Medical Politics

"Crime does not pay … as well as politics. " --Alfred E. Newman
"We are not dealing with a scientific problem.  We are dealing with a political issue."--Samuel Epstein, M.D.

[The cures for most diseases, and the knowledge to prevent most diseases has been know for some time, but the politics of medicine keep that knowledge suppressed.  The only political issue is the fact we have a medical monopoly, by Allopathy, that is run for profitable reasons not therapeutic ones.  If you have the psychology to do that then you would certainly have the intent to keep that knowledge suppressed in any way possible.   That needs proving, which is simple, there being overwhelming evidence from numerous directions.  1).  The study of alternative medicine and allopathic will show you Allopathic is not only not very effective but actually the worst by a long way, so to claim it is the only one for 'scientific' reasons is a lie.  If it is the worst how come it is the ONLY one (for all intents and purposes) on the NHS?  Bit of a clue that one!  2).  The study of medical history will reveal the persecution and suppression of dozens of alternative doctors, medical and otherwise. See: Books   Articles  3) Looking at the money trails and who runs the government regulatory departments reveals how it is just run by the drug industry, the fox is in charge of the henhouse.  See: Profits vs. Safety Conflict of interest 4). The study of vaccination will show Allopathy never eliminated any disease, or saved any lives, and is the main cause of death on the planet today---just the results you would expect with a monopoly, which is why they are meant to be illegal.  5). A wider look at earth politics to show what the people who run the world are up to.   You would hardly expect them to run the world for profit and power while trying to poison everyone---and then run medicine not for profit and power.]

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As medicine becomes more regimented, collectivist physicians begin to lose their sense of humanity. In a collectivist system, it is the "plan" that matters, not individuals. In fact, individuals are to be sacrificed for the "plan." .....I was told by a researcher in the field of autism, that when he attended a conference in Italy on the genetic aspects of autism and mentioned the link between the vaccine program and autism incidence, one of the public officials in the Italian Health Department stood and told him in an angry tone that everyone knew that the vaccines were causing injury to children's brains, but the success of the vaccine "program" was more important. Further, he stated, these problems need to be downplayed so as not to endanger the vaccine "program." Vaccine Safety Manual  by Neil Z. Miller. Preface

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