Smallpox Vaccine critics
Smallpox  Vaccine critics

[These are mostly the earlier ones.]

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Medical Testimonies

Austin, MRCS, LRCP, Major R. F. E.
ALLINSON (1883),.DR. T. B.
Beddow Bayly
Beale, Morris
Birch, John
Buchwald, M.D, Dr
Campbell MD, Dr
Collins MD (1883), Dr
Crookshank, Prof
Deane, Dr. Tennison (USA)
Dick, Prof
Dole, Lionel
Dettman, Dr Glen
Dudgeon, Henry Dalby
Hale, Annie Riley
Hoggan M.B.,  George
Hoggan, MD (1883), Elizabeth
Hadwen MD (1925), Dr
Hay, 1937, Dr. William Howard
Higgins, Chas

Hodge, John W.
Hume-Rothery, Mary C.
Hutton, Arthur
Kalokerinos, M.D.
Knaggs., H Valentine
Keller, Dr Leander Joseph
Loat, Lily
Lupton, Arnold, M.P.
Marchini, M.D., Daniel
McBean, Eleanor
Mendelsohn, M.D
Newman (1883), Professor F. W.
Nightingale, Michael
Obosawin PhD, Raymond
Pitcairn (1911), John
Pearce, M.D., Dr. Charles T.
Pickering, Mr. John
Rodermund, Dr
Ruata, Carlo, M.D.
Schieferdecker M.D, Chr. Charles

Sidhwa ND, Keki
Sinclair, N.D., Ian
Shaw, George Bernard 
Shelton DC, Herbert

Taylor, P.A.
Tilden MD (1851-1940), John
Tebb, Dr Scott
Tebb, William
Trall MD
Wallace, LL.D. (1889/1898, Alfred R.
Vetrano, Dr. Vivian Virginia
Vaccination Liberation
White, William
Wilkinson (1883), Dr Garth

Beale, Morris
Campbell MD, Dr
Deane, Dr. Tenison
Hale, Annie Riley
Hay, 1937, Dr. William Howard
Higgins, Chas
Hodge, John W.
Mendelsohn, M.D
Pitcairn (1911), John
Rodermund, Dr
Shelton DC, Herbert
Tilden MD (1851-1940), John
Vaccination Liberation
Vetrano, Dr. Vivian Virginia

Sir Lyon Playfair
Dr. Milton J. Rosenau
Dr. S. Monckton Copeman


Professor Ennemoser, John Hunter, and Alexander von Humboldt

The National Anti-Vaccination League

Anti-Vaccination League of America


The Leicester Anti-Vaccination League

Sydenham, Sir Thomas

Charles Campbell MD

W. J. Collins, M.D.
Dr Hadwen MD
Alfred Wallace
Charles Creighton M.A., M.D.


William Tebb

[Usual story of government fix] The number of persons adduced as supporting it when before the Committee of the House of Commons was forty; but the Public has not been told that out of this forty, twenty-three spoke from hearsay only, not from any knowledge they had acquired by practice, while the three persons who spoke against it, corroborated their evidence by proofs. Strong as this fact is, no one has taken notice of it. A LETTER OCCASIONED   BY   THE   MANY   FAILURES   OF COW-POX. From  JOHN   BIRCH,   Esq.