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TO BE OR NOT TO BE? 150 Years of Hidden Knowledge by Christopher Bird 1991

Dr. Wilhelm Reich: Scientific Genius – or Medical Madman? By ALAN CANTWELL, Jr., M.D.

Who was Dr. Wilhelm Reich and why has history tried so hard to erase him? by Jerry Morton

[2003] Bacteria, Cancer & the Origin of Life By Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D.


[1956] AN EYEWITNESS REPORT of the BURNING of SCIENTIFIC BOOKS in the USA 1956 by Victor M. Sobey, M.D.



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The Published Works of Wilhelm Reich

"Tension, Charge, Discharge, Relaxation"
"Character Analysis"
[pdf] THE MASS PSYCHOLOGY OF FASCISMReich being escorted to prison, March 1957
Little Man  by Reich
American Odyssey: Letters and Journals 1940-1947(2,7mb download) Personal notes of Dr.Wilhelm Reich, includes his communication with Albert Einstein.

"The Sexual Revolution"
"The Bion"
"Bion Experiments and the Cancer Problem"
"The Murder of Christ"
"The Cancer Biopathy"
"Ether, God and Devil"
"Cosmic Superimposition"
"People In Trouble"
"Contact With Space"

"The general psychosomatic disease of civilized humanity is "orgastic impotence" the inability to achieve total orgasm, caused by the anxieties implicit in our antisexual religions and patriarchal institutions(81).---Reich.

Bielek also said that Reich, during the time in the late 40s when he was doing research on human sexuality for the CIA, is said to have conducted orgies as part of the research, though Al B. makes it clear that he never witnessed it, personally, and of course Bielek's time at Montauk started probably much later. He also said that Reich tried to sabotage the research data when he realized what the CIA was going to do with it: MK Ultra mind conditioning for young boys through sexual trauma. --Don Croft

In February 1954 the FDA issued an injunction forbidding the interstate shipment of orgone accumulators. The injunction also denied the existence of orgone energy, and proclaimed all Reich’s books and publications were promotional materials for the worthless accumulator. .Six tons of books, journals and papers were burned in a scientific holocaust. And not a single major newspaper in the Land of the Free protested this unprecedented action, so reminiscent of Nazi Germany. ......The United States government won. Officially, orgone energy did not exist.  Dr. Wilhelm Reich: Scientific Genius – or Medical Madman? By ALAN CANTWELL, Jr., M.D.

Most people are familiar with Reichs brilliant work with bions, weather modification, cancer biopathy and other devices. Reichs work has been of interest to the National security Agency for some time, and it involves the fact that when a person is electronically maintained in a pre-orgastic state in their nervous system, gateways unto the mind open up for mind control to take hold. It is his most secret work as far as applications are involved. Reichs contact with alien species, his discoveries about life energy and cancer, and the mind control applications are some of the reasons why he was killed. This knowledge was combined with other knowledge, some of it alien in nature, and integrated into the work at Montauk and subsequent covert projects to subvert the people of the United States and the world under an Orion based system. ORION TECHNOLOGY AND OTHER SECRET PROJECTS Al Bielek and Preston Nichols

Preston's checked into the records and found that this particular type of advanced technology, electroshock therapy equipment is what they officially call it. It's now very advanced computerized with floppy disks and very small electrodes instead of the old big patch pads they used to put on people and tape the down. They now have tiny little probes 50 millimeters square and they attach them to certain critical sensitive points on the body, about 8 of them. And there's a computer program they now use which will induce the Reichian orgiastic state by electronics and hold it to that state and in that condition a human mind from conscious to subconscious is completely aligned and opened.
    Consequently you can remove buried information in the subconscious, reprogram the person, do whatever you want in that sense. And when the program is over they close it down, restore the person to the so-called normal state with either blocks on memory of the whole thing happening or a whole total implant of what went on that day as a substitute to memory or whatever they want to do. They usually put in a substitute memory. It's happened to Duncan once. We had quite a time running that down but we did.
    They can do this to anyone they want. They grab them physically and take them off to one of the hospitals. The law is that any hospital or institution in the U.S. that accepts federal funding must by law have one of these machines on their premises and there must be certain personnel, very limited, trained in its use. Now it can be used for "nominal" electroshock therapy in the normal mode which doctors use, thought it's much more sophisticated now and less damaging. Or they can use it for reprogramming, the same piece of equipment. But to do the reprogramming requires a special floppy disk, which is kept under lock and key and can only be used by certain government personnel.
    When they do this number of the reprogramming it's done by government personnel. It is not normally shown [in] their records and there is never a charge made back to a hospital organization or to a hospitalization fund or medical fund of any kind, that is paid for 100% by the federal government and the record's swept under the rug. They put it once on Duncan and they tried to do it again.
........It's based on Reich's principle, his old theories. The original programming techniques were more physical, but now they can do it electronically. It's much clearer, so to speak, much easier to accomplish and much easier to cover the tracks. And the law says these instruments, pieces of equipment, shall be made available to non-federally funded institutions. They recommend that they have them but there's no requirement.  Interview with Al Bielek 1991