Levels of consciousness




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Gurdjieff vibration level States of consciousness Samadhi
(Aka Satori)
3 +3 Dharma-Megha "Description Making the Ma'hdi. Classical Satori. Fusion with universal mind, union with God; being one of the creators of energy from the void, in the Ma'h spiritual centre above the head."--John Lilly MD
6 +6 Sasmita-nir bija

"Making the Buddha. A point source of consciousness, energy, light, and love. Point of consciousness, astral travel, travelling clairaudience, travelling clairvoyance, fusion with other entities in time. In the Path mental centre in the head."---John Lilly MD

12 +12 Sananda Christ or Krishna Consciousness. "Blissful state, making the Christ, the green qutub, realization of Baraka, the reception of divine grace, cosmic love, cosmic energy, heightened bodily awareness, highest function of bodily and planetside consciousness, being in love, being in a positive LSD energy state. In the oth emotional centre in the chest."---John Lilly MD
24 +24 Vicara "The level of professional Satori or of basic Satori. All the needed programmes are in the uncon­scious of the biocomputer, operating smoothly, the self is lost in pleasurable activities that one knows best and likes to do. In the Kath moving centre in the lower belly."---John Lilly MD
48 +
-  48
Vicara "The neutral biocomputer state, the state for the absorption and the transmission of new ideas; for the reception and transmis­sion of new data and new pro­grammes; doing teaching and learning with maximum facilita­tion, neither in a positive or a negative state, neutral. On the earth."---John Lilly MD
96 -24 Vitarka "Negative state; pain, guilt, fear, doing what one has to do but in a state of pain, guilt, fear; the state of slightly too much alcohol; of a small amount of opium; of the first stages of lack of sleep."---John Lilly MD
192 -12 "Extremely negative body state , where one is still in the body, as in an intense migraine attack, in which one's consciousness is shrunk down and inhibited and the awareness is only in the pre­sent in one's pain. The pain is such that one cannot work or do : one's usual duties. A limitation is placed upon one's self, one is isolated, a bad inner state."---John Lilly MD
384 -6 "Similar to +6 except that it is extremely negative. A purgatory-like situation in which one is only a point source of consciousness and energy; fear, pain, guilt in the extreme; meaninglessness prominent."---John Lilly MD
768 -3 "Like + 3 in that one is fused with other entities throughout the universe but these are all bad and one's self is bad and meaningless. This is the quintessence of evil, the deepest hell of which one can conceive. This can be an extreme­ly high energy state lasting etern­ally, though by the planetside clock one is there for only a few minutes. No hope of escape from it. One is there forever. (See the Cosmic Computer write-up in the chapter entitled 'A guided tour of hell'.)"--- John Lilly MD

Ref and source: the Centre of the Cyclone by John Lilly MD