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Posted: Tue Feb 01, 2005 1:09 am    Post subject: The Sacred Geometry of Cetaceans
It was another interesting, educational and rather wild chat yesterday. Don had asked us to get some intel on a possible earthquake in Iraq. Before I give my report, I want to add in the necessary disclaimer that everything you read here is subjective. I'm simply relating the experiences of the dozen or so people who were in the chat yesterday, using a copy of the chat transcript for reference. I welcome any additions to this thread from my fellow blasters.

We started looking for plots and plotters in Iraq, and I saw an underground cavern. I dowsed that it was in Iraq, and saw a group of people having a heated discussion. Stevo got that there were 7 people there, and Anne saw that they were not speaking English. It didn't seem to be the usual mayhem cabal. Stevo saw that it was a Mossad planning session. They seemed to me to be very panicky and desperate. Don invited the cetaceans in right away and they went to work weaving an energy web around these people. Patrick Pastor saw a ziggurat and what I saw was that this group was in a cavern under the ziggurat, which Don said are built on major vortexes. A few of us saw that this group was trying to to some mischief with ancient Babylonian technology but they just had no idea what they were supposed to do with it. I believe they intended to generate an earthquake using this technology but they had no leader, no instructions and no clue.

As you may have realized by now, these chats are a totally cooperative venture. Someone gets a visual impression, a feeling or a hunch, offers it up for consideration and the rest of us either confirm it or add to it. Very often two or three people type the exact same thing within seconds of each other, none of them having seen the others' posts. Sometimes we get very different impressions, and we dowse as a group to see which one is correct. Every now and then we get what we call a "misdirect", meaning someone has sent us a false vision of an event. We've gotten pretty good at sniffing these out quickly and moving on to the real issues. Sometimes it necessary to blind dowse, where one person has a question in mind and the rest of us dowse for a yes or no, not knowing what the question is. This is a great way to clear up a misdirect as we have no foreknowledge of the's just pure intution.

During all of this, we were checking the blasting skills of a couple of developing psychics, and it was great to see how well they were doing. This is a great way to learn and develop confidence, and my own psychic skills have increased dramatically since I started joining the chats. I tend to be more psychic when I in the chats, but recently that heightened ability is showing up even when I'm not in the chats.

As the dolphins, a couple of orcas and a blue whale continued to work on the people in the cavern, we looked briefly at Iran. Carol and Steve both saw a map of Iran with marks on it, and they both felt it had something to do with Israel wanting to get oil out of Iran. A few people dowsed that Israel was the master in this plan, not London, which Don said may indicate that there is no leadership at the top of the occult/corporate order. If this is true, it's a very positive sign. We were considering a recent Joe Vialls article that claimed that a large group of Illuminati recently fled New York. I'm sure we will continue to monitor this in our chats to see if it becomes a trend. We always try to find out who is at the top of all the mass murder plans.

We all dowsed that we had prevented a mass murder by earthquake in Iraq, but we also got that there were other plotting parties we needed to attend to. Stevo saw a meeting on a plane and one on a sub, with others also being held underground in various places. We started looking at the plane first, and I saw corporate types (money men), techies and engineers. Stevo saw money issues being discussed, economic destabilization rather than geological mayhem plots. The dolphins surrounded the plane as soon as we focused on it, without a specific invitation.

We continued to boost the dolphins as they took care of the occupants of the plane. We tried to nail down the exact location of the aerial meeting, but we got as many different locations as we did dowsers, although we all saw the plane over water. Finally, we realized that the location of the plane was not important, but the fact that we and the dolphins had neutralized whatever they were planning was the important part. We then turned our attention to a submarine, which a whale had already started working on. By the time we got to it, the whale was almost done. Somehow, the plane and sub were connected, and I believe it was part of a plot to explode a nuke.

We next turned out attention to our favorite cabal of murderers and found that they were meeting in two places in Florida and South Carolina, with the possible aim of a tsunami-type disaster down that way. Don't panic! The cetaceans started working on it right away. Ecuador was also mentioned as a possible problem spot. It seems that all we have to do sometimes is get a general idea of the target and the cetaceans get to work. Other times, we need to be very specific. We use our feeling, seeing and dowsing abilities to determine what they need from us. At times, we need to invite them in to help, other times they just jump in and do it. Sometimes they need us to boost them with energy, other times, we are free to move on to identifying the next target. It's a very dynamic process....

Don asked Stevo to describe how the dolphins neutralize nukes and other harmful devices and Stevo said: "The swimmers (dolphins) rapidly spin/weave an etheric dodecahedron around the devices then cap the points with our love. This makes the devices non-harmful to 3D." A dodecahedron is a Platonic solid, comprised of 12 pentagonal faces. It is represented by ether or prana (a.k.a. orgone) in sacred geometry. You can see what a dodec looks like at and more info on the Platonic solids can be found at

Several of us had been getting hints during the chat about Switzerland, particularly the city of Basel, reputed to be the resting place of a whole lot of gold, a supercomputer called The Beast and underground living quarters for a whole lot of Illuminati. Check it out for yourself. In any case, as soon as we started looking at Basel, we got the attention of a tall, white-blonde Vril guy. I saw him turn and look at me. Sensei went after him immediately - my hero! I also saw a psychic Vril woman. The cetaceans started working on them right away, and the woman was really fighting it. Stevo saw a long board room type table with about 20 people around it listening to a presentation. We both saw that the dolphins and orcas were working only on the two head Vril -- rest of the folks were sitting there stunned and frozen in place.

Suddenly, the two Vril were gone. And I mean seriously gone, out of this dimension. I've never seen that happen. To tell you the truth, I've never felt as psychically tuned in as I did during this chat. The feelings and images just kept coming. As soon as the two top baddies were out of the way, the dolphins went around the room working on people's chakras. I felt two more people disappear, and the rest seemed to be getting healed. Several of us got that the cetaceans were giving them a chance to choose their fate. And the ones who wouldn't give up their plans were adiosed. Stevo and I saw that most of these people were bankers, heads of state, heads of royal families, etc. Illuminati power players. We felt their desperation; in fact, that's what I felt all during the chat while disposing of these different groups. They're running around trying to play with the deadly toys, and they have no idea what to do. There's no one running the show. Don saw this as a perfect opportunity to throw a wrench in the whole works and really do some damage to the occult/corporate order.

Stevo's whale friend said yes, that's the goal. In his words: "They, the Illuminati, have always feared the humans linking with the cetaceans like this in etheric battle; they knew it would be their undoing. This is why our navy has been genociding whales and dolphins for years."

So, we kept going. Why stop when you're on a roll? I felt we were not done with Iran, so we started focusing on the map Carol and Stevo had seen. I saw a guy in khakis holding the map and talking on the phone to someone named Abrams. It's unusual for me to get such a specific picture, but what the heck? Denis saw the marks on the map representing old power places and others saw nukes, so we just asked the cetaceans to take care of it. It might have been a plot to explode nukes in Iran. At this point not one but two planes flew over our house to bug us -- our first double flyover! They got blasted, of course.

While the other were boosting the cetaceans, I boosted Lilly and Constantin, who had been targeted by a suicide drunk driver that was supposed to take them out. Thankfully, they are fine -- they have some powerful protection. The dolphins did a great job rebalancing these two after their shocking experience.

After the whales and dolphins finished in Iran, Denis shared a recurring vision with us. He saw the Earth encased in a dodecahedron made of crystalline material. Since this is the shape the dolphins have been working with we were immediately intrigued. He said the dodec is pulsing strongly and is a sort of relay for something else. We all felt that this was a positive vision he was seeing, and what we came to realize is that the dodec around the earth is a relay for the whales and dolphins to help us with our spiritual evolution. I feel that the human heart network that we did a few chats ago was plugging into this dodec, but we didn't know that yet. We just instinctively used our hearts as points and blue energy as the fabric between the points.

Stevo suggested that we boost all the points (places where the corners of the pentagonal faces meet) on the dodec around the earth to help the cetaceans help us, and to keep the darksiders from hijacking these energy points to use for their own purposes. So that's what we did. The cetaceans were there at all the node points to help us. I saw the dolphins leaping around and jumping through the points, estatic. I saw beams of energy shooting out into space and down into the earth from each point. Most of us felt a wonderful energy that is hard to describe, so I'll just call it Love. Many thanks to Denis Couture for sharing his vision!

Well, thus endeth the chat report. Whew! We got a lot done in a relatively short amount of time (4-1/2 hours). I boosted the dodec shape around the earth periodically today and will continue to do so. For what it's worth, it's my feeling that something big is coming, something good. I'm an optimist at heart. Do whatever you can to connect with the cetaceans. They are waiting for you.

Be well, friends,