FROM: The Cancer Solution by Dr Willner ISBN 0964231603



 University for Humanistic Studies (accredited) Las Vegas, Nevada
Degree: Doctor of Humane Letters (Ph.D, in Nutrition)


 New York Medical College New York City, New York Degree: Doctor of Medicine


 New York University College of Arts and Sciences, University Heights,
New York City, New York Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Major: Psychology
Minor: Biochemistry, Music)


 University of Southern California Los Angeles, California Freshman Year
toward B.A. degree


 Music and Art High School New York City, New York Degree: High
School Diploma, Music Major



 American Board of Pain Management Specialties, Fellow
American Academy of Neurologic and Orthopedic Medicine and
Surgery, Fellow (FAANaOS-Cm)
American Board of Legal Analysis in Medicine and Surgery,


  Chelation Therapy Workshop The American Academy of Medical
Preventics Reno, Nevada


 The American Board of Family Physicians Recertification


 Postgraduate Institute for Emergency Medical Care University of
California, San Diego
"Our Inner Conflicts" CE208 School of Continuing Studies University of
Miami, Miami, Florida


 Second World Symposium On Acupuncture And Chinese Medicine The
American Society of Chinese Medicine


 The American Association of Sex Educators and Counselors, The
American University Certificate in Sex Education

1972 American Board of Family Medicine Diplomate (ABFM-D)
1961 Arroyo Academy of Advanced Hypnosis Certification
 1959 Florida Board of Medical Examiners Certification
 1956 School of Aviation Medicine Basic Certification
1955 National Board of Medical Examiners
1959-1989  Private Practice of Medicine, North Miami Beach, Florida
1955-1959  United States Air Force, General Medical Officer, Chief of Emergency
Service, Chief of Obstetrical Service, Base Psychiatric Officer
1955-1956 Memorial Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona Internship
1954-1955 Flower and Fifth Avenue Hospital, New York City, New York Internship
Bird S. Coler Hospital for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
1989-1991  American Physicians Associations
1985-1991 American College of Advancement in Medicine
1984-1991  American Academy of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine and
Surgery 1962-1987 Southern Medical Association
1983  International Association for the Study of Pain
1983  International Laser Research Academy
1979 German Academy of Auricular Medicine
1979 American Society of Bariatric Physicians
1975 South Florida Council of Medical Staffs
1972 American Institute of Hypnosis
1960 American Medical Association
Florida Medical Association Dade County Medical Association
American Academy of Family Physicians
Florida Academy of Family Physicians
Dade County Academy of Family Physicians 1952
Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity
1960-1989 Parkway Regional Medical Center, North Miami Beach, Florida - Senior
Attending Physician



 American College of Advancement in Medicine (Board Of Directors)

 Sergeant At Arms


 American Physicians Association

 Executive Secretary


 American Academy of Advancementin Medicine

 Board of Directors


 American Board of Pain Management Specialties

 Professor & Chairman


 International Laser Research Academy
Linda Georgian Television Medical Show



 Conference on Holistic Medicine Walter Reed Hospital, Wash. D.C.



 Concept House Drug Rehabilitation Miami, Florida

 Medical Director


 Medical Research Laboratories Chicago, Illinois

 Medical Director


 Oleda Inc. New York City, New York

 Medical Director


 The Funhouse Motion Company The Funhouse" 
McGill University Medical School Preceptor

 Medical Consultant

1978-1980 Florida International University Univ. of Miami
School of Medicine
1979 Paramount Pictures Corporation "Spanner's Key" Medical Consultant
1962-1979 Dade County Medical Association Lecturer
1978 Truman Van Dyke Company Medical "Woman In White" Consultant
1978 Nurse Practitioner Program University of Miami Preceptor
1977-1978 National Acupuncture Research Society Board of Directors
1974-1977 National Acupuncture Research Society Faculty
1977 Motion Picture "The Champ" Medical Consultant
1972-1976 Spectrum House Rehabilitation Center, Miami, Florida Medical Director
1975 South Florida Council of Medical Staffs Secretary
1974 Florida Academy of Family Physicians
American Medical Association Physician Recognition Award
American Academy of Family Physicians, Award Certificate
1968-1974 Dade County Academy of Family Physicians Board of Directors
1968-1974 Florida Academy of Family Physicians Board of Directors
1973 American Academy of Family Physicians Charter Fellow
1972 Parkway General Hospital
Certificate of Appreciation
Chief of Staff
1971 Parkway General Hospital Dept. of Family Practice Chairman
1970-1971 Dade County Academy of Family Practice President
1966  City of North Miami Beach,
Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation
1955  Cor et Manus New York Medical College Award of
1951  National Student Association New York University Senior Delegate
  Perstare et Praestare New York University Honor Society
  Student Council New York University  



 Parkway Regional Medical Center ContinuingEducation Seminars - Forty credits per annum


 American Academy of Neurologic and Orthopedic Medicine and Surgery
"Communication SkillsWorkshops" Fifty hours, Las Vegas, Nevada


  "Allergy In Practice" Roche Biomedical Laboratories
Miami, Florida


 Advanced Acupuncture Workshop, National Acupuncture Research Society


 Intermediate Acupuncture Workshop, National Acupuncture Research Society


 Family Practice Review Course, University of Alabama, School of Medicine



 "Deadly Deception" Peltec Publishing Co. Inc.
"The Cancer Solution" Peltec Publishing Co. Inc.


 "The Pleasure Principle Diet" Prentice-Hall, May 1985 ISBN
0-13-683442-6 (225 pages)
"The Effect of Low Power on Osteoarthritis of The Hands" IV World Pain Congress Seattle, Washington 1978
"Communicating With The Depressed Elderly Patients" Co-author: Marcia Willner Continuing Education, November 1978


  "Acupuncture Desk Reference"
"Touching Is..." "Acupuncture Wall Charts" "Professional Acupuncture Seminar Workbook"

Over two hundred and fifty presentations have been given to the profession and the public. Many radio and television appearances have been taped. A list of most of the lectures is available on request. Some audio and video tapes are also available.

Date of Birth:                      June 21,1929
Place of Birth:                      New York City, New York


 1989 - 1993

 Retired from the practice of medicine to pursue research in Cancer, "AIDS", Chronic Degenerative Diseases and solutions to ecological problems.


 Cydel Medical Center for Advanced Therapies, Consulting Executive Medical Director to update and expand therapeutic program.

Life-Line Consultants
Executive Director Independent Guidance to the Availability of Therapeutic Solutions to Cancer, "AIDS" and Chronic Degenerative Diseases"