Warrior Path & Carlos Castaneda

“The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it.”---John Hay, 1872
"There is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists." -Christopher X., Freemason, Whitehall high civil servant, as recorded by Stephen Knight and published in his book, The Brotherhood

[This planet could be called the planet of good and evil.  That requires inner and external Tyrants (and the main, plausible, reason offered is that negativity is a great teaching tool. Currently we have about 50% negativity, and we look to be ending the reign of the external tyrants, this being their last throw of the dice.  We will then cut the negativity down to around 2%.)  There is only one external Tyrant at the core, as there is only one God.  You can follow the neck up from the Medical Tyrant which is the main money earner and cause of most suffering in the Western world.  The chief external tyrant is called Big Brother, his main defence is invisibility which he maintains by ignorance and propaganda aka Mind Control (the Emperors new clothes).  The psychology of tyrants is Psychopathy.
    Internal tyrants flourish mainly due to the external tyrants keeping everyone ignorant, and fighting his Poisons.   Tyrants are used in the Warrior Path teachings as an aid in eradicating Self Importance which was found to be man's greatest enemy, a Spiritual 'reframing' to see them as useful.    Internal tyrants can be seen in the lower tone emotional games of the
Tone scale, in the Enneagram 'Tragic Romantic', and the Petty tyrants as documented by Carlos Castaneda.]

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