The Fluoride poisoning conspiracy (aka fluoridation)
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"Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time."--Robert Carton, Ph.D. former US EPA scientist.

[Only a few brain cells are needed to see through fluoridation.  If the dental and medical leaders really cared about dental health we wouldn't be eating junk food, (and having medical men promoting sugar) but instead, we would be eating the correct diet and have perfect teeth like the people Weston Price discovered (see right) and wrote about (and fewer dentists).  It is more than just getting rid of industrial waste, see poisoning, and in context to all of the other attempts.  Then you may look at Prof Raman Bedi in a new light.
    Fluoride can attach to
Aluminium to enter and accumulate in the brain as a powerful brain toxin (1)---think vaccines, other drugs such as Antacids, SSRI, drink containers and cooking utensils.  The poisoners know that, just the fact the governments still let people cook on aluminium is a crime in itself.  Fluoride also increases the uptake of lead.]

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Poison pushers:
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Studies based upon the U.S. Vital Statistics for fluoridated versus non-fluoridated U.S. cities indicate a significant (greater than 99% confidence level) increase in cancer death rates occurring within the first two years of artificial fluoridation. The nine organ sites affected and their increase above the normal are:

Mouth, 15%; Oesophagus, 48%; Stomach, 22%; Large Intestine, 31%; Rectum, 51%; Kidney, 10%; Bladder and other urinary organs 22%; other organs specifically female: Breast 15%; Ovary and Fallopian Tube, 15%.

Patients having cancers of these organ sites should be advised that they should not continue to drink or cook with fluoridated city water but should substitute bottled spring water or distilled water.