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Dear Don & Carol,

Re: your message to Mary: I'm thankful you are keeping your board private as it saves me from reading a lot parasiticrap (new word) as I'm one of those quiet and unknown gifters with little time to spare dodging disinfo, fear and doubt. I read your site daily for rightful information and inspiration and that's about all I need. Except for one thing. Would you explain what "The Operators" are exactly? And now I know why my internet was malfunctioning all last week (the only computer on a campus of hundreds that couldn't get online).

I especially enjoy the psychics contributions and love reading about their efforts and abilities. Isn't it possible that by example and familiarity, the psychics are stimulating latent abilities in others? Tell them all thank you.

Your words and deeds are so very important - keep those informative and inspiring words coming. I will be gifting the satanic Manhattan Beach. southern CA, area with special emphasis for the water (after the Masonic lodges - that's my thing) as there's always a lot of dolphins there. I usually just drive around the SF Valley looking for "areas of white" to show me where to gift, but your recent article inspired the ocean effort.

You will be happy to know that the Sylphs are in abundance in the LA area despite the endless spraying. Nothing sticks! Speaking of chemtrails, I have finally figured out a way to show people what's happening. Instead of an explanation, which just gets me the "you're a loonytoon" look, I now just point up to the spray and say, "Oh, look. There's spraying again!" as though everyone in the world is aware of this fact. Funny thing is, the new viewer will usually just agree while I can see that they've never noticed before. I then ask them if they have read the latest articles on in the tune of "anyone who's anyone reads that site." Nothing like using their preprogrammed mindsets for a better purpose.

Thank you, Don & Carol, for your efforts and guidance. If it weren't for you - I hate to think of that.

Leslie Kelly


Your comments are very much appreciated, Leslie, and thanks for keeping us abreast of your own efforts.

When we first started offering the reports to four years ago it soon became apparent that any mention of specific benevolent entities could be used by disinformation artists to undermine our effort through misrepresentation and polarization. The best example of that was 'Wingmakers.'

I personally gifted Chaco Canyon (alleged site of the Wingmakers archaelogical phenomenon) and there is physical evidence of a lot of underground occult/corporate activity in that very remote area on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico, where none of the maps reflect where roads actually are or are not Wink and our original information about the Wingmakers came from our conversation with Al Bielek, whom Carol and I personally feel is an honest man, in Feb. of 01 in Atlanta.

Carol and other psychics have seen any number of human and other species, elementals and etheric beings among this collective network's guides and protectors. They're dynamically united in purpose but are not monolithic, which may be reflected in the fact that human unity, too, is based in diversity.

I started using the term, 'The Operators,' shortly after DB posted the comment, 'Operators are standing by,' on the first of the orgonite boards that he and I were involved with. That was three years ago.

I personally have had faith in God and a firm conviction of the eternal nature of the soul since I was 18 but before that I was a reluctant atheist. I think most rational people in the West these days are functional atheists and I can relate to that, since churchianity became glaringly hypocritical and schizoid to me by the time I was 12 and the overbearing materialistic culture of the US, just like Marxist Russia and China at the time, thoroughly ground any fledgling personal mystical aspirations into the dust. America in the 1950s and early 60s, dominated by the mouth-frothing Depression Babies who were prospering on the coat tails of National Socialism, was very depressing for creative people, young and old.

I think that if I'd encountered any of Theosophy's tentacles when I was a kid in Arkansas in those sad years I might have grabbed onto it, which is why I don't hammer people too much for running to that artificial spiritual default mechanism unless they then become proselytes for it and start spewing newage sewage Cool but, really, only the very imbalanced get into that scam deep enough to become the occult/corporate order's mystical mouths. The only 'other' paradigm I encountered in Arkansas then was Judaism and I remember envying my few Jewish friends and wishing I were one of them because they were cool, fairly aloof from the deadening materialistic paradigm and seemed to 'know something.'

My stepdad, a mason and apparently my CIA MK Ultra handler in those days, was the one who told me that God is an imaginary friend for grownups and 'proved it' when I was 12. He also took us to church every Sunday--Methodist--and even taught Sunday School a couple of times. See how we were all programmed to be devout schizophrenics?

AFter I discovered that there's a benevolent God my stepdad tried to induce me to get into freemasonry and he left his worn copy of MORALS AND DOGMA (the Scottish Rite 'boyscout manual') within reach. By then, of course, the infantile strivings of these cretinous, licentious fez wearers already looked pretty silly to me, especially that devil/draconian image of the masonic 'God,' Baphomet-the-hermaphroditic-she-goat in the inverted pentagram. How surreal and schizoid do you reckon adults' belief systems are capable of getting? Anyone can see that MORALS AND DOGMA is more imaginative and surreal than anything the Brothers Grimm could have conceived.

Carol and I had recognized that cetaceans are among The Operators and in fact when the deep water, rough tooth dolphin specie made dramatic contact with her and Linda in December it was a historic occasion because this specie had remained aloof from humanity until then. Seventy of these miraculous beings were driven out of the water by screeching Navy sonar last week in Florida and the among the fifty survivors of the Navy assault who were captured and handed over to 'The State,' thirteen were murdered even after that. The occult/corporate parasites like '13' an awful lot because it's a powerful number. They have to steal energy to get power, of course, because they're parasites. We're born with power, which is why we're finally winning this war that they've been waging on humanity since the dawn of this cycle of human history in the distant past.

We'm very happy that you're focusing on gifting the ocean and we're looking forward to getting more of your reports, since you seem to have extraordinary energy sensitivity and are an intelligent self-starter and sovereign fellow.

It's tougher for folks like me to get subtle energy and psi impressions becuase it all has to come through my intuitive processes, not through an innate gift. I think that about 10% of the population has the gift and in most cases it's latent. If it weren't for our psychics and energy sensitives (as you can see) this grassroots, anti-organized, global effort would never have expanded and consolidated to its present form and the reason I was anxious, early on, to foster more and more cooperation among bona fide psychics and sensitives is that consistent data from folks like that constitutes scientific data. Weeding out the talented ringers for the first three years was not a pleasant task but it was an essential one. As you might know, they fairly swarmed this effort in the early stages as programmed and even intentional destructive instruments. We've learned lately, though, that their number is limited and it's gotten a lot easier for us to spot them. Moles soon find themselves in the hotseat if they manage to scam the psychic screeners Cool

Science and spirituality can no longer be separated in this emerging paradigm and there are now enough self-empowered people (hundredth monkeys) among us so that the entire specie can now grasp this simple truth. The surviving Depression Babies are mostly debilitated by now. In the 1950s and 60s they sacrificed their children on Mammon's nihilistic altar in order to empower the occult/corporate world order to reach the brink of global genocide and enslavement. That generation have since lost the awareness and vitality to prop up National Socialism in North America and Europe, the stronghold and cradle, respectively, of nihilistic materialism. You can see the very depressed former bedrock of National Socialism in lovely gated, patrolled communities in South Florida, Phoenix and Orange County as they wander through their few waking hours per day in bedslippers and bathrobes, wondering what happened to their glorious dreams of retirement and only leaving their air conditioned castles to pick up the Wall Street Journal on their doorsteps.

You've adopted a good working strategy for waking up your peers, I think. A few years ago that might not have worked but with all these other hundredth monkeys flying around in the jungle of Monarch and Hollywood mind control protocols that jungle is quickly and dramatically disappearing now as thoroughly as the Vietnam jungle was decimated by Agent Orange. One of us can overcome tens of thousands of unwitting schizoid, mind controlled self-policing, politically correct National Socialist goose steppers, after all, simply by surgically inserting little bits of assimilable reality.

Countless millions of people in North America,Europe and Asia are Monarch assets, which means they've been specifically programmed from the time they started talking. The ones who are assets are 'succeeding' in life if they weren't assiged to be homeless psychotics and the ones like me who washed out in the teen years due to 'character issues' were all immediately cemented into dead end lives, loaded up with post hypnotic, self-limiting and even suicidal programming and assigned to handlers to make sure that we didn't break out of it and become threats to the status quo. The awakening among this demographic actually seem to make up the front ranks of the gifters and predator blasters because, after all, payback is a MoFo.

Once a Monarch asset has been induced to look at reality, even a chemtrail, for the first time there's usually no going back becuase the programming, though very deep and thorough, is still only parasitic and can't ever reach the soul itself, which is incorruptible and is the throne of our reality, 'closer to you than your own life's vein.' The designers of that aggressive, persistent but superficial occult/corporate programming are spiritually stupid and can't even understand this point but any child can understand it. So can 'primitives' like me Wink

The plan was to make my generation even more dumbed down than my parents' generation, the Depression Babies, and the drug culture of the sixties was to have been the vehicle, which is why so many ex-hippies drive new Volvos and work 'in the public sector.' HIllary Clinton is probably the very earnest National Socialist paradigm for how my doped up generation was supposed to have turned out, in fact, and just look at how that backfired Cool

I think the media-enforced paradigm for the following National Socialist generations is identical to the image of the MKids we see wandering around our little town and all over college campuses and corporate sky scrapers. Their brainwaves that are nothing but static and even they'll admit that their main roles in life are 'consumer' and soap opera participant, while the scripted media paradigm for collective humanity is 'a virus on the earth's surface which needs to be reduced and controlled.'

I bet you know a lot of faux awake environmentalists and others who don't question that paradigm, with the exception that they all, individually, believe that they're qualified to survive when the rest of humanity is justifiably wiped out Wink

That's an integral part of the programming, of course. if any of these poor benighted mouthpieces for the Rockefeller Foundations had intellectual integrity they'd suicide today and relieve 'poor Gaia's grievous burden.'

I'm a mouthpiece of another sort, of course, and my current personal strategies will seem pretty funny to everyone after we've succeeded in waking up enough people. It's funny to me right now, actually, but feels like a legitimate career. When that happy day has come the massive but superficial occult/corporate programming jungle will have simply dissipated like a malignant fart when the doors open on this crowded elevator which we're all ascending in have opened up at the destination, which I see is full accountability under the law of these occult/corporate minions such as the openly treasonous US, British, Russian and Chinese governments and their occult/corporate, murderous lapdog regimes in Europe, Asia, AFrica and the Americas.

The new, frenetic flood of Chicken Little programmers on the net have convinced the masses of faux awake folks (these are the ones who unwittingly send around all of that CIA and Kremlin generated pap, in a Pavlovian response, to their large, mostly receptive personal email lists) that the paradigm change will be some instant event in the not distant future and most of humanity will probably just faint away and die (because they're too dirty to 'ascend') then or will just be consumed in a global conflagration. Notice how similar this is to that infantile Christian fundamentalist 'rapture' myth? It's all just programming, based loosely on the fact that humanity is simply growing up. The prospect of being an adult is pretty terrifying to adolescents, after all, and notice how like adolescents the Chicken Littles like Rense, Bell, Carnicom, and Faal are all behaving now.

Anyone can see that the 'global calamity' is spiritual and political in nature, not physical, even discounting the fact that most of humanity are wage slaves and are not free at all but are essentially just chattel of 'the company store.' Political freedom is impossible without economic freedom.

It's a calamity that The State has obliterated nearly every nuclear family through divorce courts (marriage is not the governments' concern, so neither is divorce or 'enforced child support').

It's a calamity that an entire generation of youth is borderline suicidal.

It's a calamity that National Socialism supplanted charity in the world.

It's a calamity that The State assumed control of education and religion.

It's a calamity that our healers, for generations, have been rounded up and murdered or imprisoned by The State.

It's a calamity that the people allow that; for that matter, it's a calamity that millions of innocents in America are essentially political prisoners in the biggest gulag in human history--the US prison system).

It's a calamity that it's only possible to effectively defend yourself against The State in a handful of countries.

It's a calamity that most people don't recognizenotice that 'right wing' and 'left wing' politics are functionally identical and equally oppressive.

It's a calamity that PJ folks have mistaken the weak, parasitic nature of government for actual political power.

I could fill several pages with the calamities that I'm personally aware of or have experienced and I bet you know some that I didn't even notice but I've made my point: we're rather coming to the end of the most ruinous, murderous and oppressive period of human history, not waiting for it to begin, and we gifters and predator/megaparasite-blasters are on the cutting edge of the first real, lasting revolution in human history.

We don't need to be ashamed of where we are spiritually in the moment, of course, and we can laugh at our own limitations and relative short sightedness because this service work is a lot of fun and it just feels right. It's getting obviously good results, too, as any self-empowered person is finding out and as you've noted, Leslie. Who among us isn't startlingly aware that we've embraced and are now fulfilling our life purpose?

Etheric Warriors is is a living expression of the emerging paradigm. Sensei Dennie's ' board, Warrior Matrix, is another living expression of this new paradigm. I believe that pretty soon there will be a lot of boards similar, but not identical to ours, since human diversity demands many expressions the way humanity demands a choice of car models and meal entrees. I"m content driving an old Ford pickup and eating brown rice and gomasio but my wife finds satisfaction in a late 80s BMW sports coupe and her favorite food is salmon. I guess that when we're all dead we'll just pick or make up whatever vehicle strikes our fancy the best and we'll eat and eat and never get fat or sick. All of that's in order as far as I'm concerned. We'll probably all have plenty of great, monogamous heterosexual sex, too, as Mark Twain once pointed out. That book was censored until the 1970s, by the way--no kidding! I bet that if Mark Twain had lived way beyond Haley's Comet's return in 1921 he would have gone to bat for Dr Reich.

By the way, I think that when the NSA hackers attack people's computers in reprisal for reading Etheric Warriors or for contacting me the intended victim is usually galvanized instead because, after all, these assaults are just a confirmation that one has firmly set out on the path of genuine search. The essentially sociopathic occult/corporate blunt instruments are sabotaging their own pitiful agenda more and more these days, as you can see.

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."