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Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 2:17 pm    Post subject: Depression cures  

My wife had depression after her father died (after alzheimer's which is traumatic to witness) and not long after birth of kid, so may have been either or combination of both incidents.

Not sure depression is the right term but she had thoughts of wanting to stab people, and was off to the doc to get some drugs. Hadn't noticed anything amiss until she mentioned that, I have to admit.

Anyway a shift cured her completely. Right as rain, and she has even forgotten the incident I think.

My first wife also, I told her some nasty Vedic prediction about the kids dying, she let out a cry (big mistake I realised then!) of shock which shifted the AP as she was feeling pretty dire for a long time until it was shifted back. Good example of how words can shift it. I'll have to ask her again of the symptoms but she was thinking about drugs also.

It only takes 4 weeks or less to get addicted to the benzos (valium etc) and they are way worse than heroin to get off, you can still get symptoms 10 years after you come off them. the newer ones--prozac for example, it is estimated 25,000 people have committed suicide from just that one.

and you will never get those warnings from your GP.

So to say they can cause mayhem in your life is a bit of an understatement. Could have saved her life, and don't fancy a life as a pill alcoholic --1.3 million benzo addicts in UK now.