Underground bases (aka DUMB: Deep Underground Military Base)

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Gorebridge Alien Base

Underground Infrastructure: The missing forty trillion dollars by Steven J. Smith

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RAF Rudloe Manor

Underground Edinburgh

[2006 Audio] Dean Warwick on 9/11 demolition, how to bring towers down with sound/infrasound (3.05 min), Bobby Kennedy assassination, abduction and ritual murder of children, and the shoot-down of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie (about 45 mins in.  "That plane was shot down."), Tsunami (52 mins), Whales beaching (53 mins).  Underground base under House of Lords (1hr 1min), Chemtrails (1hr 5min), UFOs going into water at Bantry Bay (1hr 8min)

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THE OMEGA FILE: [Greys, Nazis, Underground Bases, and the New World Order] Written and Edited by BRANTON

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[1996] "Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to  Hide?"  By Richard Sauder, PhD

Secret Underground Cities (ISBN: 0850527333) by McCamley, Nick

Photo of United States Air Force tunnel boring machine at Little Skull Mountain, Nevada, USA, December 1982. There are many rumors of secret military tunnels in the United States. If the rumors are true, machines such as the one shown here are used to make the tunnels. (Source: U.S. Department of Energy.)

This is a $13 million tunnel boring machine (TBM) used for tunneling at the Nevada Test Site. (Remember that Area 51 is part of the test site.) Many other types of TBMs are used by many govt. agencies, including the "nuclear powered TBM" that melts solid rock and leaves behind glass-like walls. Most tunneling activity is under military installations and all information is highly restricted. Former employees of said facilities have surfaced over the years to talk of massive underground installations in places like Area 51, Northrop Facility in Antelope Valley, Ca.(rumored to have 42 levels), and the Lockheed installation near Edwards, Ca.

Possible Magneto-leviton tube shuttle tunnel. The Mag Lev tubes travel at mach 2.7 and faster and are connected to a global network of tunnels. There is also an underground highway connecting the many the DUMBS.  One of my NSA contacts who worked at the Los Alamos DUMB claims he was chased on foot along the highway by three tall and muscular 'Nordics' after he walked past an office and overheard them talking about some piece of high technology. They grabbed him and threatened to kill him. He claimed they were human/reptilian hybrids because their eyes would 'shift' into having vertical slits for pupils. According to another NSA contact who worked at the Pine gap DUMB in Australia, the Mag Lev tubes are known as 'Terradrive' and only travel in one direction around the world. One must be a very high ranking Mason (33rd degree of Zion or higher), corporate-intelligence agent or an ET to gain access to Terradrive  [Hell] Entrance to Underground Base at area 51