Hyper Dimensional Resonator tips

Hyper Dimensional Resonator theory is based in part on the idea of the quarter wave antenna in that a small device can do the work of a larger one based on the convcept of resonance.

One problem is transmission line noise so I often use a small portable power generator to create my electricity. Also I currently use double terminated quart crystals with my HDR and I want to add quartz crystals oscillators. Speaking of quartz crystals oscillators, Steven Gibbs used to make a device called the bioplasmic oscillator which was supposed to be 3X stronger than the HDR. I wish I could get one.

Check out this movie of the HDR used with a double terminated quartz crystal.

HDR -hyper dimensional resonator (HDR) with double terminated quartz crystal

The electromagnet of the HDR is not an iron coil, but instead a soft iron core with a homemade copper coil wrapped around it. Not sure what the coil inductance is, but I do know the HDR electromagnetic coil uses about 2000 feet of 21' gauge magnet wire. Steven Gibbs used to make them with Radio Shack speaker wire back in the day.

In addition to a magnetic field coil I also use a Tesla Coil with the HDR in my experiments with astral time travel.

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