In Search of the Truth About Dogs
an introduction to natural canine health

a DVD by Canine Health Concern

[An easy half hour way to get the non-vaccine, proper diet for dogs.]

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It’s easy to keep your dogs healthy!

Dog lovers around the world have been on a journey of discovery.  Too many young dogs suffer debilitating chronic disease and die years before their time.  Something is going desperately wrong with the health of dogs, and armed with the information in In Search of the Truth About Dogs, you can protect your canine companion and look forward to years of life together.

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The information in this DVD was originally aired as a television special in England.  Canine Health Concern – CHC - is a non-profit grass-roots movement of dog lovers dedicated to educating people about the dangers of over-vaccination and other health related issues.  Members have funded production of this follow-up DVD because they have the proof:  by changing how they care for their dogs, their dogs are healthy.

Canine Health Concern was formed by Catherine O’Driscoll when first two, and then a third of her young dogs died years before their time.  CHC members are vets, trainers, breeders, and ordinary dog lovers who say that the establishment has got it wrong.  You can keep your dogs healthy – but it has little to do with the products corporations have to offer.  In Search of the Truth About Dogs is a message of hope: it’s easy to keep your dogs healthy.