Jon Whale interview on Stationary Assemblage Point (SAP)

How does it differ from the other SAPís?

The SAP is the one we work with which is the important one because it is the chief indicator of a personís left/right brain balance. So far as self is concerned the SAP is rather critical because if it is in a low position you can quite quickly deteriorate as a result of it.

 You found sometimes you can see it canít you?

 Lots of people can see the SAPís once they have been made aware of it.  Itís easy to feel and to locate it by feeling.

The human body is a hologram and is assembled from the SAP.  Do you view it like that?

 I donít really know what it is. It seems to be an indentation in the magnetic field or the energy field of the living human being and it represents the way the energy body is aligned and vibrating to the physical body and thatís all I know about it.

 You say it comes in from the front and goes out the back?

 No it doesnít go out the back, it indents the front of the energy body at the heart chakra, as every oscillating field must have an epicentre and the human being is an oscillating field at least at a quantum level.

So if you think of the human being as a massive mass of atoms vibrating and being held together in a particular form by the energy of life once lifeÖ once that energy of life departs at the point, when the SAP drops below the navel, that is when that energy departs the body and when that body starts to deteriorate and collapse, so it is essential for life to exist.

It is essential that the SAP is connected. It is a critical component of the energy of the spirit that inhabits the human being while the body is alive. At the point of death-- that occurs when the SAP drops down to below the navel. So far as a  human being is concerned it was assembled from the navel in the womb by the outside universe, the mother and everything to do with the mother. When the child is born and the umbilical cord is severed the point of the SAP has to take on a new perspective because itís no longer connected to the cord and looking at the situation from a universal mind point of view, then the SAP then attaches.

The child is then assembled to the universal mind or the external reality through the SAP. There have been recent arguments on the television about the position of the SAP in connection with reincarnation. It is well documented in the Tibetan book of the Dead as a vital force. The Tibetans believed that if the SAP traverses the navel and you die out through the navel then your spirit dies back into this world and you have to be reincarnated. So therefore they have developed special shamanic practices and pressures to assist the person dying so the SAP leaves the body through the crown chakra and they no longer have to be reincarnated into this world. They go out through a higher plane.

 Thatís in the Tibetan Book of the Dead?

 Yes. It doesnít actually say that but when one gets familiar with the book, which is rather complicated, then one soon gets that message so .. and when the red Indian shamans who work with the SAPís for shifting states of consciousness and health purposes, they say that there are two ways of dying. One is where your consciousness is consumed and there is another way which is the Eagles Gift where there is a way out which can escape death with full consciousness.

 Is that the same as going out of your head?

 Yes. This is what I have written about in my new book The Shamanís Blow. Following the recent death of Carlos Castaneda this is the crux of the matter and I think that all the people who ridicule Glen Hoddle are actually ridiculing three quarters of the worlds population. Because nearly three quarters of the worlds population have a belief in reincarnation and there is more evidence to support reincarnation and there is absolutely no evidence to disprove it.

 If you are going to be reincarnated and youíre going to have a spirit then you must have to take with you some components to make up that spirit and if youÖ.It doesnít make any sense whatsoever for a person to spend all his life trying to achieve perfection and it to be the same as the average man who believes that death is the end. There has to beÖ? in the fact of belief, the possibility of reincarnation. And the second thing is clearly stated in all of the eastern documents on the subject that human beings are a psychic being and there is a psychic feedback path in what we think we starts to create. So there is a lot of propaganda which wants to create, wants to dispel this and put it downÖ. they want to put it down just to make out weíre chemical and when weíre dead weíre dead for very obvious reasons.

 I think itís disempowering.

 Yes itís disempowering. The SAP is a very critical thing. Itís critical for social behaviour. Itís critical for criminal behaviour, for violence and intimidation, it can be seen to be off in alcoholics or very often in the same position.

 Which came first. Did your SAP move and that dictated your behaviour?

Well the fact is two mad parents who give birth to a child donít give birth to a mad child. The same parents who have a mad child who give birth to somebody who goes mad, there must be an additional factor other than hereditary and that additional factor. There probably arenít many factors of course but one thing is clear is that madness and psychotic behaviour the SAP can be completely mapped for each type of behaviour to specific positions on the body. So extreme right location of the SAP represents excessive left brain activity which is extrovert activity, panicky activity and high levels of adrenaline. And extreme left positions of the SAP represent extreme right brain activity, introvert, psychosis and the midway position is where we are balanced on the internal and external realities.

 For most people the position is due to the stress of living in the western world and the extrovert activities that we take up it is on the right side of the chest which represents left brain activity. And there are degrees of it. The more balanced a person is the closer it is to the centre.

 Weíre a very left brain culture arenít we?

 Just extrovert activity racing round motorways, everything is extrovert left brain activity. The pressure of taxes, money and rent. Having to have money exerts left brain directive to think about it all the time.

 So itís a karmic thing like youíre born and your SAP goes to a certain position.  ?

 Yes. You can have it in the centre and have it shift to the centre and feel good and then be re-stimulated by a something to some which restimulates something which happened in the past and it will move back to that past location. This is a point of recapitulation and clearing the past is useful because it prevents certain ? However, if you can maintain the position for a year or two in the centre it is unlikely to do that unless the system gets well out of balance. But anything that shifts an SAP, your mothers death, some violence, hunger or thirst, drugs, accident, intimidation anything can shift it.

 Is that quite common occurrences?

 People who have a stable personality it is more difficult to shift by these types of things.

 What about birthing techniques, caesareans and drugs. Do you think that affects the babies position of thisÖ?

 The position of the childís SAP doesnít become fixed until they have internal dialogue and learn to speak properly.

 So they are protected from that?

 It moves around anyway. The more unstable a childís background is as it is developing the more unstable there SAP is in later life.

 So they have moved two hundred years out of their kali ego out of their age of growth materialism into the electronic age, the age of energy and there are some years before we move into the mental age which where you grow up and then it starts to back down again slowly. So itís a cyclic thing. Youíve being going up this cycle at the moment and because individual living in this age who have already started developing their mental powers need to be already introducing them into the educational system.

Alcohol reduces the effective size of the brain. If there is any violence it happens with alcohol so basically the alcohol is a means of attenuating far functions of the brain and at that point the animal circuits take over, the emotional territorial circuits and that is the point of alcohol and that is the covert hostile circuit and that is the level of the news media, covert hostilityÖ

 Youíre try and get a beer, they will get you whatís called a pot of special tea which is tea with beer in it. In contrast to that the preparations of Patnjani sutras maintain that perfection proceeds from birth and from light enhancing herbs and mantra. So cannabis, although frowned on these days is still available in some of the temples and special temple supply shops and is available in the temples in Taiwan for example. And is considered part of the sacraments and a light containing herb and many gurus and their disciples who come back emotionally disturbed and drunk made them take cannabis in order to bring them back to their senses. The problem with cannabis and the SAP itís just another drug as well. I think our brains are sufficiently large now that most people donít need that as a tool to get into higher states. The thing is it does produce brain frequencies down to the alpha and theta states which are more interesting than the beta stage which belong to the lower circuits, the emotional, territorial circuits. So itís a natural desire to want to get into higher circuits.

 So ? would be a better way of doing it?

 Weíre going to get there anyway naturally. Itís a naturalÖ

 Youíve being doing the SAP for about fifteen years now havenít you? You went to a Swiftdeer workshop and thatís the first time you saw it done to you and it had an immediate effect?

 This is because I had a dropped SAP and I was in a bad state of health as a result of it and that no therapist or doctor who had been to see me concerning my condition had been able to shed any light as to what had happened. One day I was alright and the next day I wasnít. I was ill for quite a good number of months when the incident happened.  I was very ill and I had been for a long time and  the next day I was alright again after he had shifted my SAP. So that was a profound lesson to me and he told me I should make every effort to record the SAP positions associated with every type of illness which I have done.

 So itís not just a mental illness?

 Well mental illness is the imbalance in the chemical body. If the endocrine system gets out of balance for example through stress the adrenal glands are very active and too much adrenaline comes into the system and the heart starts pounding, the blood pressure goes up and that situation is represented by shifting the SAP to the right and up. And that situation is a dangerous situation health wise because the person feels extremely uncomfortable, doesnít know what to do, where to go and is looking for some relief. Itís the same case with an alcoholic who has a lower position than that and when he doesnít have alcohol it rises up and cause an uncomfortable feeling so the endocrine system is out of balance. The liver is operating different to the spleen and so on. And the thing is out of balance. And then the mental picture goes out of balance with it because of the adrenaline in the system The trouble with alcohol it doesnítÖ pulls it away from your heart and when youíre off it it goes back again.

 You said you had two thousand or more patients now?

 Probably more.

 What sort of problems have you had?

 Various problems, ME, physical problems. ME is a dropped SAP and the person wonít recover unless the SAP is shifted up. It has dropped from the stress position on the right to below the liver and no matter what the person does the physical body, from that perspective, doesnít have any of the energy anymore and it no matter what they think their body wonít function and do what their thoughts command. Shifting it up corrects it. At least if itís done fairly soon otherwise it takes fairly longer to correct it, two or three months Two or three months for a person to regain their former vibrational rate.

 You had one person with it going through their heart?

 Entering through the right, passing through the heart to the left back is the executive stress position and is extremely uncomfortable. The heart has a peculiar heartbeat associated with that position and I suspect that many pacemakers and things are fitted as a result of an incorrect position of the SAP.

 You had one case, didnít you who was scheduled for a pacemaker and then you corrected it and then he was OK?


 Schizophrenia is a split SAP?

 The pivot point jumps to extreme  locations. The same with epilepsy. The epilepsy itself, the fit itself, somehow rejumps the SAP back up to its position again.

 The pivot point?

 The pivot point is at the back.

 The pivot point can be out as well?

 The entry angle determines coming from a high entry angle down into the ? coming from the ground into the body is depression.

 Left to right make any difference?

 Yes it does. If itís to the left the angle from the left coming in that is introvert realities. If itís coming from the right thatís extrovert realities. Youíve got low extrovert depression and low introvert depression. Extrovert panic.

 Castanedaís habitual SAP position, going through notes as far as I can gather, was always on the right shoulder blade at the back. That meant that he was in an excessive left brain position.  When he met Don Juan he slapped him then to shift him to a higher state of awareness which is the central position.

 So you also say that it quivers? Manic depression oscillates?

 The manic depressive point is where the energies run out the body. Where the bodyís run out of energy and itís got depressed and the SAP drops then the body recovers somewhat because of the depression and then the angle rises up and the person goes on a high again. The high is an unbalance because the personís on the right extrovert reality not connected to the body and then the body gets exhausted and it drops down again, thatís manic depression shifting it to the centre. ? the patient to be in the centre and means the balance stops that oscillation. Psychiatric method is to put them on a drug called lithium. It puts them in a mentalised state of consciousness.

 Do you have much success with people who have been on drugs? Do you have to get them off drugs?

 It depends if they want to come off them. Many people consider drugs as an acceptable form of behaving and learn to  be unemployed as a result of being in those states and using the National Health drugs so they present a big burden because they canít work because theyíre on these strong drugs. The problem with years of taking drugs is that the body grows and adapts to these drugs in the system so when theyíre withdrawn then the body has a problem in as much as it has adapted.

For example with lithium I believe the liver gets much larger and things like that. Those are insoluble problems so I think, with cases of manic depression and schizophrenia right from the outset the patient should have the SAP logged and corrected and the medication prescribed in such a way that it corrects the SAP back towards the centre rather than suppressing the whole person in a down position so they can manage in a down low way. A few doctors have had success with nutrients with schizophrenia.

 That work on the endocrine system would that move the SAP?

 Well any rebalancing the endocrine system will be reflected in this position of the SAP so thatís true. Doctors can find a way through chemical means to readdress the balance of the endocrine system so that the SAP will move to the centre. My observations of patients who have been receiving psychiatric medication is that their SAP has been way off and the doctors have never achieved any rebalancing of the patientís endocrine system. They would rather have them suppressed with the endocrine system out of balance.

 So what, for example, ECT therapy. I recently watched a programme about the Second World War, people with shell shock and after the war they had been depressed for years and given ECT therapy.

 Itís very obvious to me that they had extreme mislocation of the SAP. Itís strange that by putting a voltage across the temples of the brain and such flooding the brain with electricity one wonders if this kind of, at least in some patients, has had some success to pull their SAP up but since the medical profession do not take into account the energy body and the SAP any trials they do on anything, drugs of any description for correcting mental balance are basically based on insufficient data because they havenít established where the person was in the beginning.


 The Human Assemblage point