Donald Rumsfeld (Chief of Poisons)
The Vaccine Industry  Shadow government players

[Rumsfeld fits the profile of a No Conscience type, he brought us poisons such as Aspartame, Swine flu & Anthrax vaccines (c. 200,000 with service connected disabilities) along with Iraq (700,000 civilian deaths and see: Depleted Uranium), just for starters!]

See: Robotoids, cloning, doubles   Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)

Classic Illuminati ploy (same trick with Saddam):
"The two faces of Rumsfeld.  2000: Director of a company which wins $200m contract to sell nuclear reactors to North Korea. 2002: Declares North Korea a terrorist state and a target for regime change."--Media UK, May 2003


Torture Jailer: 'I Was Supported by Rumsfeld'

Rumsfeld -- Caught on Camera

Monsanto: America's Most Dangerous Criminal?     by ROBERT COHEN

[Media May 2003] The two faces of Rumsfeld
Partners in Crime: US Complicity in the War Crimes of Saddam Hussein by Paul Rockwell

Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein: The U.S. Tilts toward Iraq, 1980-1984 National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 82 Edited by Joyce Battle February 25, 2003

Cheney, Rumsfeld Help Coverup CIA Scientist's Murder. Gordon Thomas - Globe-Intel 23 August, 2002

Swine flu vaccine
Rumsfeld and the horseshoe crab that could save your life
Swine flu vaccine

Aspartame approval:
Rumsfeld's conflict of interest and ASPARTAME
[April 2003]
Former FDA Investigator Exposes Aspartame As Deadly Neurotoxin

Tamiflu profiteering [see: Bird Flu]
Big Stakes in Tamiflu Debate

Searle President Donald Rumsfeld, Nixon, and the Watergate team  [Extract Nutrapoison by Alex Constantine ]








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