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"Most parents today find it quite difficult to understand why they have to have their child vaccinated against this  particular disease (measles) when their mothers used to organise measles parties to ensure all the children of the family had it!"--Christina J Head MCH Rs. Hon

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From: austinsmom@webtv.net

This is a FANTASTIC article by a Dr. who's done 12 years of research on these nosodes as a homeopathic preventative. http://www.lyghtforce.com/homeopathyonline/text/golden.htm

Up to now, the general consensus I've found has been that nosodes generally work the best AFTER exposure or possible exposure to a disease.

My friend had an outbreak of scarlet fever in her neighborhood, she gave her kids belladonna (which is actually a treatment for it, not a nosode) and her kids were the only ones that didn't get it. Now whether it prevented them from getting it, or actually treated them in the early stages (before they had symptoms) she can't know. But all she cares is that it worked.

She also has had some experience with actual nosodes, which kind of supports the article's theory. A friend of hers husband has a predisposition to cancer in his family. He took a cancer nosode, and his finger tips all turned black! He ended up ok, but it was remarkable how it actually seemed to stimulate that "underlying" disease and "flush" it out of his system. I think giving the nosodes to our unvaccinated children would probably be ok, but I'm hesitant to do it without the supervision of a homeopath.

I actually have a nosode for Rubella. Despite having the vax as a kid, I'm no longer immune, as I found out when I was pregnant the first time. I struggled with whether to do the vax before my second pregnancy, but decided I didn't want to put any more chemicals in my body - I'd take my chances. So I bought the nosode and figured if I got exposed during my first trimester, I would go ahead and take it. That it couldn't hurt.

Thankfully, I just finished my first 12 weeks gestation, so I'm safer now. But this HP sounds really intriguing and I might try it after this pregnancy. I would love to know if this doc has any patients who had the HPs, never got the actual diseases, but now have antibody levels as if they DID have the disease.

These HP's sound exactly like what I've believed (and wondered why homeopathics couldn't work in this way) - that the inherent theory of vaccinations is good. Give your body a small dose of the disease so that it can stimulate the antibodies against it. But the problem with modern vax is the purity of the disease and the chemicals that are in them, and of course being injected instead of a more natural route.

So these sound like a great alternative. The thing I really like is knowing that if my kids don't get alot of the diseases in childhood, as they get older and the diseases become more dangerous, that these may be a very viable alternative for them to use to be protected in adulthood. That's been my biggest worry, although I still believe the purity of their systems would still help them to not get the disease as bad as most people even if they are contracted in adulthood.
Anyways, I would love to find a homeopath like this one that gives the parents a choice. Homeopaths are hard enough to find, and now you have to narrow it down even more to one who is fully open to all these different kinds of things.

If anyone has any personal experiences with these HP's, or have gotten your homeopaths opinions on them, I'd love to hear about them.


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