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[The Elite like to make out dowsing is quackery and earth energies don't exist (debunking is often the term used, eg by Richard Dawkins, a CSICOP Fellow). The reason for this is so they can keep access to Universal knowledge from the little people, and the power of earth energy to themselves, same with Telepathy and anything else involving the Internal realityAtheism is the State belief system.  People might start thinking about the wonder of Nature, and then start thinking, and asking forbidden questions.  Orgonite device will Heal Black lines.]


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The succour punch and good Pendulums Get Better Dowsing Results 


[EW May 22, 2006] the work we do on (Etheric) 'wheels' --jackson

[Dowsing aid] "Put the point of a Succor Punch in the palm of your non-dominant hand and use a pendulum with your dominant hand. If you're already familiar with pendulum dowsing, you'll get proficient fast; if you're not, get a little book on dowsing from a new-age bookstore and a pendulum and familiarize yourself. It's not difficult or weird. You can make a Succor Punch from the tutorial on   or buy one from one of the vendors listed there.
     I asked Carol to watch the energy dynamics, while I was using this method, and compare that with my unassisted dowsing. When I used the Succor Punch, she saw clean energy/ information moving from the Succor Punch crystal, into my palm, over my shoulders to the hand holding the pendulum.
When I wasn't using the SP, she saw clean energy/information coming down, into the top of my head, but it got altered and a little polluted, by the time it came out my neck and over to my hand. She says that this is because whenever we try to express something that we receive, our brain usually encodes it in a 'comfortable' way for us, and that the brain is always prejudiced. We temporarily overcome that filter, when we're particularly lucid or detached, (or in dire need), but dowsing should never be considered infallible, any more than a single psychic's observation is. It's an aid."---- [Book] The Life Etheric With Carol Croft

This is Laozu's work and observations on opening up earth vortices to release chi.

[Dooney  2007] Story about grounding

[WM] Sincronic lines map of Oberto Airaudi.