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New Content in Section 3:
"Anomalous Human Cognition: A Possible Role Within the Crucible of Intelligence"
by Doug Morris, with an Introduction by Ingo

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New Content in Section 1:
"Telepathy - The Opening Up Of (Part 1 of 3)"

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New Content in Section 1:
"Can the Superpowers Be Trained?"

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New Content in Section 1:
"A Preliminary Bibliography
of Scientific and Other Sources
Containing Significant Clues For
Research and Development
at Stanford Research Institute 1972-1985"

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Book: "Wisdom Category"

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Book: "Reality Boxes"

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Status Update : "Secrets of Power, Volume 3"

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Book: "Secrets of Power, Volume 2"

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Book: "Secrets of Power, Volume 1"

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Book: 2nd Printing of "Penetration" (SOLD OUT)

"... Reveals a long-held secret series of experiences with a 'deep black' agency
whose apparent charter was simple: UFOs and extraterrestrials on the moon..."
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Book: "Psychic Sexuality"(SOLD OUT)

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Book: "The Great Apparitions of Mary"

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The Ingo Swann Database Regarding the Biomind Superpowers

Here you'll find a series of statements, anecdotes and discussions of issues that are substantive to remote viewing and the existence of the superpowers of the human biomind. Hardly any of these substantive issues have been identified before. Taken altogether they constitute a new information platform designed to increase intellectual comprehension of the many otherwise elusive topics.


Remote Viewing —The Real Story

An (eventual) full-length book (currently in process of being serialized in the Internet and WWW), revealing the actual history of remote viewing and its developments. Four general categories are interwoven throughout: the Discoveries; the Political and Technical History; the Rise and Fall; the Saga and the Soap Opera. Although the the topic of remote viewing has attracted media and speculative attention at various times, the real and detailed insider story has never been presented before.


General Database of Contributed Papers Relevant to Biomind Superpowers

Papers authored by others on topics relevant to the superpowers.


Database of Contributed Papers Regarding Remote Viewing

Papers specific to remote viewing, authored by others.


Superpowers of the Human Biomind Vis-a-vis the Probabilities of Extraterrestrial Intelligence



The Ingo Swann Role of Honor for Remote Viewing

No need for explanation...


A Museum Module for Art Works Suggestive of the Superpowers of the Human Biomind

Title says it all.


Miscellaneous News Items and Updates...

Factoids, Facts, Discoveries, Mierda del Toro, Social Contortions, Etc., Having Possible Relevance to the Biomind Superpowers.


Occasional Reviews of Books and Published Materials Having Direct or Indirect Relevance to the Biomind Superpowers

Title says it all.


The Species Guild

Papers discussing indications of our species excellence.

Inquiries? Send an e-mail to info@biomindsuperpowers.com.

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