Film of Dolphins Manipulating Gravity

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Post Film of Dolphins Manipulating Gravity

Thanks for sending this, Khalil.

Maybe it's time  for some more  interactions between gifters and dolphins.   Shane in Australia is getting ready to gift a significant length of the Great Barrier Reef, which  Carol feels is a very urgent task.  She might go there, too, because she says the dolphins are practially shouting at her to make sure it gets done  Cool even if only a demonstration  of orgonite's ability to quickly restore dead coral reefs, as we did in the Florida Keys with Jeff McKinley, Dan did in  Bali and a few others have done elsewhere.

The health of the ocean has been savaged by the world odor, perhaps especially since 2001 when they installed death transmitters on teh seabed.  I'm assuming they did that the same time these DOR weapons suddenly sprouted all across the planet's land masses.  The seabed death towers are easily seen  with sonar and so is the persistent smog over the sea, seen from coastlines until  the poisoned water has become sufficiently gifted.  By the way, my wife feels that it's a little better to distribute orgonite from  a vessel,  if possible, rather  than to dump loads of it into the sea from a cliff  or pier.  She feels that  the more  we will participate  in the  distribution process,  the  more partnership we'll achieve with the cetaceans, who  apparently  take a lot of the towerbusters and other devices to specific  seabed  locations which  we can't discern.  Clearing  DOR from  water is what orgonite distribution does and healing underwater vortices and disablilng seabed death transmitters is what the dolphins/whales generally  do with our devices.  You can bet that they don't resent technology  Cool

As time passes it becomes more obvious why  the world odor has  been so intent on murdering all of  the cetaceans:  they are our most direct  link to the unseen realms because they're 3D and visible most of the time.

A  lot  of people resent technology because  they  feel we need to be like  the dolphins.  Sadly  for  them, perhaps,  we have  to go through the stage of  increasingly complex tech in order to awaken our own  latent empowerment.   I never  considered this until we met Danion Brinkley  in 2001 and he simply8 stated that computers/internet and cellphones are an  intermediate stage  for humanity on the way to mass telepathy,  which certainly characterizes the cetaceans and the rest of The  Operators.

The folks  who openly oppose the use of technology, by  the way, strike  me as  essentially  arrogant and controlling (Rockefellers' oil bucks paid for the  development and dissemination of  that vindictive ideology), which is  a much bigger barrier to developing  those abilities than  technology  is, after all.   The funny part,  to me, is that  after we discard the physical  garment we're all perhaps world class psychics but are  not able to significantly affect the physical world unless we're tuned in to The Operators and will do their work,  first as pupils.  

Now that we're starting to become  acquainted with the dynamics of  the dimensions above the fourth (fourth is the world odor's and all  their fake religions'  glass ceiling---the realm of con artists and psychic parasites) maybe  the next step is to start to become more familiar with the dynamics of synchronicity,  which The Operators  personify and the world odor and their predatory alien sponsors can only ape.  I hope you'll visit  and try some of the easy exercises and suggestions, there, so jumping  up to  the higher dimensions will become a  refreshing interlude for you.  It's  sort of like learning to fly:  the first time one goes up, alone, one may feel  like a trespasser or  voyeur  but soon after that,  one feels like  he/she belongs 'up  there.'

Can  you imagine what life  must be like in that  realm,  where elementals, Lemurians,  guardian spirits, dolphins,  whales, friendly advanced aliens  and other  Operators are as plain  to see as your beer-swilling,  TV-tranced  PJ neighbor, parent or mate is, now?  Laughing

Some of us  feel that this 3D world is in the process of becoming rarified enough so  that  at some point everyone will  see these indescribably beautiful but  hidden  realities.   It  might be that simple orgonite,  sufficiently distributed by enough  people, will  ease that process, sort of like how a gentle water birth or firewalk are painless and even fun, compared to a 'modern medicine' manipulated  birth and getting burnt at the stake.  I personally believe that  even the Pajama People will make that transition without freaking out if enough orgonite can get tossed.  

As you might imagine, the parasitic world odor will continue to be shed  like an old  skin or egg shell. I think that the few  people who will experience real struggle in that  process are the corporate murderers, thieves, gangsters, rapists, child stealers/killers and  other exploiters who make  up the  world odor and all their proxy fascist government and police/court agencies around the globe.  It's kind of  funny that they were all conditioned to assume that  this world would become their exclusive,  bloody playground/abatoir before the year 2000.