Montauk - Millstone Complex At Long Island Sound

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New post Montauk - Millstone Complex At Long Island Sound 
  July 2009
(Note: I originally posted this as a reply to Cowboy Bob's topic about his nightly invasion, but then realized I wanted to make a separate thread for this new topic.  F)  

When I got Bob's email about his kitchen shoot-out I immediately thought he was being visited by Montauk goons in the night to scare him from connecting with EW.  Here's what I saw, for what it's worth: it looked like an etheric tunnel was hooked up to his house, and I thought the visit was mostly just energetic.  For example, I think the plaid outfit was probably a film noir touch created to further scare Bob.  Good luck with that!  Note what happened: he scared them & they fled.  

I know nearly everyone reading this is used to the bizarre, but it feels strange to write about Montauk none the less.  It was helpful to hear that Don has had similar night time visits.  

Right now I'm on “vacation”on Long Island Sound, near both Montauk, and Millstone Nuclear Facility.  Here is what I see when I look that way... looks like one massive, continuous underground facility under the Sound from Millstone to Montauk.  There seem to be many people, and psychics working there.  

For the past couple of weeks I've been engaged in one of the most intense battles I can remember, coming from all angles, nearly every night, but always originating from Montauk, it seems.  It has been difficult to get any sleep past 2:30 am.      

While I feel isolated here because it is so difficult to make an internet connection, I do feel very supported.  Thankfully my husband believes me!  I was so glad to receive Dooney's protection bracelet.  In a bad spot one night, I felt Nancy's energy appear, complete with that lovely white rose smell.  And check this out, the first pod of Dolphins has been spotted in Long Island Sound since the 1950's!!! It's all over the news, and one paper writes, “Dolphins in significant numbers are making a rare appearance in Long Island Sound this summer.   It's not just dolphins, but the size of the pod that makes it spectacular.”

Etherically the Dolphins have been great allies these past couple of weeks and I have learned so much  more about them.  I am better understanding their symbolic relationship with water.  They are guardians of the deep, our memories and history and guides to our subconscious.  I am remembering the image that appears in so many cultures of a Dolphin rescuing a child from the deep.  

The ultimate goal these last couple of weeks seems to have been the exposure of some of the weaponry used against humanity at montauk.  The cetaceans mercifully returned my memory fragments (while I previously thought I had no psychic training it seems I was involuntarily trained at Montauk over a time span).  Also the warrior angel wingmakers were protecting, while the process was lead by vo Joanna, who shows herself to me only as a warp of energy and a feeling of unconditional love.

Following is a description of one of these machine-weapons; its image finally appeared after many dracs and black eyed aliens had yielded.  Anyone familiar with mind control protocols will recognize their weird love of double meanings.  Why do they do that?   They called this particular machine 'The Blender' or also the “The Ice Cream/ I Scream Machine.”  It seems to have existed in the 1950's.  Perhaps it is still there. One was creamed in this machine, and the ultimate goal was to transform a person into a flock of shattered personalities, pictured as a flock of butterflies.  Perhaps it is simply taking this cruel metaphor too far, but it really seems to include 'freezing the Milky Way.”  The machine seemed to churn in a slow figure 8 pattern that is symbolic of the time loop that I honestly believe currently entraps humanity.  It is so hard to separate illusion from reality here, and separate what they actually achieved from what they desired, but let's boost the crap out of this machine.  

Reading Max Freedom Long has actually helped me to understand some of these images, or at least helped me formulate appropriate questions.  For example, were they trying to separate the shadowy body from the low self as a way of making manipulable zombies or worker bees?

Obviously there is more weaponry.  Even though Montauk/Millstone and Long Island Sound have been gifted by many people, I believe the presence of the cetaceans in Long Island Sound is giving us a wonderful opportunity to rid ourselves of this scourge through time.  

Bob and I need to finish off that tunnel that is crimped & blocked yet not entirely disconnected from his house.  I think the 'operators' want us to do that for ourselves.  They're waiting!
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Post Night Invasasion In My Home By Unknowns 
Don asked me to put this in to help others in case they run into a similar situation.

3 nights ago I awoke hearing footsteps and rustling noises in my house.
I was in a dream state which lately has paralzed my body.  I mean froze me so I couldn't move but was fully conscious and aware of everything around me.  This nightmare thing has occured about six times so far about a week apart.  Never in my life has anything like this happened to me.  I don't drink or do drugs and of sound mind and body.  This time I could move my body.

Every time this happens I'm awake with a terrified feeling there are bad guys in my house.  Only this time I just felt it was far worse.  Foot steps, banging around.  I was terrified  I slowly sat up, reached under the bed took my loaded gun out, stood up and peered out my bedroom door and saw what looked like a human form dark shadow standing 20 feet away against my living room wall facing me.
I yelled something I can't remember what and it didn't move so I raised the gun with two hands, aimed and fired to kill.

The second I fired it disappeared.  I walked to where it was, nothing, that figure had vanished.

I looked 90 degrees to my left into the kitchen and saw another human form wearing plad up against the kitchen sink back to me.  That is when this what ever who ever turned its head to the right over its shoulder took a quick look at me then dashed to the left and into the kitchen cabinets and was gone.
Then I checked the house out with gun in hand put the lights on and found nothing.
Was this bad, good, just dreams or what?
I have a nice bullet hole in my wall and nothing to show.
Thanks to Don and Francie I think I know how to deal with it if it happens again.  Basiclly call for the higher powers to get rid of this trash forever.
Come to think of it, it might have been that super ugly tower I busted the week before got somebody real mad.
Right after gifting while near the tower I got a severe headache which went away a half hour later.
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New post Re: Night Invasasion In My Home By Unknowns 
Francie thank you very much for your post.
Another even happened a couple of days later.
One when it was dark and the other a few hours later in daylight.
My car is parked 50 feet away in the back of my house where I can see it from my kitchen window.
It has remote start and the remote is sitting two feet to my right.
I had been in the kitchen a few seconds, it was pitch dark.  I happened to look out the window and my parking lights were on and the engine was running.  First thought was that someone was stealing the car.  But as I opened the door a few feet away I saw nobody in the car.  I thought how long has this been running?  I grabbed my keys and shut it off.
Then in the morning I looked out again and saw tailights on again and it running again.  I shut it off the same way.
Now I bought the car new two years ago.  It has never done this before or ever since this happened.  I doubt very much that this was a mechanical malfunction.  I kind of thought it funny.  But as Don advised me I'll never leave my keys inside and close the doors.
I think your right.  The tunnels is a bit closed but must be destroyed.
And why it was in my back yard and not in my house again was that I had your help and others busting my house including myself.
In fact my house never felt so clean in years, I sleep well now and I feel you guys cleared the air thank you so much.  Bless you and Post Orgone puff balls of love to you all. (:
There is more I can't say now.  Big big plans. ha ha