built by inventor
Steven L. Gibbs

HDR + Plasma Globe


Steven Gibbs told me to go over to get a Spencer Gifts plasma ball known as a lightning storm and attach it to the hyper dimensional resonator (HDR). It works like a small Tesla Coil. Steven Gibbs says that it helps the HDR work better. I have used a small Tesla coil 50K watts with my HDR units as well as a barium oxide bar magnet.

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator provided the power to the plasma globe. I also use plasma ball as well as a double terminated quartz crystal with the HDR. The idea is to try to boost the power of the device.

Other HDR equipment.

In fact, inventor Steven Gibbs sent me the HDR box is used by me in my experiments to try to understand how his machine works. It seems to be an electromagnet that rectifies 115V AC into DC current and sends it into the electromagnet.

According to Steven Gibbs, the HDR caduceus coil beneath the phenolic rubbing plate is what gives the Hyper Dimensional Resonator its unique effect.

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