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Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2005 7:25 am    Post subject: Cesco's little secret device  

Cesco's little secret device arrived today. He sent Me one in december but it never made it, I guess THEY did not want Me to get it! well I can sure see why. Cesco has created something incredible!
I've had this ongoing pain in my neck on My right side. it started
immediatally after I started using dork boy's implant killer to disable My
implants. the IK arrived while I was in jail so I started using it a little
over 6 weeks ago. well.. immediatally after touching the crystal in the
little secret device to my right neck the pain DISAPPEARED! Smile)
My son was on His putter next to Me and said He had an itchy spot on His
right leg. the second I touched the crystal to the spot the itch

big cheers for Cesco!!!!!

He also sent Me some bonus coils, awful nice of Him seeing that THEY confiscated the first package He sent to Me.

these coils look alot more complicated but I have an energy sensitive friend here in regina that has been building coils for Me, 3 years already that We put into t/b's. I'm talking thousands of t/b's here now gifters. the wire for these coils comes from a van full of wire that My dad wanted to re-cycle 5 years ago when We dismantled an old greenhouse project. I told Him no. keep the wire I have a feeling I am going to need it for something in the future. well that future came 2 years later when I came across the name Don Croft. now I want Cesco's little secret coils put into the pyramid hhg's that We are in the process of pouring daily. can only pour one a day as only have one mold that was bought from quebecorgone. a number of these 51.8 degree pyramid hhg's will be gifted into the pacific the weekend of the 19th this month.

Cesco's sight if You don't already know is: http://soulbalm.com/

You should have seen the skies in regina today as soon as Cesco's device arrived at My door it seemed like We had non stop spew planes making X's allover the neighborhood! this is normal fanfare of course over the last 3 yrs continually getting worse. however I don't remember noticing THEM as much over the last few weeks until the little secret device showed up hmmm

we're winning and it's mostly all because of Us fellow gifters. be proud We all deserve the very best and We will get it!
when bush goes to jail for
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A few thoughts on the above thread.

First- a Cesco coil is one awesome powerful focused coil- maybe the greatest yet. It does not, as Don Croft notes, replace the Moebius (or SBB etc) and has a completely different function.

When travelling in a car with a Cesco device (WITH CESCO himself), we were tailed by 2 fedmobiles and the Cesco coils did not block surveilllence. After making the bastards, I turned on a succor punch with a Moebius wrap and after some assymetrical road manuevers, lost the chumps. It neutralized the transmitter or whatever they were using to track us.

Second- The looming question is this: Is it the hand of the creator of the coil that imbues it with it's qualities or is it purely it's amazing design/perfect artistic execution or both? To see Cesco make a coil in and of itself is an amzing show and the coils are truly a "self portrait' of their parent, who is a superbly gifted individual who has extra- ordinary qualities. Does his artistic gift of being able to creat perfect geometric coils with his bare hands have anything to do with it? Is it the form of the coil design? I personally swear these will never be able to be machine made or created with some mere formula or template.

Third- Cesco the consumate artist also has energetic qualities personally, that needs NO device and it begs to be asked if THAT is imparted personally to the coils. It is also why I wholeheartedly endorse Carol Crofts H.P. pendants which are unsurpassed. Is it the design, physical components or what CAROL HERSELF "adds" (not a physical ingredient) to the device HERSELF? No one will "copy" these either. Same as D.B.s stuff. Original art is just that. If everyone could do it it wouldn't be art, would it? The human or spiritual qualities/resonance should NOT be discounted or underestimated. I personally believe this is the most important factor, somehow.

To sum up- Cesco's sculptural and design abilities with wire are astonishing to begin with and he also is the rare individual that has special energetic and healing abilities. What is the answer? Get some of HIS coils and figure it out for yourself.

For those of you that make orgonite, coils or other etheric devices, maybe your special genius, energies or personal qualities will possibly be as powerful and effective in an equally fantastic way. You ALL have a particular contribution to the creation. Look within and BE ORIGINAL!

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