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[Mercury amalgam is the main cause of Alzheimer's but don't expect the dental industry and governments to tell you, they will carry on the propaganda until the end of times if they can get away with it.    A similar nasty cover-up is going on with mercury in vaccines that is the main cause of autism.  Both can be helped or reversed with chelation therapy which is a rather large red flag as to that fact (see)]


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Dentists are Disciplined and Gagged for Warning the Public about Mercury Fillings 

[2007] How to remove mercury and other heavy metals from your body Ė safely and inexpensively By Ingri Cassel

[2005] Mercury Free and HealthyThe Dental Amalgam Issue by DAMS Inc.
[Media 4/2004] Dental X-Rays Might Lead to Small Babies
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A few weeks back, I switched my diet to raw foods, vegan. Since doing two green smoothies a day, my teeth have become stronger and whiter than theyíve been since I was a teenager.
    Dentists have been telling me for over a dozen years that my damaged tooth (it has a crack running from top to bottom in the enamel) could only be fixed with either a crown or a veneer. Over time, it has slowly lost its color and has turned several shades off-color from the rest of my teeth.
    Well, as of today, itís almost completely healed. One, the crack is almost completely gone. Two, its color is returning to the shade of my other teeth. This, after only a few weeks. Iíll post pictures at the one month mark and 2 month mark, depending. FYI.

See vaccine additive: Mercury