Inadequate safety studies

[They do completely inadequate safety studies, if they do any at all, of a few weeks which is no where near long enough.  And they are conducted by the makers!]

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[Swine flu vax 2009 Aug] Injecting one thing for testing and then adding adjuvant later

"Safety studies on vaccinations are limited to short time periods only: several days to several weeks. There are NO (NONE) long term (months or years) safety studies on any vaccination or immunization. For this reason, there are valid grounds for suspecting that many delayed-type vaccine reactions may be taking place unrecognized at to their true nature."--Dr Buttram MD

"A small but growing minority of physicians and scientists are becoming aware that safety testings for the various vaccines have been woefully inadequate. As one of many examples, in 1994, a special committee of the National Academy of Sciences published a comprehensive review of the vaccine safety of the hepatitis B vaccine. When the committee investigated 5 possible and plausible adverse effects, they were unable to come to any conclusion for 4 of them because, to their dismay, they found that relevant safety research had not been done."--Harold Buttram MD

"He said the normal trials on a new vaccine were not possible in Britain because of the relatively small numbers of people who contracted the disease. Instead scientists had tested whether the vaccine produced sufficient antibodies."--Media report on meningitis C vaccine

"To date there has never been an independent, controlled study which proves that their vaccines are safe or even effective."--Ingri Cassel

"While the myriad short-term hazards of most immunizations are known (but rarely explained), no one knows the long term consequences of injecting foreign proteins into the body of your child. Even more shocking is the fact that no one is making any structured effort to find out."--Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD

JABS has not been able to find any properly conducted trials where the safety of the vaccines has been monitored for more than a few weeks. JABS has not been able to find any studies of the long-term consequences of the use of the MMR vaccines.Why Does The MMR Vaccine Need To Be Suspended?

"The CDC immunization policy is disgraceful from a scientific, medical, or public policy point of view. It is a scientific disgrace because vaccines only get short-term or epidemiological tests, and not controlled tests for long-term side effects"--Roger Schlafly, PhD

"There is a wider problem because of the failure to carry out long-term, randomised, controlled studies — properly conducted scientific investigations which would monitor the effects of multiple, early vaccination versus non-vaccination into adulthood."--Dr Odent M.D.

"The central defect in the numerous, recent mandatory vaccination requirements is that the same people who are profiting from these vaccines are also in control of the research on[,] and publication of[,] the dangers of the vaccines. The fox is pretending to guard the henhouse. …foreign research has found problems with the Hepatitis B vaccine for children. Note that I said "foreign," because there is no independent US medical research on this.  Incredibly, even industry safety studies on the MMR vaccine have not extended beyond three weeks following vaccination."---Laura Reude.

"We suspect financial ties between vaccine manufacturers and medical groups such as the American Medical Association and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) which endorse the (hep B) vaccine," says Dr. Orient, pointing to a substantial donation to AAP from Merck & Co. "And the federal government pays the state a bonus up to $100 for every "fully" vaccinated child. What’s their motive -- money or medicine?"      Jane Orient M.D.

"I have minutes from a CDC Study Group Meeting on the Hepatitis B vaccine held in March, 1997. The minutes of the meeting show that it would take at least a 60 day study to show the onset of MS. Clinical studies done by the two manufacturers were four and five days in length, respectively. It should be noted that the afternoon session of this meeting was chaired by Dr. Robert Sharrar of Merck. This group was to decide how to identify various types of adverse reactions such as MS and demylenating disease and to plan meaningful studies. When Dr. Sharrar appeared on ABC's 20/20 in January he said that he honestly believed that the Hepatitis B vaccine had not caused any problems. Can an employee of a pharmaceutical company that manufactures the vaccine be objective in designing experiments to show fault in a product that generates close to a billion dollars in sales for his company?"---Betty Fluck

ABC NEWS Commentary On Vaccine Debate Written by Nicholas Regush

From Pediatric News:
Don't Be First or Last to Use a Drug or Vaccine---Mike Bykowski, Senior Writer [Pediatric News 33(7):13, 1999. International Medical News Group] Hilton Head, S.C.
    Don't be the first or the last in your community to use a new drug or vaccine, Dr. Jerome O. Klein advised at a meeting on clinical pediatrics sponsored by Boston Medical Center.
    When a new drug comes on the market, it's typically based on 5,000-10,000 subjects who have received it because that's all you need for FDA approval, said Dr. Klein, director of pediatric infectious diseases at Boston Medical Center.
    If there's an adverse event with an incidence of 1 in 20,000 associated with the drug or vaccine, it won't be detected right away. Unless the new drug or vaccine fills a critical void, Dr. Klein recommended staying away from it until the first 100,000 individuals have been treated. After that "you can feel a lot more comfortable that the adverse event profile is as it has been

Michael Belkin on "science based" vaccine information

Dr. Kwai Chan testified on 29 April 1999, "The long-term safety of the vaccine has not yet been studied."