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Autism Cases (Australia)

From Fran Sheffield

I have a over 100 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children on my books at the present and see new ones weekly - a shocking thing at this was unheard of in the past. Parents bring them in for homeopathic treatment because tghe word spreads that it gives results.

I only have about 2 children I can think of who have not improved with homeopathic treatment and I am sure even these cases could have been helped if I had recognised the remedy and if the parents had persevered a little longer (one only had one appointment).

Some of these children are completely clear of symptoms and others are improving.

One of the reasons children with autism respond so well and are fairly easy to treat compared to adults with chronic disease is that they are in an uncompensated state with their autism (even if their behaviour has been modified with the behavioural therapies it is still robotic or wooden) and so not much is hidden. They also usually still have strong vitality to work with.

I have attached a ink to an article I wrote on this issue - Reversing Autism - that was published in December's issue of Similia, the journal of the Australian Homeopathic Association.

It may encourage parents trying to help their autistic child to seek homeopathic treatment. It looks in detail at 3 cases of autism, one of which was doing extensive biomed treatments, the other two were not. Each case had a different pace of improvement and parent reports are included. They show a cross-section of results that can be expected with homeopathic treatment - one is fantastic, the other average, and the third slow but still making gains. The article also has 8 other snapshot cases included.

I have thrown the article up quickly so please overlook any poor formatting - I will fix things as I can get around to them  :-)

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Fran Sheffield
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