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my latest device is built around an insulated little secret coil, for lack of a better name i call it the little secret device.
everyone that has tried it has felt its energy working noticably, this includes regular non-energy sensitive people.
its a small handheld device that you activate with your own energy by placing thumb and pinky finger on beads attached to the coils ends.
it seems to be working best in left hand for personal healing(yourself) and to release energy in your right hand.
i have made the device with insulated wire so that one can attach it to a frequency generator for amplified effects, and it really amplifies when you do this.
prototypes has been mailed out to a chosen few and i will update this thread with their feedback soon, along with a picture of the device.
thanks for reading
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Has quite a strong pleasant feeling, especially when one holds it with thumb on one bead and a finger (of the same hand) on the second.

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Site Admin

I've been using one of these for over a week and am quite astonished by the apparent results. I've held off commenting on it because I want to get a handle on at least one of the parameters Wink

I asked Cesco to send a few of these out to more energy sensitives.

This seems to be a 'next level' invention and that will probably bear out when more experimenters have weighed in.

I'm personally grateful that someone's finally come up with a genuinely ground-breaking new, powerful basic coil configuration after three years of having to listen to the mindless chatter of blind imitators about worthless coil forms.

Please bear with me--I know that sort of deluded, backward stuff bothers me more than it bothers anyone else Wink but if I weren't standing at the gate by taking exception to loud, incessant fake science and pseudo-metaphysics you and I might not be having this conversation because this network would have been justifiablyt neutered and discredited by now.

I absolutely do love Cesco's creations, no less the fact that he's quite conservative in his claims for them.



"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich
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Observations from Anne (MoonBeam):


You've done it again!! A wonderful device. I am tempted to call this
orgone pulser!

My own observations are as follows:

First thing I noticed, the longer you hold it, the stronger the
becomes but do eventually reach the maximum.

When held upright in the left palm (the energy receiving hand) with
crystal facing up and fingers wrapped around the sides - strong
vibration with quick pulse felt in fingertips and up to wrist. Not
calming, not too discomforting, much excitement. I feel the energy
out from the bottom at the sides like a dome shape with a beam in the
center. I would call this the negative end.

While holding it in the same position in my hand but above my head,
crystal pointed at my skull and eyes closed, I see colors move, like
stepping aside as the beam of the crystal moves around my head. I can
inside my head the orgone dancing around as sparks. When crystal is
just below my temple at the side of my head, aimed through one eye
the other, I see a blue beam in both eyes. Wherever the crystal is
at my head, I can see a bright white light coming from that spot
forming a
blue beam in a straight line. In this position, the vibration extends
up my
arm to my shoulder, giving my chills. I know this experiment may
weird, but I discovered by accident one time with my SP it could help
"see" things better when I aim it at my head. This device
has the same feel
in that respect but much more intense.

When held upright in the left hand, with the crystal facing the palm,
fingers wrapped around the sides - much of the same feeling in
but with a different vibration, a more loving energy. The pulse of
energy seems slower than with the crystal pointing up. I feel the
push further almost to my elbow. I would call this side with the
crystal the
positive end. The energy from the crystal feels like a laser going
my hand. If I extend my arm and twist my hand so that the crystal
point is
aimed along my arm, I feel it to my shoulder.

When held in my right hand, crystal side up, I feel a cool beam when
I move
my left hand over it.

When held in my left hand, crystal pointed away from my body, holding
with the gold balls using my thumb and middle finger, I feel a
push-pull pulse evenly balanced. High vibration that gets stronger
the more
you hold it.

Switching from middle finger to pinkie produces a softer vibration,
steady and even, not as much pulse to it. In this position I feel the
left side of my body gently vibrate with chills. Feels very pleasant

When I flip it so that the crystal is facing my body, holding it by
balls using thumb and pinkie, it doesn't feel as pleasant. It could
because of the energy shooting out the crystal into my body into one
spot. But I have a strong suspicion it's because the crystal end is
out positive energy and the other end is drawing in negative energy

I placed it standing up with crystal pointing skyward and removed the
ball from the top. When I adjust my eyes, I can definitely see
orgone sparks around it. I see the energy emerge in a bell shape
with a spinning vortex around the edges of the bell and a beam
straight up
from the center in a narrower cone shape about half an inch wide, a
wider than the crystal. I believe the protruding wire may be
responsible for
creating the vortex. I also see a gentle very slow colored pulse from
to green and back again.

I've asked a few people to hold it and give their opinion. All said
felt something from it with answers like it feels good, it vibrates
stomach area (I didn't check if crystal was pointed in that
direction) and
it feels strong.

My favorite positions are holding it with thumb/pinkie and crystal
away from body as this was most pleasant and pointing the crystal at
my head
with my eyes closed because it's as fun. Seeing all those colors,
well this
is my kind of drug!

I will let you know if I notice anything else. I haven't tested it
with a
terminator yet!

Thank you for including me in testing your newest device. A wonderful
Cesco! Congratulations!

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It is always a challenge for me to describe or attempt to describe what my devices do, mainly because i am not very energy sensitive and suffer from etheric blindness:)
I rely on assitance from a chosen few with evolved senses to do the proper testing and observations of my creations.
So far i can say that no other creation i have made makes me so fascinated as this device and i am very proud of it.
All the feedback has been very positive which is a great reward for me as I really wish to contribute to the well being of life.
I know that many are anxious to get proper and complete definitions from things; I cannot give you that, I will do my best at presenting all the observations I receive as well as my own.

What i have learned so far from the device is that it functions as a healing instrument primaraly, I also consider a healing instrument a weapon so lets call it a healing weapon:)
It pulsates very pure and positive etheric energy when it stands alone, when you activate it it seems to use your own qi and amplifies in strength.
What i have observed is that it removes energy blockages very effectively without any conscious effort from the user, it has been very effective for removing physical pains.
I believe it does so much more than that.
What i see/feel from it is that it reaches for the root of any negative blockage one might have and starts dissolving/transforming it.
For this to happen the person being healed has to confront his own negative issues and that can be quite a dramatic experience for some especially of the blockage is of spiritual and emotional nature.

For me it increases my perception so that my surroundings become very clear to me, I use it mainly when I walk outdoors on my way to my workshop.
I get the feeling of being in a huge etheric bubble that protects me, the bubble is my own energy field expanded like a giant shield and I can expand it larger at will it feels like.
My mood becomes very positive and my empathic feelings really push through, a deep understanding and compassion for my surrounding is present when i have it activated.

I travel 20 minutes every morning by the subway to get to my workshop, when i enter the train with it activated in my hand the atmosphere is so pleasant, people lets their guard down for a while and true emotions starts to flow, its an amazing sight for me to witness.

Since I do not suffer from any diseases or chronic physical pains I have not had the chance to experiment on myself much when it comes to this aspect, I could mention that yesterday from working with to uniform and repetative coil winding movements my left shoulder became quite sore.
I treated myself with the device for a minute or two to see what happened, the physical discomfort dissapeared quickly.

It is quite important to point out that I do not make any claims for what it does or do not do, what i write is from my own understanding and perception which some might consider very limited.
To make it clear this is an experimental device.

One thing I would like to say about me and my creations, they are all created with deep respect/care, proper focus and loving intent.
I never work when I am out of focus and my workshop does not have any music playing and no one else is present when I work.
My personal creations are all dear to me and I am very grateful to be able to pass them along to some one so that they can be of use.
And I make sure to tell people that my creations are not simple objects but beings full of life and that they treat them well.

Thank you for reading.
At your service

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Site Admin

It's been a couple of weeks and now I'm comfortable to state that when the Little Secret is powered up with the standard Succor Punch pulser it apparently and quickly drives negativity out of the immediate environment and ourselves, for want of a better explanation. I admit that it frightened me a bit at first to think that this could be so. Wink

I had put smaller, bare Cesco coils in the orgonite plugs of a couple of our zappers and we've been testing that. I can tentavely say that this has made the zapper more powerful in terms of the healing effect; when I breathe mold spores in this tired old house, for instance, I recover fast instead of going thru a day or so of mild cold symptoms as has been the case every winter since I started making zappers in early '96. Before that winter, I just got really sick (fake flu--very common) each fall when the windows were closed for the winter. After the zapper, I got sniffles for extended periods after the windows were all closed.

ChemBuster has boosted my immune response, by the way, but the little coil in the zapper has apparently boosted it even more. If I had a few million bucks for marketting we could probably just get rid of the damned medical/drug cartel and its gulag archipelago sooner than later and then punish the vast army of cynical serial killers (all but the trauma surgeons and fake-boob installing MDs). Maybe if I carried around a Little Secret they'd be unable to assassinate me for initiating that . :roll:

It's always a good exercise to Think Big.

I first noticed the lifting effect of the Little Secret (powered) in my own thoughts and behavior, then I noticed that the others in the household also seemed to have experienced the same lift.

I powered it intermittently for the first week, then kept it on constantly for a week and it's been unpowered for several days. I can say that for a few days I noticed a difference in ambience between the powered and non-powered application but now the ambience is just steadily much clearer and calmer than it was before the coil arrived, even with the power/freq box turned off.

Maybe the Little Secret just sort of establishes a looped orgone circuit that boosts to a certain level, as Anne suggests. I don't know, yet, if the power/freq application does any more than speed that process up, though I didn't notice a difference around here during the few days between receiving the device and putting the freq/power to it.

I'm sure Cesco will be compiling all the data for us before long. I sent one to DB and he immediately put the LIttle Secret in his cloudbuster and saw a nice, big atmospheric effect but he hasn't elucidated that yet.

I think Kelly suggested adding the crystal to one end, right? I remember him telling us that he'd experimented with that because it was right before I made the Earthpipes for Yellowstone's huge caldera. Cesco had quickly made some suitable coils for that project and I glued Lemus to the coils in that case.

The little crystal at one end of the Little Secret's apparently doing a hell of a big job in this case, at any rate, and sort of indicates to me that perhaps this involves the 'owner' of the device with its environmental influence. It makes sense that a 'next level' personal device would accentuate this factor. This, by the way, is probably also why gemstones and minerals, intelligently added to orgonite, are more appropriate for personal devices than for field devices.

In Feb, 03, when I was still recovering from the Vrils' injected poison and marking episode of Dec. 18 (six of us across the US got 'the treatment' that night) and the more recently disabled poison implants I realized that a new, viable energy configuration will excite different responses in people, according to various factors. Then, I delivered the tower of orgonite pyramids (radionics condensor?) to DB in Pasadena to put in the Devil's Gate vortex for some radionics fun. He was living in the vortex at the time. That enormous vortex is centered at Aleister Crowley's JPL, nearby.

When we set that up, I became even more sluggish and sleepy but he got incredibly energized from it, though he'd been severely hammered from the NSA's vantage in a house diagonally across the street and was sick when I showed up that morning (he was one of the six, by the way). The next day we did some risky gifting in San Bernardino (with Mark Melton) and I barely stayed awake but he never stood still, though at one point he and Mark literally climbed a mountain to deposit a very big gift.

The first day of that visit to the Devil's Gate vortex was when I saw, up close, a woman with green skin and no nose slowly leave the driveway of the NSA outpost on DB's short street and later that day two ambulances showed up and removed two very still bodies from that house, a towel covering the face of one. One ambulance would have sufficed if the supine ones had been going to the same destination, of course Cool .

DB was giving me a walking tour of the FBI, CIA, NSA and LAPD-assassin households that had surrounded thier domicile since our first meeting nine months earlier and right after the litlte walking tour I aimed my brand new Powerwand at the NSA (worst) house as an experiment to hopefully give the DB family some relief from whatever was being directed at them from that house. Everyone in the family immediately felt better when those two bodies were removed, by the way.

The Little Secret, to me, indicates a future trend in this tech. Maybe we'll only fully appreciate it after the gov't terror threat has been dealt with and we can have peace and prosperity, finally. maybe a huge Little Secret in a proper application can be a 'Do Not Enter' sign for the occult sewer rats for an entire region--who knows? If our benighted US military just won't arrest their puppetmasters instead of slaughtering swarthy innocents on London's behalf maybe we'll just have to take territory back from the occult/corporate parasites some other expeditious way. I sure as hell don't want to just shoot them.

I don't care much if The City of London ends up sort like the Vatican did after the fall of the Holy Roman Empire and can only rule a 'country' the size of Washington, DC.

Maybe we can stop this horrible mercenary incursion in Iraq, soon, with an intelligent application of the Little Secret. Just brainstorming here, of course.

Sensei's already been experimenting with adding Cesco's coils to an etheric weapon and we'll be getting feedback from that.

It requires some assimilation to get to a 'next level' in our personal awareness, in other words, so whether something like the LIttle Secret energizes or tires you initially, both are a sign of personal progress, don't worry. Whenever I feel tired from this process, I just take a nap. After all, we don't need to 'do' anything about it.

I've never worried a whole lot about the incessant and obtuse secret police attention and filthy local cops prowling our alley on their behalf and ogling our house from the gate in the backyard, though until I started experimenting with the Little Secret that unlawful stuff always annoyed me.

Honestly, since I began playing around with this device, that stuff doesn't even bother me any more. I no longer feel like making rude gestures at the felonious FBI jerkwads in the house around the corner as we drive by, for instance, though that was having a beneficial effect and was a genuine public service.

I'm even feeling more sanguine about the small crowd of people, on and off the internet, who apparently read everything I write, never seem to sleep, and look for any opportunity to put my head on a pike. What's happening to me? Cool

You really ought to buy one of these from Cesco and do your own experimenting before he starts charging what they're really worth.


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"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich
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Thank you Don for clarifying matters perhaps a little clearer than me:)
I have the basic designs for the BIG little secret device at hand, I need assistance to create it so i will store those plans until i meet you, Carol and Kelly next year.
This creation will be something REALLY REALLY special(note the BIG words) Very Happy

By the way, my webpage( is being programmed as we might take a few hours before its up so please have patience, for those lacking it I can be reached here:

As Don mentioned I have made a few coil alternatives for his wonderful Terminator device, I have a very good feeling about this combination and I am glad to see that it enhances its healing purpose.

There is still lots of experimentation to be done and that means alot of good times ahead.


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Since I am allready receiving orders and questions regarding the device, i need to say this again:
There is a problem with the uploading of my webpage, it will be fixed Thursday morning at the latest.
Thank you for your understanding.

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My webpage is now up and running(, some small adjustments needs to be made(more readable text).

Morgan from UK has been testing the Device for a while now, here is his latest observation/experience:

"Have been conducting energy sending experiments with the device this
week...very powerful and fast. My first confirmation of its active
use was a
text message from my brother requesting help because he was being
At the time i was on a telephone conference at work, so i just
the phone placed the device in my right hand and Sent......I was very
shocked at how fast he was relieved.
I must point out that the potential to send is indeed inherrent in us
and like the Sucker Punch the LS Device is a potent training tool to
this skill.
Thank You for involving me in the testing stages, its certainly been
fun and
I am grateful for your generosity and faith."

Thank you Morgan!
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I went to my children's school for a rememberance day presentation. I like to travel with some protection, usually my SP, but decided to move the terminator over to the litte secret as it fit in my pocket better.

At the school assembly, things went well. The skits the children did were all presented well. The children were attentive, orderly and kind. Usually a few hundred kids would be a little noisy and full of energy. Not this day. I looked for orgone sparkles in the gym but couldn't locate any. That doesn't mean they weren't there as I see orgone best against a bright sky. I did see a light fog spread through the room.

At the end of the presentation, with my hand on the little secret, I asked the principal what his secret was for such a well behaved audience. He said I don't know, they're not usually like this. Must be the theme of the day.

Maybe he's right. But I don't think those children fully understood the somberness of the reality that people many years ago fought for their freedom. I say this because they were too busy smiling.

Yes, I believe the littel secret can clear a whole room. =)


"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." -- Andy Warhol
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. I have had Cesco,s Little Secret Device for several months now, and have examined it under many different circumstances.
..Driving, a trip to the movies, the shower, visiting relatives, tower busting missions, Kendo practice, sleeping, heck,once I even sat on it accidently(Ouch, not recommended).
... It took me awhile to figure out just what the unit does. The effects tended to change.
....For lack of a better term I have to call it an Adaptogenic Harmonic Balancer.
.When fatigued, it tends to raise energy levels.
..When wired, it tends to have a calming effect.
...Oh yeah, when sat on it hurts.
...I think that the coils also act as an antenna and pick up ambient elrctromagnetic and radio frequency emmissions. I notice a different effect in an orgonite rich environment like my home and the raw energy in an un orgonized environment.
...When charged by a frequency generator the effects seem magnified , but not in any intrusive fashon.
.....Side effects seem to include becoming attarctive to intelligent and beautiful members of the opposite sex, a noticable increase in income, an aura of invincability, and self delusion about the devices side effects.(Grin)
The above statements are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but who believes those lying jackels anyway?
...Nice piece of work Cesco! Good beat, easy to dance to, I give it a 10.


Boost/Blast.... A Hyperdimensional Martial Art
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I posted this before the board was hacked and it disappeared, here it is again a very informative and interesting observation from Adam.

Dear Cesco,

I am ecstatic to be so lucky to have this little device cesco! You must have
put much love into making these, I can sense it. Immediately, I notice a
lightening of the mood, and MAJOR action upon the heart chakra. It seems
that the abilities of the device are only limited by the energy and intent
of the user. Also, it was clever how you have discovered a way to contain
the action of the metal of the matrix into the concentration of the action
of the coil. VERY smart. I have been holding it night and day, sleeping with
it in my hand. There is a beam coming from the quartz in the end, and with
my mind, I can tell it to take different shapes and sizes. At first it was
hard, becuase like I said, you have to send energy into it to get it to
circulate your chakras. As I have bowel cancer and fibral myalga, it took me
a while of use to get to that point. Now, I get the sense it creates a
circular vortex, from chakra to chakra, not only in a base-to-crown fashion,
but vise-verse, as WELL as crown-to-root (in a front to back circle), and
side-to side in this fashion. I am still observing this action, and it may
possibly be connecting each higher chakra with the corresponding opposite
chakra in its own unique way. (both front-to-back, and side-to-side as well)
It also sends energy through my meridians! If you alternate the finger
touching the bottom ball, you direct all the energy through that meridian,
like a full-body accupressure/reflexology treatment. I can easily tell it to
bounce away all psychic attacks, and cords with simple concentration. I
really love it! When my wife got home, she had had one of the worst days she
has had in a long time. (It was over 130 degrees here, AND she is pregnant.)
I showed her the one you sent for her, and told her how to activate it.
IMMEDIATELY, her energy completely change and we were both beaming huge
smiles at one another. I asked her what it was doing and the first thing she
said was 'It definitely makes you happy!" We are very fortuante for your
generosity, and I feel in your debt. If you had not sent them, we would not
have been able to buy the materials we purchased recently, and so   I have
been able to make a few orgone creations and a frequency generator. (I had
my heart set on one of these for some reason ever since I saw it on your
page.) I tried to wrap a quartz crystal with wire like a mobius coil, but
even hooked up to the machine, they do MUCH less than your device. I have
already brianstormed a possible improvement to make somehting more
ultimately powerful and I will be sending you more observations soon. God
bless you, and may he bless you with his wisdom, that you may continue to
create insightfully.

All our love,
Adam and Julie
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