Whale and Dolphin killing

[Whales and Dolphins have larger brains than humans and are in fact of higher spiritual 'intelligence'.  When the mystic, scientist and Dolphin researcher John Lilly discovered this, he released his captive Dolphins back into the sea.  This is one of the reasons the Navy are killing them with sonar, as they are waging spiritual war on the Etheric plane (part of The Operators), which is where the real battleground is situated.  See Carol and Don Croft's accounts here.  It sure is a distraction from the question: are humans the top of the food chain?]

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Meet the Dr. Mengele of Whales by Paul Watson

Killing Dolphins by sonar
[UK 2008]
Dolphin deaths: was sonar to blame?
[EW March 2005] Navy Admits Dolphin Beaching Followed Sub's Exercises
[EW] Reaching Out to the Other Hundredth Monkeys 8)  Don Croft

Navy Won't Detail Sonar Use for Whale Endangerment Case

Navy sonar blamed for death of beaked whales

He also showed me how the US Navy and other agencies are trying to kill them all off now, because the dolphins and whales so desperately want to help us humans. What he showed me was heart wrenching. How they are being tortured by the sonar and by the different radio frequencies that the Navy is using on them. Carol's Costa Rica Trip!

Carol and I had recognized that cetaceans are among The Operators and in fact when the deep water, rough tooth dolphin specie made dramatic contact with her and Linda in December it was a historic occasion because this specie had remained aloof from humanity until then. Seventy of these miraculous beings were driven out of the water by screeching Navy sonar last week in Florida and the among the fifty survivors of the Navy assault who were captured and handed over to 'The State,' thirteen were murdered even after that. [EW] Reaching Out to the Other Hundredth Monkeys 8)  Don Croft

The Ruthless Killing
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