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Populist Icon Eustace Mullins Visits AFP

America’s greatest historian—bar none—is once again making his most pivotal works available to the public for a limited time. And AMERICAN FREE PRESS is proud to be in the forefront of distributing the books of the amazing Eustace Mullins

  The last several years have been rough for America’s premier populist historian, 86-year-old Eustace Mullins. He had a debilitating stroke, was imprisoned in a nursing home against his will, robbed of many assets by corrupt vultures who posed as friends— the list goes on and on.

But Eustace is now in the care of a good friend, Jesse Lee and, despite the fact that he doesn’t move as fast as he used to, Eustace remains alert, bright-eyed, witty, articulate, and—most of all— ever and always committed to the principles he’s fought for over the last 60 years—beginning in his days as a young prot�g� of then-imprisoned poet Ezra Pound, the iconoclastic American-born global icon.

It was Pound who personally commissioned Mullins to investigate and write the monumental first-ever full accounting of The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, the alien-owned money monopoly that misrules and bankrupts America for its own greedy profiteering (see accompanying

But The Secrets of the Federal Reserve was just the first of dozens of books and literally hundreds of hard-hitting monographs and probably thousands of articles written by Eustace Mullins—covering topics as diverse as corruption in the medical establishment, the judicial system, and in the realm of religion and philosophy, among many other controversial topics.

Ever fearless and undaunted—despite years of unrelenting harassment by the FBI and its close allies in the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith—Eustace Mullins has lectured all across America and throughout Europe and Asia and he’s been a regular guest on hundreds of radio programs, always providing his audiences with lively and entertaining and informative insights and memories of his own yeoman efforts to bring history into accord with the facts.

Right now—free at last and able, thanks to the efforts of his loyal and devoted friend Jesse Lee, Eustace is currently traveling cross-country, visiting old friends and making new ones, and on July 8 he visited his longtime friends at the office of AMERICAN FREE PRESS on Capitol Hill in Washington. Eustace and Jesse had lunch with AFP correspondent Michael Collins Piper and later they all gathered at the AFP office to chat and reminisce with Eustace’s friend of 50 years, Willis Carto, and other AFP staffers including Anne Cronin (who’s known Eustace since 1964) and AFP editor Jim Tucker.

But the gathering at the AFP office wasn’t just socializing. Eustace arrived with several hundred copies of several of his currently-out-of-print classics
and they are now available directly from AFP.