Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth - April 23, 2006 01:43
         It was while visiting Taiwan in 1983 that I first read of the etheric connection between heaven and earth. According to tradition there were places where positive (yang) qi would pour into the earth from the sky. Men and other (sometimes non-corporeal) entities, who wished to develop their spirits, would sometimes search out these places and sit quietly there (in meditation) for the purpose of more rapid spiritual advancement.

     At the time this was nothing more than heresay to me. During that year I had opportunity to see many Buddhist and Taoist temples on the island, and had observed that they often were situated over positive lines of qi through the earth. This was so frequently the case that I acquired the habit of looking for the lines of qi through the earth whenever I came upon a new temple.

     In late August and early September of 2001 I met with some Chinese friends of mine to visit some of the Taoist and Buddhist holy mountains in China. One of the Taoist mountains we visited was Hengshan in Shanxi Province. At one place there, we came upon a temple which was built on the side of a steep slope. One wall rested on the ground, and the other was on wooden poles. As our vehicle approached I automatically checked for qi lines about the place, but found none. Since there was level ground not far away, it seemed surprising that the builders had gone to the trouble to construct it on the sleep slope, almost a cliff. After parking, while walking over to the entrance of the place,  I noticed that positive qi was coming down from the sky directly through the roof. We were told that there had been a temple in that location for time immemorial, and that it had been owned solely by one group: Taoists, Buddhists, and Confucianists had all use the place at one time or another. We walked through it and I found that the place the positive qi entered the ground was near the back wall, and that that particular place had been used especially for quiet sitting. In fact there was a depression in the rock there for that purpose.

     Another mountain we visited on that trip was near the Shaolin temple. This is in the Songshan range in Henan Province. Tradition has it had in the early 6th century the Buddhist sage Da Mo visited the temple and found a place on a mountain nearby where he sat quietly for 9 years. That particular temple is know for its martial arts, and it is said that Da Mo was the one who taught the monks the system which made the place famous. In any case the place where Da Mo is said to have meditated is still known, and many pilgrims climb up that mountain yearly. We hiked up there as well, and I was surprised to find that, as at the temple on Hengshan, positive qi streamed out of the sky above into that place.

     It was in March of 2003 that I discovered some of the Crofts' adventures on the internet, and built a CB according to Don's published plans. It was a surprise to read that the Crofts lived only ten miles away, so I emailed Don (who was on a trip on the East Coast at the time), asking if we could meet. He said sure, but that most of the "action" involving CBs was taking place on Stuart Jackson's cloud buster forum. So I registered and began posting daily observations of how qi in the area was interacting with my CB. Here negative qi was coming down from the sky (and in from the earth) and positive qi was sent back up into the sky. I became "hooked" on studying and working with these phenomena, especially as I became aware of many details resulting from my daily observations of which I had never read or hear before.

     In the summer of 2003 these observations led to the discovery of what I have come to call vortices, though this is a specialized use of the general term, and different people use that term for different phenomena. What I have since come to view as the typical vortex of this type occurs on the earth's surface, often at a place of high altitude relative to the surrounding area, where qi from below ground comes up and concentrates. This qi contacts the surface at a few points, and if TBs or HHGs are placed at those points, positive qi comes up through the surface and swirls upward in the the shape of an inverted cone. The first example of such was at Steptoe Butte, and I published the events connected with the "opening" of that vortex on the cloudbuster forum. Several other vortices were opened that summer and fall, including Moscow Mountain, but it wasn't until the next summer (2004) that I began instill some order into the process and began to get a better idea of its significance.

     Some of these things were published on the cloud buster forum, and some on Mark Davey's EFF forum in England during 2004, but both of these forums have since been discontinued. When this Etheric Warriors forum came into being, I began publishing observations here, but the severe hacking of Etheric Warriors in the late fall of last year resulted in all of that material being relegated to the archives. Subsequently I have been posting "Heaven and Earth" material on Warrior Matrix and Georg Ritschl's german language cloud buster forum. Not everything on the former has appeared on the latter, and vice versa. So what I purpose to do in the present thread is to collect much of this information together, in a comprehensible body, exposing the state of my understanding of, and experiece with, the passage of qi between heaven and earth.

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The Almota Vortex - April 24, 2006 01:58
     The very first vortex I observed in the early summer of 2003, as a result of my CB observation, was not that on Steptoe Butte, but one near the wheat elevator at the Almota landing on the Snake River. It was about a 45 minute drive from my CB, but negative qi swirling up out of it was clearly observable from the location of the CB at the time. I of course did not know its exact location until driving there. The river at that point is down in a steep canyon, and it was not until reaching the river that I could ascertain the center of the vortex. The most important point touching the surface was actually in the river some distance off shore, and so I could not reach it directly. Don and Carol told me that they thought it was connected somehow with an underground base. In any event, it was rather difficult to gift effectively. My initial efforts were only temporarily successful, and I had to regift it several times that summer, to keep the qi coming up positive. Somehow the grain trucked down to the elevator seemed to  contribute to the negativity, and Carol suggested that it might be a result of the pesiticides which are sprayed on the land during the growing phase.

     Again in December of 2004 the vortex had turned negative. I had read a post by a lady named Gale (Wild Angel) in the old forum suggesting that a crystal in orgonite in a copper pipe might be a powerful gifting agent. And so, just before Christmas, a friend of mine and I took a pipe, some resin, some hardener, metal shavings, and a crystal down to the other side of the river from the elevator; found an inconspicuous spot, buried the pipe, poured in some shavings, then the crystal, then some more shavings, mixed some resin with hardener, and then poured the mixture into the pipe over the shavings. So far as I know, this was the first earth pipe constructed (and perhaps the only one poured on site), but it did the job. The qi coming up from the vortex has been positive ever since. I was "rewarded" by incurring a bizarre accident on the way home, and totalling my pickup. Neither my friend nor I were injured, but we should have been: after the pickup flipped and was sliding on its side, we both saw another car headed the opposite direction coming directly at us, but there was no collision. Bad luck and good luck.

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The Steptoe Vortex - April 25, 2006 00:00
     But the vortex on the Snake was not typical, in the sense that the first time I saw it, it was emitting negative qi.  The typical vortex is nearly dormant, in that it is seeming "clogged up" and emitting no qi.

     It was in the hot part of the summer of 2003 that I discovered my first typical vortex. One of the two highest hills in the section of the Palouse Hills where I live is Steptoe Butte, the other being Kamiak Butte. While riding to Spokane with Don some days earlier, he had informed me that Steptoe had been gifted, but it still was not as good as it seemingly should be. So one night after work, I jumped in my pickup and drove up there, arriving about a half hour before dark. There was only one other party on the butte at the time, and so I could wander about pretty much unobserved. I found two places near the summit where the qi beneath the surface actually touched the surface, and placed a TB in each of these points.

     It was dark by the time I reached the main highway, but it was possible to sense positive qi swirling up from the summit. The next morning the action was much stronger, and was clearly perceptible from my home about 25 miles away. Positive qi was swirling up in the shape of an inverted cone, counter-clockwise when viewed from above. It still is the strongest open vortex in this part of the Palouse, and I can feel it as I write this, just as strong, if not stronger than it was when first opened the better part of three years ago.

     That such an effect could arise from precise gifting of two spots, when the general area had already been gifted, was quite impressive. In those days  I was only beginning to learn how to charge TBs to make them more powerful, and the potency of the two I buried on Steptoe was only slightly better than a simple TB with no extra charge.

     The vortex on Steptoe Butte was typical, but in the top 10% in terms of strength, which may account for it being the first dormant one I discovered.

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Summer and Fall of 2003. - April 25, 2006 22:53
     In 2003 Don and Carol Croft were living in Moscow, Idaho, which is right on the border of eastern Washington, in the Palouse country. Though hilly, it is is a rich agricultural region, producing wheat, peas, and lentils. The University of Idaho is in Moscow, and 10 miles away in Pullman, is Washington State University. North and east of Moscow about 10 miles lie the so-called Moscow mountains, the largest of which is Moscow Mountain.

     On one of the Moscow mountains is a large array of cellular and radio towers. Don and Carol told me they had gifted it the previous winter, but due to the thick snow, they had not been able to reach the top at the time, and suspected that some of the gifts had been removed.  So in August of 2003, one afternoon after work, I drove up into the Moscow mountains to see if I could finish the job.  On the way to the tower mountain, I noticed that Moscow Mountain had a feeling similar to that which Steptoe Butte had had before its vortex was open, and so I took a detour to Moscow Mountain, found a critical point, and planted a (simplified) HHG. This was an HHG a la Don Croft, made with a single crystal. This is the only vortex that I have opened with a single piece of orgonite. It took several days for the vortex to reach its maximum strength. It is still working, similarly to how it was then, although it is not nearly so strong as the one at Steptoe Butte. The day after gifting it, I took Don to the lumber store in Moscow to get some plywood for a building project he had at the time, and we experienced a rather sensational storm. I have now forgotten the details, but Don was sufficiently impressed that he posted about it at the time: here is an excerpt from Episode 68 of The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft

August 22, 2003

I was doing a virtual Hitler-style victory jig when Kelly and I saw that rapidly forming rainstorm over Moscow Mountain a couple of days ago.

I live ten miles closer to the mountain than he does and have generally been involved with the thing since May, 2002, when Carol and I trudged thru deep snow for over two hours to largely disable a huge tower array on the next lowest peak from which we and the rest of the valley were being electronically savaged 24/7.

Carol and I had been meaning to get back up there and finish the job. We weren't even aware of the status of the vortices at the two highest peaks, so when Kelly brought it to my attention last week, I asked him to try some of his new, watered orgonite jive up there and handed him a Latah County map.

..............     We completely disabled a similar array a few months earlier on top of Steptoe Butte, which is about 30 miles north of Pullman. The first nuke ponds we found were about ten miles from the butte and Carol noticed that as soon as we tossed a couple of HHgs in one of the ponds, not only did the other pond fill up within an hour, but the big array on Steptoe Butte stopped pulsating altogether. Kelly's first experiment with his new orgonite/water devices was to put one on Steptoe Butte to heal the vortex, which by now--a year and a half after we busted the array--was still not in good shape. There were no weather phenomena to confirm that, as far as I know (I can't see that from where I live), but I do accept his evaluation hat his device had healed the vortex and that it was spinning the right way now and gaining momentum and strength. My feeling about that was doubly confirmed by what I witnessed the day after Kelly finished placing the devices in the vortices on Moscow Mountain. ............

Every day around here this summer has been pretty much like any other: clear blue skies punctuated by occasional rain, but the day after Kelly put his experimental devices on Moscow Mountain, I noticed that the sky over the valley was in a kind of good-natured turmoil, obviously centered over the mountain. I thought at the time, 'Well there's my evidence that Kelly's things have changed the energy dynamics more than what we'd done there fifteen months ago--we certainly didn't see results like this!'

He arrived at 4PM, as agreed, to help me get some plywood cut up in his nice, big shop over in Pullman, ten miles away. Within five minutes of his arrival, the sky got darker in the vicinity of Moscow Mountain and by the time we'd driven through town to the lumberyard, it was raining hard on the mountain itself with occasional lightning strikes. Rain was being dumped from fast-formed cumulonimbus clouds and we even got pelted with a little hail from an arm of the storm that was forming into the prevailing breeze. There was NO strong wind accompanying this phenomenon, which would cause any meteorologist's brain to fart, no  doubt. 

    That year was rather a full one for me, and since I no longer have access to my notes, it is possible that the time line of events for the remainder is not exact, but I will reconstruct them as well as I can.

     I was making and distributing CBs to friends of mine in the area, and one of those CBs was placed on the property located on a ridge above the Potlatch River behind Kendrick, Idaho. This was one of the first that I made of the "torsion" type, and was the first of three which would eventually be placed in a triangle, with sides roughly a hundred yards in length. I mention this here, because an event about a year later was in show that this configuration, in one significant respect at least, was to exhibit an effect very similar to that of an opened vortex.  

     In early September on a trip to Seattle, a friend of mine and I opened a dormant vortex on Volunteer park. About three weeks later I was in Seattle again visiting family, and found and treated one in Green Lake. Those are the only ones of which I know in the city proper.           

     In early October I took a trip down south to visit relatives. On the way I drove through Mount Rainier National Park and found and opened a dormant vortex on one of the lesser peaks,  and opened a vortex on a peak of Mount Shasta. There were actually stronger dormant vortices on the summits of those mountains, but I did not have the time or equipment to attempt to reach those places. A friend of mine and I found and opened two on hills in San Francisco. Carol had told me that Sedona, Arizona was special, so on the way back I passed through that town.  There were many dormant vortices in that place, and during the space of one day I was able to visit about 7 of them, as I recall. The last one was several miles out of the city limits, and coming back over a ridge, just before dark, I was surprised and awed to see the clouds in the sky arranged in a spiral shape, above the swirl of positive qi from the opened vortices. That was one time I wished I carried a camera.

     Driving to Moscow one day after my return, I noticed that a butte east of Moscow on the way to the neighboring town of Troy had a dormant vortex considerably stronger than that on Moscow Mountain. I told Don and Carol. Carol had a friend with access to property on the location, and Don and I hiked up to fix it. At one of the four points at which the qi touched the surface at the vortex tip we found something curious. Don describes it in Episode 72:

     They had cleared some forest near the top of the butte, on the far side from town so that nobody would see the bonfire, and there's a huge burn pile in the center of the clearing which Carol says contains the bones of several victims.

In Episode 67 Don writes about a "safe-house" of suspicious characters. He showed me its location, which is on a ridge just across a small valley from this butte with the vortex. When I first saw it, some time before gifting the vortex, there was negative qi exuding from the house. Some time after the vortex was opened, I drove by the house again. It was abandoned, and there was positive qi coming from it.

     On October 27, I made another foray into Mount Rainier National Park, this time out of Paradise Lodge, and managed to open a number of vortices in that area. If one would look at the seismological charts of Mount Rainier on the day previous, the day I was there, and the days following, he would find a radical increase of seismic activity beginning about 4PM (when I left the mountain), only lessoning gradually in the following days.  These graphs were linked on EFF at the time, but the data seems no longer to be readily accessible.

     The weather was bad that winter, and I did not get out much more until the following spring.

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Spring of 2004. - April 26, 2006 17:35
    In January, during a break in the weather, Don, Carol, and I took a trip down to Joseph, Oregon, where they had heard of some suspicious doings (I had also heard of such from an independent source). The trip is described in Episode 78 of their Adventures. 

    The material of the preceeding posts is mostly of "Earth" and very little of "Heaven". This is partly due to the fact that until early 2004 I had no knowledge of the spirits of the air. There had been a discussion of sylphs on the clould buster forum back in 2002, but having joined in March of 2003, I did not know about it. But in early 2004 sylph activity apparently increased and it began again to be discussed on the forum: notably by DB , or cbswork, as he was known at the time. Many of his sylph comments were collected by Jon (dor2or) in his blog, which can be be found on John's excellent "whale" site.

     On Sunday, February 8, Ryan McGinty visited and we spent a good part of the day together doing orgonite experiments in my shop. Next day I got the following email from him

Hi Kelly,       

     Today at 5:00pm I saw my first Sylph. I wish I had my camera with me. It was directly over your town. It must of been using the POR from your CB's.  One interesting note, there was a wall of clear blue sky around it, 30 miles in diameter. On the edges you could see the chemtrails disappearing. It seeme to be watching the sunset with me while I was driving down HWY 195.  It was a very beautiful sunset too.

     I sure had a lot of fun yesterday I hope you did too,


Several days later, driving down the same highway from a business trip to Spokane, I observed my first sylph as well. It was not far from Steptoe Butte. I wished it a merry hello, and immediately the good feeling came back at me several-fold. I have since found that instant reaction in kind from these creatures to be quite normal -- and that they seem to love to abide near potent sources of positive qi (or POR).

     Don and Carol had suggested that a visit to Dulce, New Mexico would be in order, so when the last danger of the snow was gone at home, I took off in that direction. The negative qi  was observable from there as far away as southern Utah. I arrived at night, found a few vortices, and continued on into Arizona. Decided to wend back through southern California to set up a torsion CB in a friend's house in Pasadena, and  on the way passed through Sedona to check on the vortices I'd visited the previous fall. They were pretty much as I had left them.

     While in Pasadena I made the acquaintance of  DB, though several things occurred to keep that from happening: broken teeth, traveling to the meeting in the wrong direction, etc. But it eventually did happen, and in his back yard he demonstrated to me how sylphs could make the wind come up at their will.  It was quite an experience. 

     Thence it was back to the Palouse to attend to the busy period of spring work. But I did manage a second trip down to Joseph, Oregon, this time with McGinty.We managed to do some more good, but it was still too early to reach everywhere we wanted to gift, and there still remains some work to do there.


     Though married for over twenty years, my wife and I had never had the right opportunity for a honeymoon, so we decided to take it that June......

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Trip to England, Sweden, and Scotland. - April 27, 2006 05:22
     My wife had never been to Europe, though I had been to the British Isles with my parents years before. We decided to spend a couple weeks in England and Scotland, with a few days out for a quick trip to Sweden.  She wanted to spend a few days in London to begin with. I recalled that Westminster Abbey and Saint Paul's Cathedral were two of the more interesting sites in the city, from the etheric point of view. The qi in the Abbey was somber and solumn, coming from deep below: here is where coronations have been held for many generations. The Cathedral is light with positive qi: there is where royal weddings are often held. We visited both, and climbed the stairs in the latter to the outside gallery which gives a good view of the city. From there was observable a strong dormant vortex, and we were fortunate, for it turned out that in that city of stone and concrete, the surface contact points of that vortex were such that we could gift it. On the train north to Stansted where we were to take our flight to Sweden, the open vortex was plainly "visible".

     Our stay in Sweden was hectic, due to social obligations, and we had no chance to chase vortices before our last night there, in Göteborg. We had dinner in a modest vegetarian place in the old part of town with a young man who was destined to become a good friend and valuable asset in vortex gifting. This was Cesco, who had come down on the bus from Oslo to meet us, and who had camped out the previous night in the woods. From his capacious backpack he extracted a notebook. For at the beginning of the year he had taken a twelvemonth vow of silence, and he kept that vow. So that night we spoke and he wrote. The conversation was more fluid than one would expect however, for his English was good and he writing beautiful (and legible). I had known him from internet communication, his "little secret coil" having excited my admiration.

     After dinner we decided to take a walk, and leaving the restaurant I became aware that there was a dormant vortex on a hill not far off. So we went off in that direction and found a point where the qi of the vortex touched the surface. After gifting it, we were approached by a bird, which seemed to want our attention. We followed it until we came to a second place where the vortex qi touched the surface, at which point the bird flew off. After a bit Cesco accompanied us to the hostel where we were to spend the night, and we had a good "talk", during which he tried (unsuccessfully) to teach me to make his coil. He caught the bus back to Oslo in the wee hours of the morning.

     The next day my wife and I took the plane back to Stansted, whence we set out by auto toward Leeds, where a meeting of British "orgonauts" was to take place several days later. Coming into Leeds we were "welcomed" by an impressive  display of sylphs in the sky. This was neither the first nor last time I've had that experience. It is almost as if they sense when one needs encouragement. We made it to the city, and two days later attended the meeting. There were representatives from Ireland and Wales as well as England, and a good time seemed to be had by all. One of the participants Marcus, who will appear again in this narrative, had come all the way from Switzerland.

     The group planned to go the following day to Ilkey Moor, on which was located some interesting stones with prehistoric writing. My wife and I had to leave early, but decided to visit Ilkey Moor on our way. The weather turned bad and I came down with a fever (which persisted for the remainer of the trip), which is my excuse for forgetting to bring some TBs when we visited the moor. We regreted the oversight, because there was a strong dormant vortex at one of the stones. We however left markers at the spots where the qi of the vortex touched the surface, and I called the information back to the group so that they could gift the places the following day.

     From there we headed west to the Lake District, and spent the night on a sheep ranch. From luck or design, there was a strong dormant vortex up on the hills above the farmhouse, and our hosts gave us permission to go hiking. It was a bit of job to get to the vortex, but the climb/walk was quite picturesque, and we managed to return just at dark.

     Next morning we drove north into Scotland, and eventually ended up in a B&B on the isle of Mull just across from the historic old monastery at Iona. This place had been recommended as interesting, and when we arrived off the little ferry the next morning we found, sure enough, a strong dormant vortex. We gifted it surreptitiously, and after a half hour or so an array of sylphs appeared across the water over Mull.

     Our next journey was north to the isle of Skye, and up near the north of the island we found another vortex. After spending the night in the neighborhood, we headed south again. After crossing over onto the mainland once more and driving 20 miles of so, my wife had me pull over so we could take a photograph. For coming from the direction of the vortex was a singular array of wispy clouds: these were not sylphs, but still an interesting confirmation.

     Thence to the south, where our last stop before leaving was Avebury. It was only a couple days after midsummer, and we were told that there had been quite a crowd there on Midsummers' Eve. When we arrived at the prehistoric site, the weather was stormy: such wind and rain that nobody was out in the open. This was good for me, for I was able to walk out to the site at the end of the old path, and unobserved gift the dormant vortex there. It was actually a few rods distant from the remains of the ceremonies which had been held on Midsummer's Night.


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Discovery of the Positive Canopy - May 7, 2006 22:08
     This exposition has been inturrupted for the past week and a half because I have been unable to access the archives, some of the material of which would be quite useful at this stage.

     If anyone can advise me how this could be done, it would be quite helpful.


archive.org - May 9, 2006 12:31
It's possible that the archives you are  looking for are on archive. org

Type in the correct url and see what you get. Good Luck

I love reading about your gifting adventures !


Return of qi to the earth from the positive canopy (autumn 2004). - July 4, 2006 15:21
     On October 12, while driving to work on the pole building again, my eye happened to catch the top of a pine tree along the side of the road, and there seemed to be some unwonted positive qi in the tip. Looking more carefully at other trees along the way, I noticed that this did not seem to be an isolated phonomenon, that each living tree had some positive qi in its upper part, from just inches to more than a foot. By October 17, the qi seemed to extend about 1/3 of the way down the trunk, by the 26th about 1/2 the way down, and by October 31st about 70% of the way down. On the 31st the following photograph was taken: http://www.palouse.net/laozu/tree.jpg.  The red line was drawn to indicate the penetration of qi on that day: the brown line shows the penetration five days later.

     Laozu drove outside the canopy, and found that no qi had penetrated any of the trees there.

     As time progressed, the positive qi eventually entered into the surface earth from the trees, although to date, not too deeply.

     Subsequent observation has shown that he qi entering any given tree seems to come into only one branch, and that branch is almost always the one that points most straight up. Except for that branch, positive qi only reaches other branches from the trunk, and then only slowly moves out to the tips.

     This phenomenon has turned out to be helpful when observing later extensions of this canopy, or other canopies, to estimate how long the canopy has been present in a given location.