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Foundation For Advancement in Cancer Therapies (FACT)
(Ruth Sackman), PO Box 1242, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10013. 212 741 2790 
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"All the information we present is a result of FACT's over 27 years of maintaining close contacts with some of the best clinicians worldwide---not theorists or writers- but people with many long years of actual experience with a wide range of patients. We've been able, therefore, to glean a pretty clear understanding of what works and what doesn't and why.. This is what we want to share to help people use their time and financial resources wisely when it comes to medical decisions.
        Rest assured, we are aware of everything that appears in the alternative cancer area. We investigate everything very caefully over time with a wide variety of patients. We do not jump on the bandwagon of all the "new" and "exciting" miraculous natural cures that come along these days from people touting their products on the media, in books, etc. You may have heard a lot of hoopla about some of these items, bestselling books, dramatic cures, single substances that cure cancer, services etc. We are very selective: if a book is not on our book list, you can be sure, it is not because we are unfamiliar with it. It is because it doesn't quite meet our standard even though it has some acceptable ideas. We are careful about ideas that either have not been proven or have proven to be detrimental.
        FACT is a unique resource, serving, first and foremost, the patient. Perhaps in today's hyper-crass commercialism, it is difficult for people to appreciate what FACT has to offer and how best to avail them-selves of its resources. What a shame to waste it!
        Of the many books which we have reviewed, I think Hulda Clark's book got the worst review ever and deserved it.
        It is not unusual for someone to read a book with appealing claims, take the author's word for the success of the material without having their own long-term experience to validate the information, then proceed to offer the information to others. Without absolute knowledge the program may lead to disaster! That is so dangerous for people trying to save their life. I would like to urge everyone to restrain themselves unless the information is clinically validated and they are absolutely sure that they will not endanger a human being's health. At FACT, we not only wait patiently for results that can be measured, but make sure that the pro gram actually sustains and maintains the patient's well-being for many, many years. In this way FACT serves cancer patients as a clearing house."--Ruth Sackman's Notebook, Cancer Forum, Publication of FACT.

Dr Kelley lecture 1971