Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.
Cancer Therapies

[If you had to rely on one cancer therapy you couldn't go far wrong with this one.  Dr Kelley cured his own pancreatic cancer, incurable under Allopathy.  They burnt his house down and poisoned him a few times, usual story for cancer cure discoverers (see).  The therapy recommended by FACT advice service.  Ruth Sackman of FACT organised this Lecture of Dr Kelley's in 1971.]

Dr. William D. Kelly Died on Jan. 30, 2005 at 79 (Apr. 14, 2005)



Lecture 1971

Interview with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez 1996


One Answer To Cancer by Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.

Kelley therapy quotes:

Cooking destroys ALL enzymes in our food, and we consume far too much concentrated protein in our diet. The chimps, one of our closest relatives consume LESS than 5% animal protein in their diet. Some apes eat none. Contrast this with the average human who eats two to three meals a day with meat, anywhere from 20-60% meat in their diet, and COOKED.

"Since the second decade of this century there has existed an effective, powerful cancer treatment—Enzyme Therapy (ET), based upon this theory (Beard’s), and which is non-toxic, non-mutilating, and highly successful….that ET was not perfected and made universal, is one of the great mysteries of modern times; possibly the greatest of all time."—Dr Richards, MB, BcH.

"Raise the metabolic enzymes in the blood and you have a powerhouse of dissolving solutions that may engulf any unhealthy conditions at any place in the body."—Carson Pierce, N.D.

"Condemned to in-operable stomach cancer 24 years ago, I discovered a safe, natural way to save my life."—Carson Pierce, N.D.(1995).

"I have never known anyone in 20 years to metastasize or affect another secondary area after the enzymes were started."—Pierce.

http://iahe.com/ldt.htm http://aorta.library.mun.ca/bc/uct/enzyme.htm

"I speak as a cancer patient who 7 years ago was sent home to die by a doctor who told me there was nothing more traditional medicine could do for me…One of the doctors who performed my surgery told me that I had the fastest growing type known to man and cobalt and chemo would not help me…If I had accepted the advice of my doctor, if I had not been directed to Dr. Kelley, I would be another cancer statistic."—Pat Judson, 1972, to Michigan State Legislature.

"Cancer can be attacked directly by metabolic enzymes and then be assisted by the enzyme diet programme. The second greatest cancer breakthrough of the 20th century is the metabolic organic effect on malignant tumours of correcting the body fluid pH to a non-acidic pH 7.1 to 7.5. A neutral pH 7.0 resists cancer formation. An acid body fluid pH of 6.44 and below permits tumours to biochemically become malignant. At pH 7.5 cancer may become inactive; at 8.5 tumours may disintegrate."—Dr Carson.

Book: What I Would Do If I Had Cancer Again ---Pierce N.D.


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