HDR Experiment with plants

HDR Experiment using plants

I am doing a test to see if a plant being exposed to the magnetic field of Steven Gibbs HDR

will suffer ill effects. It is important to see the effects of a magnetic field on

cellular structures.


The plant on the left is given a five minute treatment with the magnetic field,

and the control plant on the right is not. Each plant receives the same amount of

sunlight, water and fertilizer.

This is Week2 - Plants have both lost their flowersWeek2 - HDR experiment using two plants

This is Week3 - Plants have not grown much.
Week3 - HDR experiment using plants in pots

Week 4 - Plants do not show much difference in HDR experiment.Week4 - Steven Gibbs HDR experiment using two plants

Week 5 - Each potted plant given same amount of water & fertilizer.Week5 - HDR experiment shows no change

Week 6 - Left plant appears to not be affected by Steven Gibbs HDRWeek6 - Still no change with HDR experiments

Week 7 - Testing continues with both control and test subjectWeek7 -No Evidence of Cellular Damage with Steven Gibbs HDRng two plants

So far there is no evidence that the HDR causes damage to plant cellular structures.

I also plan to test the barium oxide bar magnet with plants to see what happens.