Future Predictions using the HDR invented by Steven L. Gibbs

Photograph of Hyper Dimensional Resonator invented by Steven Gibbs

I use Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) for astral time travel. Using astral I have seen future events. The HDR used to see future events is above.

Although many of you may think that using the HDR for astral time travel is unreliable, I have been able to predict a general rise in prices of fuel. For example, in 2001 when gasoline was $1.13 per gallon, I saw that in 2007 it was $4.50 per gallon. I alerted people to a general rise in the price of fuel. I also told them that the US would invade Iran & Iraq. This was met with hoots of laughter.

Most perople thought me a demented fool. Since this was before 9-11 I was laughed at and people told me that gas in 2007 would be maybe $1.27 per gallon. Now these attack dog debunkers are very silent. They no longer laugh. In fact, they are now saying that gasoline will go down in price soon.

This could be, but yesterday gasoline punched through the three dollar mark at $3.01 a gallon and today it is $3.05 a gallon for regular...

Seems the price is going up not down. The debunkers say supply and demand. As the price of gasoline goes up less gasoline will be used and more gasoline will become available. Well, I say that the price could zoom to five dollars a gallon, but I would still need to go to work everyday and I cannot use the excuse that gas is too high. Also, Hurricane KAT-tastrophe destroyed many of our refineries so the supply of gasoline is going down not up.

Expect in the near future more shortages of gasoline, more problems with distribution due to lack of fuel, and higher prices at the pump. BTW I got a letter telling me to conserve electricity. It seems that gas pipelines were destroyed by Hurricane KAT-tastrophe and the electric company uses gas peaker plants to supply electricty.

We are now having roving blackouts. The grocery store lost a lot of meat when they lost power for five hours. Funny how that did not make it into the news. Guess it was not important. Many restaurants are without power thanks to power cuts caused by Hurricane KAT-tastrophe. I was able to see terrible problems ahead using the HDR for astral time travel.

New Orleans is a major port for shipments of crude oil. It is closed down and will be for months to come.

Expect things to get worse in the future as our infrastructure continues to crumble. We cannot rebuild those damaged oil refineries overnight.

High gas prices seen using HDR for astral time travel
Price at Pump - 2005

There is a lot more research on future events that we can do.

Steven Gibbs says that the HDR machine should be able to allow a person to astral time travel to the future.

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