Sanitation vs. Vaccination
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About 1.2 billion people still have no access to safe drinking water, and 2.4 billion do not have adequate sanitation services. Some 2 million children die every year from water-related diseases. (Ref)

"Sewers introduced into Leicester, 1851. Sewer  ventilation introduced,1881." LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P.

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"The Leicester Method" by J.T. Biggs quotes

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[1898] A Century of Vaccination and What it Teaches by W. Scott Tebb

CHAPTER   3.  Some of the Causes of the Decline in the Small-pox Mortality

[2009 June] Village boycotts polio campaign to protest civic conditions  Residents of Sarvat village in the Muzaffarnagar district, about 350 km from Lucknow, boycotted the vaccination drive May 24 and said they will continue their protest till their complaints about poor sanitation, contaminated water supply, and lack of garbage disposal facilities are addressed.....“Go to any place around the village, you will surely find filth and squalor… clogged drains that have become breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects,”.....With no garbage disposal system, residents are left with no option than to throw the domestic waste onto the roads. “In most of the village, you will not find any garbage bins, due to which the waste here is thrown out in the open"

A Framework for Action on Water and Sanitation

[2002 Bangladesh] Basic Sanitation

[1923] The Fraud of Vaccination, Sanitation v. Vaccination, The Birth of the Vaccination Fraud by Dr Hadwen (From "Truth,"   1923)


Dr William Collins: paper read before Sanitary Committee of St Pancreas 1863

Smallpox death rate by Dr Shelton DC

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