Whale and Dolphin killing
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The dolphin connection by Dooney

[2009 July EW] Montauk - Millstone Complex At Long Island Sound

[2009 April] Thousands of dolphins block Somali pirates

[EW 2009 Feb] Sonic Weapons Aimed at Whale Activists

[EW 2009 Jan] Scientists Behind the Learning Curve re: Dolphins ;-)  during a feeding session a female dolphin swam faster and faster around the pool and then leaped out of the water toward Gentry's outstretched hand, which held a fish.  Instead of grabbing the fish, the dolphin took his hand in her teeth for a moment and looked into his eyes.   Gentry said the surroundings disappeared in that moment, which stretched into an extended vision of the then-probable future of our world--full of destruction and death.  When she let go, the vision abruptly ended and she resumed swimming around the pool.  He immediately left the facility and didn't return.

[EW Feb 2008] Film of Dolphins Manipulating Gravity 

[EW 24 Oct 2006]  Lines of Force Around Our Flying Dolphin....---Don Croft     The dolphin was photographed near Santa Monica, California, a few hours after Rick Moors put the first large orgonite device in the Pacific Ocean there in January, 2002. A thousand or so bottlenose dolphins showed up at the site, which so astonished the photographer that he shot a couple rolls of film of the event from his balcony, next to the beach. When he developed the film, none of the dolphins in the water were in the photographs and only this one was seen, lazily 'swimming' from left to right, about fifty feet above the water in several frames. The photographer hadn't noticed the flying dolphin, by the way, so was doubly astonished when it showed up in the photos, later

[EW Aug 2006] Whales Attracted to Dolphin Ball

[EW June 2006] May 2005 Trip to Hawaii - Carol Croft

[EW May 2006] Dolphin hyperdimensional physics displays...--Don Croft
The dolphin began swimming very fast around the tank, then swam suddenly toward Gentry, came out of the water and held his hand in her teeth while looking into his eyes. He was overwhelmed with a dark future vision in that instant and was suspended in time while a vision of the self-destruction of humanity played out.  Then she let go, dropped back into the water and swam away from him.

[feb 2005] The Sacred Geometry of Cetaceans  ----Dooney
Stevo's whale friend said yes, that's the goal. In his words: "They, the Illuminati, have always feared the humans linking with the cetaceans like this in etheric battle; they knew it would be their undoing. This is why our navy has been genociding whales and dolphins for years."


Carol's Costa Rica Trip!

[EW March 2005] Navy Admits Dolphin Beaching Followed Sub's Exercises
[EW] Reaching Out to the Other Hundredth Monkeys 8)  Don Croft

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He also showed me how the US Navy and other agencies are trying to kill them all off now, because the dolphins and whales so desperately want to help us humans. What he showed me was heart wrenching. How they are being tortured by the sonar and by the different radio frequencies that the Navy is using on them. Carol's Costa Rica Trip!

Carol and I had recognized that cetaceans are among The Operators and in fact when the deep water, rough tooth dolphin specie made dramatic contact with her and Linda in December it was a historic occasion because this specie had remained aloof from humanity until then. Seventy of these miraculous beings were driven out of the water by screeching Navy sonar last week in Florida and the among the fifty survivors of the Navy assault who were captured and handed over to 'The State,' thirteen were murdered even after that. [EW] Reaching Out to the Other Hundredth Monkeys 8)  Don Croft

A Whale Bleeds to Death at Sea World
You won't find this photo in the park's brochures. 'In the wild orcas can live to be 100 years old. At Sea World, they're lucky to survive a decade.'