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 February 12, 2001
 The Autism Explosion, the Vaccine Connection, and the
 Autism Research Institute's Mercury Detoxification Consensus Conference February 9-11, 2001, Dallas, Texas
 An enormous and alarming unexplained increase in the prevalence of
 autism is being reported, on  an almost daily basis, in the U.S., the
 U.K., and elsewhere.
  California maintains what is probably the world's best and most
  systematic database on autism and other developmental disabilities,
  which includes children who are formally diagnosed by strict criteria
  for acceptance into a comprehensive entitlement program.  California
  reports an increase in the prevalence of autism of over 1,000% (in
  autism, not mental retardation, epilepsy nor cerebral palsy) over a
  20-year period.  Similar enormous increases have been reported in New
  Jersey, and in several places in the U.K., in the Middle East, and in
  Asia.  The increase is certainly not the result of greater awareness
  nor better diagnosis.
  While the reality of the increase is beyond reasonable doubt, there
  is great controversy over the cause.  The most plausible cause
  relates to changes in the vaccination programs over the past two
  decades.  These include:
  1.  The extraordinary increase in the number of vaccines given to
  children from birth to age two, which has risen from 8 in 1980 to 22
  in 2000.
  2.  The amount of extremely toxic mercury (used as a preservative) in
  many vaccines.  Some infants have received in one day as much as 100
  times the amount of mercury the Environmental Protection Agency says
  is the maximum allowable daily exposure for an adult.  Mercury is not
  only neurotoxic by itself, it also damages the immune system so the
  child becomes unable to protect itself against damage from the
  viruses in vaccines.
  3.  The combination of three vaccines, Measles, Mumps, Rubella,
  previously given singly, into one, the MMR.  The  prevalence increase
  started in the U.S. in the early 1980s, shortly after the
  triple-vaccine MMR shot was introduced, while the increase in the
  U.K. started 10 years later, soon after the triple MMR was introduced
  Much attention has been focused on the MMR shot itself, whereas in
  all probability it is a combination of the three factors listed
  above: the increasing number of vaccines, the large amount of
 mercury, and the inherent danger of the triple vaccine.  (In a
 January, 2001 article in the Journal of Adverse Drug Reactions,
 several British experts who were involved in the safety evaluation of
 the MMR vaccine stated that the vaccine safety testing had not been
 adequate and that the vaccine should not have been licensed).
  The MMR vaccine is also especially suspect because laboratories in
  England, Ireland, and Japan have found evidence of MMR vaccine
  viruses in the intestinal tracts of autistic children, but not in
  control group, non-autistic children.
  The role of mercury has come to light only in the past 18 months,
  after it was realized that the amount of mercury preservative in many
  vaccines (although not the MMR vaccine) is grossly in excess of the
  permissible standards.
  During the past year, a number of physicians from throughout the
  United States who have been working with autistic children have
  reported extremely good results in improving the health and behavior
  of autistic children when the mercury in the children's bodies were
  removed by a systematic process of detoxification.  Some of these
  physicians, who have specialized in the treatment of autistic
  children for a number of years, and who have treated many hundreds of
  autistic children, report that no other treatment has brought about
  the remarkable improvement that they have seen in many cases of
  mercury detoxification.  Detoxification is not simple, and there are
  many competing detoxification protocols.
  In response to this situation, the Autism Research Institute convened
  a Consensus Conference on the Detoxification of Autistic Children in
  Dallas, Texas, February 9th through 11th, 2001.  The attendees were
  25 carefully selected physicians and scientists knowledgeable about
  mercury and mercury detoxification.  The 15 physicians present
  included 7 who were parents of autistic children and who had
  detoxified their own children with excellent results.  The physician
  attendees present had treated well over 3,000 patients for heavy
  metal poisoning, about 1,500 of them being autistic children.  The
  chemists, toxicologists, and other scientists present had a combined
  total of almost 90 years of experience in studying the toxicology of
  The purpose of the meeting was to arrive at a consensus document
  which would delineate the safest and most effective methods of
  detoxifying autistic children.  Nine candidate detoxification
  protocols, including five submitted by non-attendees, were considered
  in detail by the conferees.
 The meeting was an outstanding success.  Despite some initial concern
 that the various areas of disagreement would prove divisive, the
 participants resolved the controversial issues harmoniously and
 arrived at the consensus position that was hoped for.
  The Autism Research Institute will issue its consensus report on the
  detoxification of autistic children at the earliest possible
  date--most likely in mid-March--after the participants have had an
  opportunity to review and approve the document.
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