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[2009] What sexual 'freedom' has wrought By Judith Reisman

[2006] Reducing rape with an eraser By Judith Reisman

Pornography's link to rape (September 12, 2006)

Why do men rape women? Researchers report that most rapists have a family background of paternal punishment and hostility and loss of maternal affection. I interpret rape as man's revenge against woman for the early loss of physical affection. A man can express his hostility toward his mother for not giving him enough physical attention by sexually violating another woman.
    Another explanation may be that the increasing sexual freedom of women is threatening to man's position of power and dominance over women which he often maintains through sexual aggression. Rape destroys sensual pleasure in woman and enhances sadistic pleasure in man. Through rape, man defends himself from the sensual pleasures of women which threaten his position of power and dominance.
    It is my belief that rape has its origins in the deprivation of physical affection in parent-child relationships and adult sexual relationships; and in a religious value system that considers pain and body deprivation moral and physical pleasure immoral. Rape maintains man's dominance over woman and supports the perpetuation of patriarchal values in our society. [1975] BODY PLEASURE AND THE ORIGINS OF VIOLENCE By James W. Prescott

[2006] Reducing rape with an eraser By Judith Reisman ''A 2000 Philadelphia Inquirer report found from 1997-1999, of 300,000 sex crime reports, thousands of rapes got relabelled ''investigation of persons'' or ''investigation, protection, and medical examination'' non-crime codes.'' ....Lying sure reduces rape!